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Private Detectives Nottingham Provide Undercover Detectives

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(PRWEB UK) 27 January 2014

According to the BBC report dated 13th Jan 2014: Birmingham fake money: Four jailed for £1.3m counterfeit scam, four men have been jailed for making more than £1.3m worth of counterfeit £10 notes. Brothers Amrit and Prem Karra were each sentenced to seven years for using their printing business in Hockley, Birmingham, to produce the forgeries. Rajiv Kumar and Yash Mahey were jailed for four years at Birmingham Crown Court for counterfeiting money between September 2011 and February 2012 (case number T20128017).

The court was told £1.27m worth of fake notes had been recovered by police. All four were found guilty of conspiring to counterfeit a currency note with the intention they or another would pass or tender it as genuine. Prem Karra, 43, from Brookhouse Road, Walsall, ran Karra Design and Print on Summer Lane with his brother Amrit Paul Karra, 45, of Broadway North, Walsall.

According to the article the court heard along with Rajiv Kumar, 40, of Clarkes Lane, West Bromwich, and Yash Paul Mahey, 46, from Granbrook Road, Handsworth, they used computers and machinery to make "high-quality counterfeit notes". The men worked throughout the night to "avoid detection", the court was told. The forgeries were found at businesses as far away as Kent and south Wales, during an investigation by the National Crime Agency. It said the fakes, some of which had their own unique serial numbers, were still being discovered by banks and retailers.

Private Detectives Nottingham ( has solved many fraud cases successfully to the satisfaction of our clients. Fraud requires private detectives to be excellent in different disciplines, and our private investigators are just that, but they also boast great track records in solving fraud cases. However, when it comes to cases as the one described in the article by The Telegraph, there is also the need for some classic detective work. In case the forgers and fraudsters operate within a closed-off, isolated system, it is hard for detectives or law enforcement agencies to gain access to that system. Therefore, Private Detectives Nottingham employs an effective tactic: placing an undercover detective inside the operation in order to gather information, evidence and the identities of the criminals. The undercover agent will be in regular contact with the rest of the team, which is on the outside, providing them with regular updates, and based on his conclusion, the right time to act and catch the forgers.

Private Detectives Nottingham chief investigator, Leon Jacklin, assures potential clients, “Our agency is more than capable and highly efficient when it comes to performing complex detective operations which involve placing an undercover detective amongst the fraudsters or forgers."

This is a highly risky way of conducting an investigation, but it’s also the most effective, and private detectives placed on the case are very skilled, patient and experienced, in order to maximize the chance of success. Taking this particular as an example, private investigators would have been able to solve the case very soon, and the counterfeit notes would have been spread in a lesser capacity, or they wouldn’t have been spread at all, depending on the circumstances.

If you have suspicions of fraud or other criminal activity either at work or in the home please give Leon a call on 0115 772 2197 or send him an email at l(dot)jacklin(at)privatedetectives-nottingham(dot)co(dot)uk

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