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eReflect Features Real Life English Vocabulary Lessons By Michael Marzio

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New York City, NY (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

In a post recently published on eReflect's Ultimate Vocabulary blog, readers can learn how vocabulary improvement can be achieved with Michael Marzio’s real-life English lessons and videos. The Ultimate Vocabulary™ blog editor interviewed Michael Marzio about the Marzio School in France, and what led to his "Real English" approach to teaching vocabulary.

As Marzio tells eReflect in the interview, while people learning English can become very competent in using business terminology or any other special English vocabulary, they often find themselves at a loss for words when discussing ordinary matters with native English speakers. Marzio managed to bridge this gaping problem with his introduction of the series of Real English videos that teach students how native English speakers use English in actual everyday conversations. This was a unique approach that had long been missing from most modern English teaching methodologies.

These videos, as Marzio reveals to the Ultimate Vocabulary editor, don’t constitute a stand-alone teaching aid but need to be part of an integrated learning approach to ensure optimum results. Due to the versatility of the videos, any teacher can integrate them in existing curricula with little to no adjustments.

eReflect notes that the approach suggested by the Marzio School in teaching vocabulary is a promising one as it takes care of a thorny issue many ESL students struggle with. While students learn the grammar and syntax of English fairly quickly and easily from books, their spoken English seem to suffer.

The videos in the Real English series are based on sound grammatical principles, and are classified according to difficulty level to ensure each student is given material that suits their current level and needs. Incorporating real life English in ESL teaching can substantially help students gain more confidence in participating in conversations with native speakers of English, said the eReflect representative. Ultimately students will manage to achieve a satisfactory competency level that flows naturally, and they will lose the stilted and overly-formal speech patterns they may have learned from books. Using audiovisual footage along with textbooks offers students a comprehensive learning experience, where every aspect of the English language is given adequate attention, concluded eReflect.

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