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Three Dollar Click, Four Dollar Click and Seven Dollar Click Paid To Click Sites Announce Clear Link Between Their Services and Increased Advertising Efficiency

Paid to click websites, and have announced the release of findings regarding the effectiveness of their advertising platform.

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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Paid to click websites, and have announced the release of findings regarding the effectiveness of their advertising platform.

It seems that the manner in which we view an advertisement impacts the effectiveness it has upon us.

According to Alan Cameron, an independent advertising analyst, a recent study has shown that there is a profound difference between how well different types of advertising affect consumers. The most effective advertisement is the kind seen on paid to click websites such as ThreeDollarClick, FourDollarClick and SevenDollarClick.

"It seems that an advertisement must have two things to maximize its effectiveness," said Cameron. "First, it must have the viewer's undivided attention. The second aspect is perhaps the most interesting: We have found that when a viewer is invested in the advertisement they are significantly more likely to be impacted by that advertisement."

The paid to click sites were quick to point out that the form of advertising they employ is the only type that meets both of these criteria. Members of the Three Dollar Click, Four Dollar Click and Seven Dollar Click websites are invested in the advertisements they view because they are paid for viewing them. Cameron was unable to explain the reason for the importance of viewer investment, saying, "We are still conducting research to answer that question, but if I had to venture a guess, I would say that ad viewers that are paid are more likely to be happier or more focused while viewing. The ad is no longer a distraction or interruption; it is instead the main event."

These paid to click sites have certainly experienced an uptick in popularity as of late. The sites are reporting a consistent rise in both new members and new advertisers. According to Lily Anderson, a representative with Three Dollar Click, the reason for this has to do with the company's ability to offer its members a sense of financial freedom. "Most of our members are skeptical at first because it seems too good to be true," said Anderson. "Once they receive their first payout, they quickly realize that this is something that can allow them to work from home all of the time. As more members continue to join we see more advertisers investing in our services as well."

The research backs up Anderson's claim. In the past year, these paid to click sites have reported increased advertising sales across the board, expanding their need for more members to view the ads. The advertisements vary across a broad range of products and services, with nearly all of them reporting increased profits as a result of employing this type of advertising platform.

It seems very likely that the popularity of the paid to click sites will continue to grow. As the most efficient advertising platform available, advertisers will consistently invest in the system the sites offer. The members of these sites are also extremely likely to continue to expand as few jobs offer the combination of financial freedom and flexibility to work from home.

Cameron agrees, saying, "I think this advertising platform is here to stay. Until we have another technological development that is equal in magnitude to the Internet, I really cannot think of a more efficient way to advertise. The fact that all of the parties involved reap a significant reward only further strengthens their hold."

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