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New Book, ‘Successful Parenting,’ Is a Practical Handbook for Mom & Dad

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

A new book from author Anthony Sposato, “Successful Parenting,” provides effective parenting strategies for those tasked with the role of a lifetime.

“Parenting 101 is just not an option in school curriculums; we don’t have coursework on how to be good caretakers for our children, which is why I’ve taken the best practices I’ve learned from my years as a parent and collated them into book form,” says Sposato, whose effective parenting strategies helped his three sons grow into happy adults with outstanding careers.

“When we had our children, my wife and I decided that we wanted to raise them the right way. Once they’re grown, it’s too late. We wanted to give them opportunities that we didn’t have.”

Sposato, a business owner, realized there was a lack of effective parenting when he tried hiring young adults who weren’t being responsible and it seemed weren’t even interested in their own future.

“Some of the guys I hired – they weren’t kids in their late teens; they were adults in their 20s who were routinely late for work, if they showed up at all,” he says. “And, when they made it to work on time, they didn’t take care to do a good job. There seems to be a generation of kids whose parents could have benefitted from effective parenting strategies.”

Unfortunately, there is a sad yet prevalent belief among many parents today that how children turn out is a crap shoot – that parents have nothing to do with the success or failures of their children, he says. But principles do matter, and a major factor in being a successful parent is consistently applying good principles, he says.

“Struggling parents need immediate and practical help,” says Matt Johnson, pastor at Levittown Christian Church. “Tony Sposato's book is triage for fathers and mothers who feel something has to change. It provides smart steps toward parenting children into successful adults.”

About Anthony Sposato

When Anthony Sposato had children, he was determined to provide them with opportunities that he did not have as a child. His three grown sons are among his proudest achievements; one is a software designer, another is an attorney and the third is a senior analyst for Merrill Lynch. Sposato has worked in management for more than 30 years and currently owns a Jan-Pro franchise. He is on his community’s school board is and is running for a seat in Pennsylvania’s state House in 2014. You can find his book at

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