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Press Release

Active Technology Meets Fashion: The UpCouture T-Shirt for Men and Women

PARIS, FRANCE and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - December 02, 2013) - Introducing the first fashion T-shirt to integrate innovative, active technology into sophisticated style: The UpCouture T-shirt ( a unique T that helps men and women stand up straight all day long. Fabricated in France from organic cotton, this exceptional T-shirt features hidden bands of resistance to assist in aligning shoulders as it encourages excellent posture. Empowering the wearer to feel beautiful and charismatic, in contrast to slouching, the Up T-shirt acts efficiently on the shoulders yet is comfortable and easy to wear. It's a great gift for anyone committed to looking their best at all times. Luxurious to the touch, attractive on the body, the UpCouture T-shirt is priced at $170.00 and is available in a selection of versatile colors exclusively at Shipping from Paris direct to the USA is included.


Technologically advanced "Figure 8" resistance is built into the Up T-shirt: This resistance helps to hold the upper-back upright (horizontal resistance); it then circles around the shoulders (over, behind, in front and on the side) and is anchored on each upper-arm. If shoulders slump a gentle physical pressure is felt to remind the wearer to adjust their shoulders properly. This pressure comes from the "Figure 8" resistance seeking to keep the body in balance by keeping the shoulders in alignment with the upper back. The goal of the Up T-shirt is to press in the right direction as soon as the shoulders leave their ideal alignment. Rigid maintenance would weaken the muscles of the back and that is not the intention here: the Up T-shirt pushes the wearer to straighten the back and shoulders regularly during the day and therefore aims to strengthen the back and shoulder muscles.


The Up T-shirt uses the movement of the arms to remind the body, through gentle but consistent resistance, of the right position for the shoulders. It subtly pushes the shoulders in the right direction and is easy to wear with no rigid elements. Incorporated between the soft, luxurious layers of organic cotton is an extra-thin film delivering ideal resistance to give the Up T-shirt a maximum of both efficiency and comfort. The Up T-shirt will not lose its unique effect over time: After extensive testing a carefully chosen stretch material with demonstrated 100% recovery power was selected for the hidden bands of resistance.


Fabrication of the Up T-shirt requires much more time and effort to produce than a normal T-shirt and as such is considered an investment. Long lasting, classic but contemporary the UpCouture T fits smoothly under a suit jacket and works well on its own as a chic statement.

There are five key factors integral to the value of the UpCouture T-shirt:

1. There's an extra-thin and resistant film on the upper back and around the shoulders of the Up T-shirt (incorporated in-between organic cotton layers). The 100% recovery of this special film is guaranteed by the producer.

2. The process of incorporating the film in-between organic cotton layers must be done in three different technical steps by three different specialists.

3. The sewing of the t-shirt itself, because of the precise adjusting of the resistant parts, takes significant expertise and as it requires such precision, greater time.

4. The Up T-shirt is completely made in France with state of the art technology.

5. The cotton used is organic cotton ethically produced with respect for global environmental safety; Global Organic Textile Standard certified. (GOTS)

Links below to two videos invite you to explore behind the scenes and witness the making of the UpCouture T-shirt:

The Making of the Up T:

The Presentation of the Up T:


Available globally at, The UpCouture T-shirt is specifically designed for men as well as for women. Priced at $170.00 including shipping direct to the USA from Paris, the Up T-shirt comes in a range of colors (white, steel blue, black, bright red, camel and lime), sleeve lengths and neck styles. New for Spring 2014 is a series for men and for women featuring forward-trending designs and graphic imagery. The Up T-shirt is a close to the body fit in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

The following files are available for download:

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