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Self Publishing Gains Momentum as Divide Between Print and Digital Book Consumption Widens: Simba Information Report

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Stamford, CT (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Simba Information, a media and market research firm which created The iPad and Its Owner, Trade Electronic Book Publishing and other intelligence products, has released a new report: “The Rise and Impact of Self Publishing,” which details the journey self publishing has taken over the last few years—and shows compelling data on who is actually buying self published books and in what format.

In a 2013 nationally representative survey of 2,000 adults, Simba found about 8.4% of adults had purchased at least one print self-published book, while close to 6% purchased digital. The figures are significant as the divide between print and digital book consumption across the board is much greater; according to “Trade Electronic Book Publishing 2013,” paperback print books have about three times as many buyers as digital books. But with self publishing, the rush to digital is much faster.

“The rise of e-books runs almost perfectly parallel to the rise of self publishing,” said Michael Norris, senior analyst of Simba Information’s Consumer Media & Technology division, commenting on the findings. “When we compiled the data we realized we had enough to create a profile of the self published book buyer, both in terms of demographics and how they buy and use content. Additionally, since so many self published books have been showing up on national bestseller lists meant we could engage in a meaningful category analysis.”

Norris added that Simba also does not draw any revenue from any part of the traditional or self publishing value chain, and it is thus independent and unbiased in its view of this segment.

“Self publishing is going to keep growing for at least the short term, but a lot of the criticisms of the segment, such as unprofessionalism and the ‘glut’ of content it creates, are still there and in some cases still valid,” said Norris. “I also believe consumers aren’t as willing to curate their own content as much as some believe because if that were true, the entire population of book buyers in this country would be climbing just as fast as all these books are published.”

“The Rise and Impact of Self Publishing 2013-2014” also shows a detailed category analysis of bestselling self published books, a detailed demographic overview of self published book buyers, app, e-book and print consumption habits, estimates on how many adults will buy print vs. digital self publishing books, where self published book buyers buy e-books, and much more.

Additional information on the report can be found at or by calling 888-29-SIMBA.

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