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Cooler Weather Means West L.A. Area Cabs are More Inviting Than Ever

On a chilly autumn night, the supremely professional cabbies of Beverly Hills Cab Co. provide a warm welcome

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Contrary to popular belief, autumn, winter and even some spring nights in L.A. are often quite chilly. Our climate is much dryer than most other places, and that means that a 55 degree night in Beverly Hills feels a great deal colder than a 55 degree night in Atlanta or Chicago. Add some strong breezes or drop the temperature a few more degrees and you'll have no problem understanding why a Los Angeles cab from Beverly Hills Cab Co. is such a sight for sore eyes for weary L.A. residents and visitors alike.

Indeed, walk in any tourist area starting right around this time of year and you're likely to see a number of shivering folks dressed in shorts and t-shirts, expecting a tropical climate our area doesn't quite have. That's when a toasty warm car from Beverly Hills Cab Co. arrives to save the day.

The company for a ‎taxi cab Los Angeles tourists and residents call first is a familiar presence on the freeways and streets of our metropolis and for a good reason. People know they can rely on these blue chariots for a comfortable respite from a chilly night and even temporary shelter from the occasional storm that hits sunny Southern California.

Although it's easy to make light of weather in Los Angeles, being the company for a cab Los Angeles residents trust has its serious side. Believe it or not, even young and healthy people can develop unexpected cases of hypothermia in L.A. weather – and it doesn't have to be the coldest night of the year. For senior citizens, however, the threat of being caught in the cold becomes that much more serious.

In fact, providing reasonably priced and reliable service to Los Angeles' community of active and involved seniors is a big part of the service provided by Beverly Hills Cab Co. Regardless of the weather, older customers are transported to and from doctor's visit, social engagements, restaurants, and movie theaters; L.A.'s seniors are busy and active and we enjoy doing our part to help them stay that way.  In cases where elderly or other people are infirm and need extra help, our friendly, professional, and compassionate cabbies are happy to provide whatever help they can. Wheelchair accessible cabs are available upon request.

Whatever your age, Beverly Hills Cab Co. is here to provide shelter from the storm. The coming months will likely bring at least some cold and blustery weather, intense rain and a few nights where the weather dips into the freezing zone. Whenever that happens, the best cab drivers in town will provide extra attentive service to make sure that everyone reaches their destinations comfortably and safely. 

The operators of Beverly Hills Cab Co. are ready to book a reservation at any time. Just call 1-800-398-5221. Online reservations and other information can be found at Beverly Hills Cab Co.'s website at

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