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New UBot Studio 5 Empowers Everyday Marketers to Create and Sell Software Using Built-in Design and Delivery System

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DENVER, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- UBot Studio today officially launched UBot Studio 5, which empowers marketers to develop and sell applications via an all-in-one design and delivery system, thereby allowing them to create greater value for clients and improve their own profits. Unlike other marketing automation software platforms, UBot Studio 5 lets marketers affordably create executable applications that are extremely customizable for automating repetitive and routine tasks including social media marketing, online advertising, market research, SEO and other functions.

Marketers can be assured that their original applications will be protected against online piracy thanks to UBot Studio 5's comprehensive security capabilities.

This new enhanced version is built in C++ and incorporates HTML 5 to offer a highly intuitive, flexible user interface with drag and drop features. UBot Studio 5 also uniquely offers layered encryption technology that combines SSL certification with an algorithm for authentication in the cloud. As a result, the platform allows businesses to create and deliver proprietary applications that are highly secure, rendering the executable file completely unreadable and unusable until it is validated through a new customer licensing and distribution dashboard. Only then can it run on the user's computer.

"There is a growing need for technology to help streamline the marketing process as it increasingly becomes more complex and this is an area that a lot of businesses and professionals see as a huge opportunity," said Seth Turin, president of Seth Turin Media, Inc., the developer of UBot Studio. "Our response is the introduction of UBot Studio 5, which helps marketers turn their ideas into solutions that they can easily, safely and securely distribute to their clients.  At the same time, the platform's easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface removes barriers, making the tasks involved in creating applications – which are normally linear -- much more intuitive."

"UBot Studio 5 gives each user, whether it's a real estate firm, a Social Media Marketing agency or a consultant, greater control for developing and distributing applications that match their unique vision."

More About UBot Studio 5

UBot Studio 5 provides an easy and powerful way for users to create their own customizable interfaces for their bots and compiled files in a separate window. No other automation solution enables users to create simple, useful UI designs for their files.

Featuring a drag and drop WYSIWYG system, users can select the UI element they wish to add to their interface from a toolbox, and drag it into the interface itself -- positioning it exactly where they want it to go. The user is then given a list of properties that they can use to customize each element according to color, font and content.  The system also lets the user see an early preview of his or her tool before it is finalized.

The new security and distribution features for UBot Studio 5 subscribers of all levels are available as an add-on for a hosting-fee of $15.00 per month.

About UBot Studio

UBot Studio offers a drag-and-drop, point-and-click solution for small businesses, marketing professionals and consultants who want to increase productivity and profits by automating repetitive tasks. UBot Studio's built-in features empower users to avoid the hassles of automating tasks, while quickly turning their daily routines into applications. From managing data, creating stand-alone bots and using artificial intelligence to find and fill-out forms, to building and tracking thousands of accounts and more, UBot Studio allows you to save time and money while monetizing your ideas. Built by marketers for marketers and a wide-range of businesses, UBot Studio takes automation to the next level by letting users automate pages, run multiple web browsers and create stand-alone executables that are usable by anyone. For more information, visit

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