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True Vine Internet Filter Makes iPhone Web Browsing Family Friendly

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(PRWEB) October 04, 2013

TVO-BlockIt is a new Internet filtering software by which allows iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet users to block bad websites from being viewed by families. The company understands that with the proliferation of mobile phone devices carrying Internet access, Christian families and their children are vulnerable to offensive content becoming viewable by an easy click of the finger. Mobile devices make the Internet a simpler tool to be immersed in some of the vilest content in the world. It is the goal of the Christian Internet filter TVO-BlockIt to allow families to safely surf the information super highway without feeling vulnerable to stumbling upon any offensive content.

True Vine Online (TVO) was founded in 1999. Since their inception, they have provided clean safe Internet to Christian families around the country. Originally a dial up ISP, True Vine has evolved with the technology that became commonplace with in the last decade. Moving from protecting content visibility on desktop personal computers to mobile devices, True Vine Online is cognizant of new methods that moral-less companies can infiltrate web browsers on phones and tablets. The company currently protects thousands of families across the United States by blocking porn as well as, blocking bad website and other vulnerabilities including images and video content. Peace of mind is the foundation of True Vine’s TVO BlockIt to assure Internet access continues with any offensive content appearing on the phone or tablet screen.

With over twelve years experience, the company has learned how to create a balance between allowing Internet use and trashing moral-less content away from users. The Internet filter created by True Vine is not "one size fits all" and can be tailored made for any family’s specific preferences. Filtering rules are customized by working with a trained member of the company’s customer service staff. Once the software is installed on a device, the filtering is completed by a remote server and not directly on the computer. The Internet connection remains fast and reliable while the software connects with the remote server. The filtering strives to eliminate pornography and other offensive material deemed unsuitable by the client. The mobile app, for phones and tablets, is a full-featured filtered browser that communicates with the policy servers.

Most Internet filtering companies give consumers software and leave the users to fend for themselves. At True Vine, the company’s staff handles the filtering in a personal and customizable fashion. The system filters offensive sites and material from the world, preventing it from reaching the eyes of families and children.

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