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RxEconsult Healthcare Social Network Publishes Results of Florida Pharmacy Social Media Survey

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Mount Olive, NJ (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Social media participation by healthcare professionals is a popular topic. However, there are few studies about how pharmacists use professional social media. RxEconsult healthcare social network surveyed University of Florida College of Pharmacy students and faculty about their use of social media for advancing their career, the pharmacy profession, and shaping healthcare.

The number of participants were 157 students and faculty attending the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. The most popular social network used by the group surveyed was Facebook. Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus were less popular amongst pharmacy students and faculty. Facebook was also the most popular network used for professional networking and Linkedin was a distant second.

The most common activity on professional social networks was finding jobs. Seventy-six percent of respondents indicated that they used social networks for finding or posting jobs. Only 1.8% used professional social networks for networking. Less than 50% of participants used social medial websites daily. The most interesting statistic was 93% participants thought social networks can be used to promote the pharmacy profession and 79% favored incorporation of social media into their pharmacy program. Complete survey results are published in the article Florida Pharmacy Students and Faculty Use of Professional Social Media.

Pharmacy students and faculty also offered suggestions about how social media can be used to amplify the voice of pharmacy, shape perception of the pharmacy profession, or enhance pharmacy education. Some of the suggestions included using social media to educate others about the pharmacy profession; using social media pages for alerts and informative updates; discussing hypothetical patient cases; and promoting online petitions. The full list of over 30 suggestions about how pharmacists can use social media are published in the article How to Use Social Media to Improve Pharmacy and Pharmacy Education.

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