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Press Release

Shift to Ethical Bitcoin Gaming - BetCoin ™ Leads the Charge Towards Responsible Gambling Adoption by Bitcoin Casinos

PR Newswire

HONG KONG, September 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Bitcoin is the next step in the evolution of online casinos, and BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network continues to secure its top position in the market. BetCoin ™ are also leaders in the promotion of responsible gambling, and continue to implement changes and post information to keep their users up to date with the latest developments in all aspects of responsible and safe bitcoin gaming.

A recent phone conversation with Emily Flitter of Reuters confirmed that BetCoin ™ Dice and BetCoin ™ Circle are both working very hard to ensure full compliance to their terms and conditions, and the relevant legal regulations, and to guide their customers in the direction of responsible gaming, as BetCoin ™ aims to help educate its players as well as entertain them. A senior spokesman responded to Emily's concerns, "Some other bitcoin gambling sites unfortunately do not have terms and conditions, and thus do not take any action against minors, and players located in restricted jurisdictions, where online gaming and betting activities may not be entirely legal, using their site. This approach seems to be very irresponsible, and potentially harmful and dangerous. On the one hand you have our terms and conditions, and on the other you have certain technical measures that prevent certain users from accessing restricted areas of our sites." The terms and conditions outlined do not condone any illegal activity in their bitcoin casinos, including accessing the games from restricted jurisdictions, and the educational portals offered will ensure that each player has the correct up-to-date information about the potential pitfalls and legal issues of online bitcoin gambling. The addition of the information-rich interactive BetCoin ™ Wiki as well as the other informational portals provides their casino players with an incredible amount of useful resources, especially when compared to the scanty, run-of-the-mill "Responsible Gambling" sections of traditional online casinos.

The spokesman continued to respond to Emily's concerns, saying, "Not only are we at BetCoin ™ doing all we can to ensure responsible gaming in our casinos, but there are certain things about bitcoin that provide some safeguards to address the issue of a potential overspending, or loss of control by the player: users cannot get saddled with credit card debt by using our site. With bitcoin you can only spend what you have, and we do not provide a loan system. Also, you can't pay your bills with bitcoin yet, so that mitigates a lot of risk associated with traditional fiat currency casinos, be it an online casino or a brick and mortar casino establishment." Moreover, the statistical analysis, conducted by BetCoin ™ indicates that on the average, less that a fraction of a percentage point of a regular household's assets are held in the form of bitcoin, in line with the total amount of bitcoin currently in circulation, which at 1.5 billion USD is a tiny speck compared to hundreds of trillions of dollars of the total global assets value. Therefore, the potential loss associated with bitcoin-based gaming can be compared with buying a lottery ticket every now and then.

The company's drive for responding to all aspects of user security and protection is unmatched. BetCoin ™ Circle received more upgrades to their security system. The new, patented multi-layer user authentication is sure to make the safest way to play online even safer. BetCoin ™ has also just finished putting on the final touches to their new, unified leaderboards, rewarding the players in ways unseen until now.

BetCoin ™ is further securing their place at the top of the bitcoin online casino market, all the while continuing to promote responsible gaming and bitcoin education in general. They also have another multi-million dollar grade entertainment offer in the works and continue the current trend of releasing new updates and adding variety to their games on a regular basis. BetCoin ™ is constantly improving, steadily providing its users with the most advanced premium bitcoin entertainment and education portal on the web.

James Mason

SOURCE BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network