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Central Vacuum System Benefits Go Full-Circle

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Long Island, New York (PRWEB) September 15, 2013

Amongst all of the changes, additions, and enhancements homeowners discuss in regards to home improvements, having a central vacuum system is one of the least talked about. Not only are central vacuums uncommon to find in homes, but a large amount of the general population is not even aware they exist. Even individuals who know about central vacuum systems, however, stay away from them because they believe them to be unnecessary and costly, deeming them a waste of money. There are many misconceptions about central vacuum cleaners, but what many do not know is that a central vacuum system comes with countless benefits.

Intense Power – Central vacuums are incredibly powerful units and can provide a level of suction that no handheld or mobile unit can. Because the unit’s core is installed in a separate location, these systems can utilize a much stronger motor than an upright or tank vacuum. With over 3-5 times more power than portable vacuums, these motors last longer and provide the suction needed to get even large amounts of the deepest dirt and dust from all surfaces, including long-haired carpets.

Allergen Reduction – With the end of summer closing in, Mother Nature kicks up a whole new panel of elements into the air, causing different allergies to be woken up within us. Due to the intense power of a central vacuum system, a central vac is able to remove dust, dander, and other allergens, which a standard vacuum would not. Additionally, portable vacuum cleaners tend to kick up a lot of dust (especially on hardwood, tile, and other hard surfaces) due to poor suction and because the filter system is within the unit and recycles dirt back into the air. A central vacuum’s main unit is typically located in the basement, garage, or other room, away from the living space. Finally, the air is exhausted outdoors, which eliminates the problem of dust and allergens being recycled back into the living space.

Versatility - Aside from eliminating the hassle of storing and carrying bulking vacuum cleaners, the central vacuum system provides owners/users with the ultimate level of versatility. The countless attachments, combined with the long-reaching hoses, and immense power, enable users to get into the tiniest of areas. This also allows for cobweb removal from the highest of places, without carrying anything except a hose. Lastly, the central vacuum is even more notably known for being able to reach to the outside, making cleaning cars and garages not only possible, but incredibly easy.

Little Clean-Up - Although the size of the system may vary, owners will find they hardly ever need to empty the dirt canisters in a central vacuum system. Standard vacuums require the canister to be emptied or bag to be changed almost each time (or every other time) it is used to clean the entire house. This is not only a hassle, but releases dirt into the air, each time. The canisters used in a central vacuum system hold an exponential amount of dirt and debris, in comparison, somewhere along the lines of between 25-40 quarts of dirt, depending on the size of the canister.
While these points are reason enough for any homeowner to re-think and research the idea of putting a central vacuum system into a home, these are only a few. In reality, the list of benefits goes on and on, proving central vacuum systems: are cost effective, add value to a home, reduce/eliminate the hassles presented by standard vacuums, and promote overall air quality and health.

DuraVac has been installing and servicing central vacuum systems for over 50 years. DuraVac has a full service department that offers in home service for central vacuum systems. DuraVac also installs central vacuum systems in new or existing homes. The company is fully licensed and insured. They are New York’s only Platinum Distributor of MD Products, the leader in the central vacuum industry.  The company has been in business for over 50 years.

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