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George Saadian Promotes Home Fire Sprinkler Use for Assured Safety

In an exceptionally hot and dry Southern Californian summer, extra stress on fans and air conditioning units could contribute to starting fires

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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent weeks, the summer season has been especially hot in Southern California. Those residents lucky enough to have air conditioning and fan systems to offer some form of relief from the sweltering heat may experience the opposite effect; malfunctioning cooling equipment at home can malfunction and cause a life and property-threatening blaze. George Saadian, president and lead engineer at Fire Protection Group, Inc. in Los Angeles, believes that residential sprinkler systems are necessary in cases where electrical equipment is being tested to its limit. A home fire sprinkler can contain and sometimes eliminate an outbreak before a fire department responds, making their jobs safer and minimizing fire damage to the home. Most importantly, properly calibrated home fire alarm systems and sprinklers can save lives of residents and responding fire crews.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published findings on the occurrence of home fires due to cooling units and fans, and the results are surprising. From 2006 to 2010, the NFPA has calculated that an average of 7,200 home fires involved air conditioning, fans or related equipment. These fires often lead to civilian fire deaths, injuries, and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. The NFPA suggests selecting, installing, using, maintaining, and inspecting this electrical cooling equipment with safety as the primary concern, including checking for labels that prove the product was tested in a recognized laboratory. After years of working side by side with the NFPA and even writing codes that the association adopted, George Saadian trusts their expertise and suggests that homeowners, building managers, and renters all keep a keen eye on their cooling units. This is especially true in the hottest months of the year and during unexpected heat waves.

In the worst case scenarios when keeping tabs on the status of a cooling system fails and a fire does erupt, George Saadian and Fire Protection Group, Inc. can make sure that the damage is contained and minimized through the installation of home fire safety equipment. Fire alarm systems can be installed to give residents notice of an outbreak. For tall residential complexes, whether retrograde or new developments, the fire contractors can add the appropriate fire pumps, stand pipes, and fire escape assemblies to guarantee safety at every floor. If this involves cutting off your fire safety systems, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can post its own fire watch team to monitor the building. The company's expertise is, of course, their ability to design, manufacture, and install their own fire sprinkler systems in the home discreetly without sacrificing efficiency.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers a complimentary consultation on any of their services. The company even offers a quick quote on their services through filling out a short proposal request form on their website, To learn more about Fire Protection Group, Inc's services, George Saadian's years of experience in the industry, or to request a free consultation or quote, you can call 1-888-251-3488 at your earliest convenience.

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