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Upcoming FL Workshop: “Opportunities Abound as Senior Population Will Nearly Double in Florida”

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(PRWEB) September 12, 2013

Just two years ago, the first Baby Boomers turned 65, setting into motion a “tremendous demographic shift in the U.S. population,” said physician Rhonda Randall, a senior adviser to the not-for-profit United Health Foundation, which released America’s Health Rankings Senior Report Tuesday. (USA TODAY, 10:08 p.m. EDT May 28, 2013)

This “tremendous demographic shift” has opened the door to opportunity in services offered to the senior market. Craig Harvey, Co-Founder and Partner with NASB, a final expense insurance agency, likens the opportunity to the Schwinn bicycle and Gerber Baby Food. “When baby boomers were babies, companies like Gerber exploded due to the demand for healthy quick meals for infants. When those same babies turned 6 and 7, along came a huge demand for bicycles allowing the Schwinn family to reap the rewards of a major movement. Now that baby boomers are turning 65, someone in our industry can’t help but to be successful with the proper tools and training.”

Building on his personal success, Harvey also travels the country offering training workshops for insurance professionals who want to get into the market or simply want to improve their existing business. “There are a lot of people trying to get into this market, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll not only do a disservice to seniors, but there is a good chance you will fail.”

Insurance agent, Chris Isbell, has learned this market under the tutelage of Harvey. “My wife and I were originally in the real estate market and took $1000 and turned it into a $10 Million company over about 8 years. But when the market crashed in 2008 we lost everything and were living in a camper parked in my sister’s driveway. I got into final expense insurance out of desperation, but began to really enjoy helping people protect their families from financial burden. Not to mention, I’m making a great living doing it.”

Going through Harvey’s workshops, Isbell has certainly climbed his way out of the hole that real estate left him in. “Craig (Harvey) told me when I first met him that if I just did what he told me that I’d be making at least $200,000 after 12 months and he was right. I’m almost back to where I was financially with real estate, my wife is very happy,” says Isbell. “And with the ever growing baby boomer market mixed with a product that all of them will need, the next 20 years are looking great.”

Harvey has two workshops scheduled in Florida at the end of September. His team will be in Jacksonville on the 25th and Orlando on the 26th. If you wish to attend you can register for either one here.

According to the Study, 1 in 8 Americans (13% or 40.3 million) are 65 or older, and that is projected to grow to 1 in 5 (19.3%, or 72.1 million) in 2030, the year all members of the Baby Boomer generation will have turned 65, according to Census data. By 2050, seniors will make up 25% of the population. That appears to pave a solid road for someone working in this market.

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