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U.S. Veterans Administration Fails to Provide Effective Treatment to Over 200,000 Veterans Suffering with Traumatic Brain Injury

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(PRWEB) September 04, 2013

In a study commissioned by the Veterans Administration, the Rand Corporation interviewed thousands of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan and estimated 18% suffer from PTSD and 19% suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Yet according to the Defense and Brain Injury Center, 266,810 soldiers were diagnosed with PTSD from 2000 through 2012; yet only 54,000 were diagnosed with TBI during this period. "Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with TBI are being under-diagnosed and often ineffectively treated. This under-diagnosis and ineffective treatment results in increased levels of chronic pain, substance abuse, depression and suicide among returning warriors," stated Rolando Hernandez M.D. neurosurgeon for Neurological Wellness Center.

A study published in 2012 in the journal CNS Drugs** involving persons with TBI treated with perispinally administered etanercept (Enbrel) found that 75.0% reported a reduction in chronic pain, 87.5% exhibited a reduction of cognitive impairment, and 80.0 exhibited a reduction of psychological impairment. The author’s note: “Rapid improvement of mood, affect, and attitude was commonly observed. Patients and families commonly reported improvement of depression, anxiety, irritability, motivation, initiative, hopefulness and a return to pre-TBI personality (“his personality is back”) and a sense of humor.

An examination of the Veterans Administration’s TBI treatment protocol delineated in the 60-page document: fails to even mention perispinally administered etanercept (or any other similar drug) as a treatment for TBI. The VA is spending $32 million per year on TBI research according to VA spokesman Phil Budahn yet not one dollar has been devoted to researching perispinally administered etanercept as a treatment for TBI.

This article Traumatic Brain Injury Research Good for the Troops or Just the PhDs? * by Bill Williams questions the value of this $32 million / year expenditure. Neurological Wellness Center physicians Rolando Hernandez M.D., Augusto Ramirez M.D. and Eugenia Siezar M.D. concur with Bill William’s assessment. "One must question why U.S. taxpayers paid for a play at a Berkshire resort in Massachusetts and a skit about soldiers with TBI, and pay for PhDs to give presentations in Hawaii, Europe and around the world yet research into a promising treatment like perispinally administered etanercept goes completely unfunded," stated Rolando Hernandez M.D.

Neurological Recovery Guide and Neurological Wellness Center have been facilitating recovery from TBI since 2010. "TBI results in a self-perpetuating cycle of inflammation in the brain. This excess inflammation persists for years or even decades after the injury, this excess inflammation contributes to a portion of the many impairments our patients experience. Perispinally administered Enbrel reduces this inflammation in the brain, facilitating a recovery of function," stated Rolando Hernandez M.D. "Many individuals with TBI also suffer from severe depression. We encourage our clients to take the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire prior to treatment. This simple survey is available free and is automatically scored for you. Our clients are encouraged to take this survey 10 days and 30 days after the initiation of perispinal Enbrel treatment. The vast majority report improved happiness scores. I believe perispinally administered Enbrel may one day be used therapeutically as a severe depression treatment, " states Dr. Rolando Hernandez.

"Perispinal Enbrel as a TBI treatment has many attributes. (1) The therapeutic window is wide. A person who's injury occurred a decade ago or even longer may still benefit. (2) The treatment is short term, involving just two to eight injections over a period of eight to forty days, yet the benefits are long lasting. (3) The dosage of Enbrel needed to achieve these results is quite low compared to the FDA recommendations for moderate plaque psoriasis. The FDA protocol for moderate plaque psoriasis calls for 24 injections totaling 1200 mg of Enbrel over a three month period, followed by weekly injections for life. Whereas a person with moderate to severe TBI would need a maximum of 8 injections totaling 200 mg of Enbrel in this period and would be unlikely to need even a single booster injection. (4) The recovery, improvements can begin to occur in minutes and can build with subsequent injections over a four to eight week period," stated Dr. Hernandez.

In order for injections of Enbrel to be effective, they must be administered to the soft fatty tissue in the back of the neck between cervical vertebrae C-5 and C-6. This simple subcutaneous injection, performed with a fine gauge ½ inch needle, is referred to as a perispinal injection. Neurological Wellness Center offers a complete two-hour course on Alzheimer's treatment, stroke treatment and traumatic brain injury treatment covering all aspects of perispinal injection technique at their Neurological Wellness Center in Managua, Nicaragua.
For many, flying to the Neurological Wellness Center in Nicaragua to receive this personalized training is an enormous expense and inconvenience. To overcome this problem, Neurological Wellness Center, under the direction of Augusto Ramirez, M.D., created Perispinal Enbrel Step-By-Step Instructional Video and accompanying e-book. This 24-minute video and 37-page e-book are now available online at

Augusto Ramirez, M.D., Director of Neurological Wellness Center, a private medical group in Managua Nicaragua, authorized this press release.

Neurological Wellness Center’s perispinal Enbrel is profoundly effective as an Alzheimer’s treatment, stroke treatment and TBI treatment. The general treatment recommendation: for stroke is one 25mg injection of Enbrel every four days for a total of four doses over 16 days; for TBI is one 25mg injection of Enbrel every four days for a total of eight doses.

The drug Enbrel is available now. Enbrel received FDA approval in 1998. Its safety profile is well understood. Enbrel is a highly advertised, commonly prescribed drug manufactured by Immunex for Amgen / Pfizer. Over 400,000 Americans self-inject Enbrel each week, mostly as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Enbrel is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Dr. Augusto believes many of the impairments people with TBI or stroke experience are due to a self-perpetuating cascade of inflammation that was initiated by the brain injury. This perispinal injection allows Enbrel to enter the brain by lymph drainage assisted by gravity. "Fortunately for the millions of people now afflicted with Alzheimer’s, stroke and TBI, a video is now available online detailing in step-by-step fashion how to administer a perispinal injection of Enbrel," said Dr. Rolando Hernandez M.D.

To enroll in a hands-on instructional course on perispinal injections, visit

To purchase an instructional video and e-book on administering perispinal injections, visit



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