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New Project to Lead Way in Cutting Industrial Emissions in China

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Beijing, China (PRWEB) September 03, 2013

Fifty-two of China’s biggest industrial enterprises could lead the way in curbing energy use across the country, thanks to a new partnership between the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP) and the Dezhou Energy Conservation and Supervision Center.

IIP is a non-government organization focused on reducing industrial energy use worldwide and the Dezhou Energy Conservation and Supervision Center is a Chinese government organization based in the Shandong Province of China, one of the country’s most industrialized areas.

Through the partnership, 52 industrial enterprises based in Dezhou City in Shandong province will receive assistance to adopt an energy management system (EnMS) by June 2014. EnMSs are widely considered to be one of the single-most important factors in reducing the energy use of industrial operations. They involve implementing a wide range of energy efficiency measures across a whole enterprise.

Wang Shiyan, the Director of the Dezhou Energy Conservation and Supervision Center, said the Chinese government is promoting EnMS across China, and implementation has now started with the pilot in Dezhou.

“The Chinese government is determined to cut energy use across the country. If this scheme is successful, it will be rolled out in other cities in China. This could lead to huge cuts in energy use and GHG emissions countrywide,” he said.

Industrial energy use and GHG emissions currently account for around a third of the global total; and China’s industry accounts for around 30 percent of that figure. China confounded skeptics by cutting energy intensity by almost 20 percent between 2006 and 2010, and it is on target to cut energy intensity by another 16 percent by 2015. This success is primarily the outcome of the government’s Top-1,000 Program and Top 10,000 Program, whose focus is to make the country’s largest enterprises more energy efficient.

Dongmei Chen, the Head of IIP’s China Program, said one of the primary approaches of the Top-10,000 program is to ensure EnMS are implemented in all of the biggest enterprises.

“Both the government and industry stand to gain from the widespread adoption of energy management systems. Not only do they significantly cut energy use and the GHG emissions responsible for climate change, EnMSs help enterprises to reduce their operating costs, increase their efficiency and productivity, and improve their risk management,” she said.

“IIP will work with Dezhou to demonstrate to enterprises how they can successfully implement an EnMS that is suitable for their size, industry and production methods.”

The project will include rolling out an EnMS toolbox, which will provide practical tools and measures as well as all the information enterprises need to implement a robust and successful EnMS.

A comprehensive EnMS includes having an energy policy and clear targets; establishing roles and responsibilities within an enterprise; having an action plan; undertaking energy audits, measurement and reporting; providing training for staff; improving internal communications processes; and involving third-party certifiers to ensure production meets international standards.

IIP is a non-profit organization that provides companies and governments with information about the best energy efficiency practices. It maintains a network of policy, technology and finance experts that compile and share best practices, tools and information to help boost government and industry efforts to reduce industrial energy intensity and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while improving productivity.

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