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Press Release

Eccentric British Entrepreneur Launches Website that Plays Birds

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(PRWEB) August 29, 2013 is the latest launch from internet entrepreneur James Mulvany. He has just relaunched the quirky website and app as an experience for busy city goers to escape the grind and get more relaxation in their day; “Listening to Birdsong can be incredibly beneficial in reducing stress,” says James.

The story started five years ago after being persuaded by his University roommate to create an online version of a test transmission playing birdsong being broadcast on digital radio and thus ‘Birdsong Radio’ was born.

James quickly realised that there was a demand for the service after his website was featured on national news and quickly rose in listener counts. “At its peak, Birdsong was getting flooded by tens of thousands of listeners per day."

In subsequent years, James has focused more on his core business which delivers online radio solutions and Birdsong has been featured as a case study for potential clients to look at. After moving to the city, James found it as an invaluable resource to escape and relax so decided to rework it for the modern smartphone user.

The new iPhone app has gone live with premium content that allows users to leverage soothing natural sounds as part their daily routine to drift off to sleep at night and wake up gently in the morning.

“When I launched my friends thought I was barking mad, but I think it's great for anyone who works in the city or lives a busy lifestyle. Call me eccentric maybe, but I’ve had countless people write to me over the years saying how much it has benefited them. So I think it's great for everyone, I see it like a sort of secret haven on the internet where you can escape to.” is available as an internet radio station via their website plus on mobile devices via the app store. You can also listen through Apple TV and in various radio directories like TuneIn.

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