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New Article Discusses Important Role of Physical Therapy in Facial Paralysis Treatment

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Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) August 28, 2013

In a new article on titled “The Importance of Physical Therapy in Facial Paralysis Treatment,” renowned facial paralysis surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, explains why physical therapy is a critical part of facial paralysis recovery. Nearly all of Dr. Azizzadeh’s patients at the Facial Paralysis Institute who are suffering from long-term facial paralysis undergo physical therapy at some point during the course of their treatment.

“Although the causes of facial paralysis tend to vary greatly from one patient to the next, almost all patients see some improvement in facial animation and facial symmetry through dedication to a physical therapy treatment plan,” said Dr. Azizzadeh.

Physical therapists who work with facial palsy patients have several different techniques they commonly use. One of the most common is neuromuscular retraining (NMR). Neuromuscular retraining involves specific facial exercises designed to reteach the muscles how they are supposed to function. When patients commit themselves to NMR therapy with the help of an expert physical therapist, they often experience significant results.

“At the Facial Paralysis Institute we have a team of experts including physical therapists that works together to customize a facial reanimation treatment plan for each paralysis patient. We have seen great improvement in facial muscle function and facial balance in patients who have gone through NMR,” said Dr. Azizzadeh, facial paralysis expert.

Another technique commonly utilized during facial paralysis physical therapy is called manual massage. The physical therapist performs specific massage techniques on the facial muscles to stimulate animation. In addition to physical therapy, the Facial Paralysis Institute offers some of the most cutting-edge surgical techniques available for the treatment of facial paralysis.

“Nothing brings me greater joy than giving someone back his or her smile, and by providing my patients with innovative facial paralysis surgeries like the cross-facial nerve graft and masseter to facial nerve transfer, I get to do that every day. Thanks to these leading-edge procedures and the expertise of our physical therapists, most patients have a great chance of seeing improvement in their ability to smile,” said Dr. Azizzadeh.

Since his extensive and prestigious training at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Azizzadeh has helped hundreds of people with varying degrees of facial paralysis. Dr. Azizzadeh is the director of the Facial Paralysis Institute and one of the leading figures in the field of Facial Nerve Paralysis. Dr. Azizzadeh has been recognized for his work on several occasions, and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and countless other media outlets.

Dr. Azizzadeh is trained in facial plastic & reconstructive surgery, as well as head & neck surgery, giving him a distinctive insight into facial nerve function and facial aesthetics. Dr. Azizzadeh also has extensive training in microsurgical facial reconstruction, which is often required for the treatment of people who are born with facial paralysis.

For more information, contact the Facial Paralysis Institute at (310) 657-2203.

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