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4 Tips for Measuring Social Media Marketing Success

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Kennebunk, ME (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

Social media marketing can be a tricky item to try and measure when reviewing company metrics. Local businesses often struggle to determine if the time and money invested in social media is helping to grow their revenue. While many online marketing analytics are relatively easy to measure, social media has given inexperienced firms some difficulty. My Local Leads is an online lead generation marketing firm based in Maine, which helps companies throughout the US increase revenue and get the phone to ring. These techniques will help local companies better measure their social media efforts, knowing what works, when to make tweaks, and finding better ways to engage and bring in new customers.

One method that might be used to help measure the extent of a company’s reach through social media is to count the number of community members or followers. This number should be calculated each month. If the number is growing, that is good. If the number stays the same or starts to fall, adjustments should be made. Beyond how many members are included in a social circle, the effectiveness of local search marketing can be better gauged by the activity of members on the site. How many people are sharing and commenting on posts shared by the firm are an important metric to keep track of. This will provide information as to what people find interesting enough to share, which is how the community grows.

It is also important to keep track of the nature of comments on the company profile, page, or blog. The number of positive, neutral, and negative comments should be tracked separately. These are all good indicators to how well the company’s message is being received, the public’s perception of them. In general, this is a great way to help measure the company’s overall online reputation management.

Look also toward the other kinds of content that may be being shared with the online community. If people are adding valuable content and not just parroting company posts or trying to siphon off traffic from the company page, that is good. If, on the other hand, low quality content is being shared and people are merely using the company page to drive traffic to their platform, it is problematic.

Another important metric that is often overlooked when measuring social media effectiveness is resolution rate. Consumers often use company pages as a sounding board for their complaints. There should be defined steps to handling these complaints. It should also be carefully monitored as to what is considered resolved and what is not. A simple reply if often not the end of the situation and showing that the company is willing to address concerns and handle them appropriately goes a long way toward building goodwill with both existing and potential customers.

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