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Standardized Test Preparation Best Practices From Students to Parents

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 15, 2013) - With back-to-school season on the horizon, TestRocker, a one-of-a-kind online learning platform, unveils standardized test preparation best practices to help support students, parents and college counselors with the college admissions journey. Prior to launching, TestRocker partnered with GMI to survey more than 600 parents and students nationwide on standardized test preparation habits and preferences. The results show that confidence and ownership are critical to students' success. Students want to feel empowered throughout the college admissions journey, including preparation for the SATs and ACTs. By providing students with the tools they need to feel confident and in control, parents and counselors can help set their students up for ultimate success.

"Teenagers today are more in control than ever before," states Sonali Mathur, CEO of TestRocker. "They're digitally advanced and take an active role in their learning, often finding alternative resources and tools to help them better understand what they want to learn. At TestRocker, we're committed to helping students perform at their maximum potential. What better way to ensure that test preparation meets this generation's needs than by asking them directly." 

Students are busy juggling academics, sports, part-time jobs, family commitments and more, often leaving studying for the ACTs and SATs as an afterthought. Still, standardized test scores continue to hold a lot of weight in the admissions process and can impact more than just getting into college. Students who score in the top 10 percentile can count on being offered scholarships, potentially saving families thousands of dollars in tuition costs. To ensure that students excel throughout the test-taking process -- and carve out time for test prep, parents can support them by listening to their needs and helping them find a solid foundation for success.

When surveyed, students ranked blended learning, flexibility and personalization highest on their list of ideal study conditions. Based on these findings and additional input from students, TestRocker has developed a list of best practices for parents to keep in mind:

Test Preparation Best Practices

  • Plan ahead:  Given that most students study for standardized tests after a long day of school, homework and extracurriculars, creating a customized study plan that corresponds directly to your student's needs is key. Consider their available prep-time to help them study smarter and not longer. Ideally students should allot between 30 to 40 hours of total study time to help avoid last minute cramming.
  • Personalize content:  Students frequently supplement third-party test preparation tools and classes with independent studying. While books and classes provide guidance, they frequently teach to the "average." By focusing on specific areas of improvement with independent study, students can maximize their retention of information.
  • Leverage blended learning:  Students live and learn in an increasingly digital world. Make studying part of this world by incorporating gaming, video content and peer-to-peer interaction if and when possible to make the material more memorable.
  • Empower students:  Students learn first by doing, then by watching. Students look to test preparation for improving outcomes in a targeted manner that addresses their specific knowledge gaps. They want to succeed on their own, but need guidance and clarity to do-so.

Putting Insights into Action

Parents should collaborate with their teenager and the school's guidance counselor to help put together an individualized, targeted test preparation plan and schedule. If time is an issue, explore test preparation programs before committing to one. Ask questions to ensure programs and tutors are incorporating learning trends and insights into their programs.

Prior to launch, TestRocker incorporated these key insights from students to create their breakthrough learning platform. TestRocker's comprehensive online SAT-prep program allows students to follow a customized study plan and track their progress as they work through the program. In fact, all of the 1,200 questions included with the program are accompanied by video explanations from Suniti, TestRocker's ultimate private tutor who has helped more than 1,200 students to prep for the SAT and ACT over the last 14 years. Suniti's students have seen score increases as high as 700 points on the SAT and 8 points on the ACT. Studying with TestRocker means constant access to high-quality, online private tutoring that students can access according to their own schedule. For questions that require additional clarification, an online forum provides peer-to-peer and instructor-to-peer support. In addition, parents are able to track their child's progress through bi-weekly reports.

To sign up for TestRocker or a free trial, visit Those interested can also watch student and parent testimonials to learn more about the TestRocker approach by visiting

About TestRocker

TestRocker is a comprehensive online SAT prep program that allows students to learn from Suniti Mathur, an expert SAT private tutor with more than 14 years of experience, wherever and whenever they want. Students follow a customized study plan and can track their progress as they work through the program. Each of the 1,200 questions on TestRocker are accompanied by video explanations from Suniti. TestRocker will be launching their ACT program in September 2013.

TestRocker is the 'Ultimate Private Tutor' because it combines one of the best private tutors with the best technology has to offer leading to efficient learning. Within a year of launch TestRocker has students from the U.S., U.K, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Spain, Cambodia and India on its platform. You can visit TestRocker at

TestRocker is a registered trademark of TestRocker, Inc. SAT is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. 

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