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Benevidz - Sex for Charity - Changing the Adult Industry

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Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) August 14, 2013

When it comes to fundraising, for most charitable organizations the priority donor list is not likely to include members from the adult industry. That may begin to change however, as breaks into the community of adult entertainment. With a promising business model and ambitious cofounders, may soon be propelled to that top-contributor list for more than a few fund-seeking organizations.

Currently the company is crowdfunding on to raise more funds to finalize development and legal fees to launch the site. To view their campaign, click here.

Initiated by two recent graduates of Colorado State University, seeks to channel some of the multi-billion dollar annual profits enjoyed by the adult entertainment industry for the benefit of charitable organizations. Here’s how founding partner, Mike Wondercub, describes the up and coming website: “Our site combines the most desired features that other adult entertainment websites have, and eliminates the annoying and undesired features…separating Benevidz from our competitors. Plus we give back. It’s philanthropic pornography.” features live webcam entertainers, each of whom can broadcast him or herself for an audience that donates purchased helping-handz (credits you purchase within the website) to see live performances, or requested activities. Performers can also sell their images and videos for denominations of helping handz. Members, or as the founders refer to them, Beneviders can also connect with the entertainers, chatting as one might in an online chat-room, and “following” one another to be alerted when favorite performers are online or when web-cam appearances are scheduled. In this regard, is not all that novel when compared with other web-cam sites. Where the site differs from others is in its business model, which spotlights the charitable contribution of a percentage of all its profits. Additionally, incents its entertainers to keep content fresh and captivating by giving them a portion of the ad revenues generated by their individual pages. In Wondercub’s words, we are “effectively empowering each performer to be an entrepreneur,” by offering them the option to determine their own profitability.

Taking the notion of community to a new level, has a charitable matching agreement with all of its performers, whereby the company matches 50% of every performer’s proceeds, and donates that sum to a charitable organization chosen by the performer. In an industry conservatively estimated to amass around $5 billion dollars annually, has set its sights on capturing just 1/10th of 1% of the thriving adult entertainment market. If successful, the company estimates its charitable contributions will top $1 million dollars each year per cause.

Company efforts, according to Wondercub, are currently focused on recruiting organizations to join with the company to receive donations, and pursuing crowdfunding on on to raise additional capital needed to add finishing touches and additional functionality to its website. Wondercub promises that the site “will impress even the most avid internet porn viewer and change the adult industry forever!” While it is too early to determine the impact Benevidz will have, it is safe to say that combined with the ambition of its creators, the concept –an altruistic twist on a traditionally taboo pursuit— is at least intriguing.

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