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SEO Marketing Should be a Priority for Small Businesses, Urges Cyberset

In some circles, SEO and other Internet marketing services are still mysterious, but they can be both affordable and understandable through a partnership with Cyberset.

PR Newswire

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Shahab Saba, CEO and co-founder of Cyberset, the premier firm for Internet marketing services working today, says he's surprised how often he has to explain his business to potential clients. "SEO marketing is all around you online," he says. "It's the reason for many of your purchasing decisions, but it's also a tool you can use to grow your business." Saba says he's eager for every serious businessperson he knows to come around to SEO as a marketing strategy to augment other online marketing efforts like e-commerce development. Among the many profit-enhancing advantages of SEO are enhanced visibility, expansion beyond local Internet marketing and into new markets, and getting the leg up on your competition.

On the face of it, visibility is the primary aim of SEO. There's much to be gained from showing up first in a search engine results page or SERP. Everyone wants to be first on Google's SERP, but at Cyberset, visibility means more than that. "We'll get you on that first results page," says Saba. "But other SEO companies focus on too few keywords, and ones that aren't relevant, which makes their jobs easier, but stifles your results." At Cyberset, being on the first results page is easy. Being first for a wide range of keyphrases, and showing up in other search engines is the trick. Cyberset works with over 40 search engines, and works to optimize each client's page for a multitude of valuable keyphrases.

The opportunity to expand into new markets is sometimes what turns a business from start-up to local cornerstone, from local to national, or from national to international. Cyberset has been responsible for these kinds of success stories. "Google is very smart," says Saba, joking by understatement. "If your business is relevant to a different search, Google will figure it out," he says. This can lead to expanded business opportunities from other regions. Local businesses can potentially do business online or by mail that they never expected. Moreover, they can attract traveling clientele, and by working with international search engines, potentially turn one good business into the source for that product or service. Knowing your audience is good business, but letting an even bigger audience find you helps you grow.

If your business is, say, a restaurant, your competitors are no doubt looking for ways to get a leg up on you, perhaps by learning your secret ingredients or copying your menu. Don't let them get away with it. They can copy your quality, but through visibility and market expansion, you can beat them by sheer volume of business. Internet dominance is the way to bring in those who make their decisions before leaving their computers. In addition to making you visible online, Cyberset can help manage your reputation by working with review sites to make sure you get a fair shake in the court of online public opinion.

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SOURCE Cyberset Corp.

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