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Pond and Lake Weed Rake Product Line Expanded by Lake Restoration

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Rogers, MN (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

Lake Restoration has expanded its line of pond and lake weed rakes to include new rake tools, rake and weed control kit bundles, and more options for the LAKEMAID® mechanical weed removal system.

Pond and lake weed control products and services provider Lake Restoration of Rogers, MN today announced that it has expanded its line of pond and lake weed rakes to include new rake tools, rake and weed control kit bundles, and new options for its patented LAKEMAID® lake weed removal machine.

New to the lake and pond weed rake product line this year are several hand held rakes:

Aquatic Weed Eradicator -- The Midwest Rake Aquatic Weed Eradicator is a lake and pond bottom weed removal tool. It has 28 inch blades that is adept at getting weeds out at the root.

Screening rake -- The Screening Rake is ideal for sifting, grading and screening stones and debris from sand or soil. Ideal for beaches.

Weed Razer Pro -- The Weed Razer Pro is a lightweight, hand operated weed cutter excellent for cutting every type of pond and lake weed. It is adjustable from 12 to 62 inches.

In addition to adding these rakes as stand alone items available for purchase online, Lake Restoration is now offering a bundle with each rake along with either the MuckMaid or the RestoreAccess Ultra G kit. These weed and algae control kits are designed specifically for beaches and swimming areas and provide a more comprehensive solution to help eliminate silt and muck in addition to the weeds themselves.

The LAKEMAID® weed control removal machine, meanwhile, is now available with 24 foot arms, allowing for much greater coverage and faster results. The LAKEMAID® sits on top of the water and removes pond and lake weeds, silt, and muck near docks and in swimming areas by dragging weed-removing rakes across the lake bottom. Compared to other mechanical tools, it is lightweight, easy to install, surprisingly portable and shareable, and priced competitively.

“We feel these new rakes, the bundles, and the added options for the LAKEMAID cover almost every weed control need out there,” says Mary Jo Furman, Sales Manager for Lake Restoration. “Ultimately it’s about enjoying the pond or lake and getting to the beach, and these products make that possible.”

About Lake Restoration

Lake Restoration, located in Rogers, MN, has been restoring the beauty of lakes and ponds since 1977. Each year Lake Restoration services thousands of home and cabin owners, including swimming areas and ponds of all sizes. Products include exclusive kits that allow customers to treat a variety of pond weed maladies with simple, do-it-yourself solutions. To learn more about pond and lake weeds and products and services to treat them, visit

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