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Tips for Using Google Plus for Local Search Marketing

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Kennebunk, ME (PRWEB) June 28, 2013

Local search marketing is highly competitive with new tools and techniques being introduced regularly. My Local Leads makes it their business to stay at the forefront of these changes and assist their clients in overcoming the competition when it comes to online lead generation and local marketing reach. Google Plus has had its share of lifted eyebrows and shrugged shoulders as many have questioned the need for yet another social media platform. However, if one takes into consideration the popularity of Twitter, where it took three years for its largest star, Ashton Kutcher to gain 1 million followers and the two years it took Google Plus’s superstar, Lady Gaga, to gain 7 million followers, it helps bring things into perspective. Google Plus is not Twitter, or Facebook, or Pinterest. Instead, it is something quite different that can certainly help local businesses surge ahead of competition, if used properly.

One of the most important steps in setting up an effective Google Plus profile and business page for a local business is to be sure to take advantage of the several services Google permits and even encourages to be tied together. The Google Plus page and profile can easily be tied together with YouTube, Google Docs, Google Plus Local (previously Google Maps), and more. This makes for easy sharing without having to log into several different services and has been shown to enhance the search engine results for linked pages and media.

Local business owners will find another part of the social media marketing tool that they should spend a little bit of time on is managing and organizing circles. This can be helpful in not just keeping track of what is being sent to whom and what kind of response there is. It can also be used in marketing campaigns. Different level customers or those who have shown interest in specific product lines and services, can be marketed to directly and responses can easily be tracked.

Another great aspect of using Google Plus to enhance search engine optimization, and social media marketing tactics is the powerful options it has for engagement. Google Plus Hangouts can be useful both for communicating with customers, bringing in industry experts, and so on. The content can be used for adding to blogs, to a webpage, and to the company’s YouTube channel.

Understanding the complexities of social media and making the most of it to increase reach and get the phone to ring can be and often is a full time job in and of itself. My Local Leads offers social media marketing, search engine optimization, mobile website design and development, and related tasks. By focusing on a variety of tasks that work in a synergistic manner to maximize online marketing efforts, local businesses can step in front of the pack and dominate in their chosen area of service and expertise.

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