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Press Release

The Kris Kelly Foundation is a Friend Indeed To Animals in Need of Homes and Rescue from Animal Shelters

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The Kris Kelly Foundation announced Tuesday, their collaboration with Kona Rentals in Hawaii. Kona Rentals will be donating 50% of their commissions earned on bookings made by the Kris Kelly Foundation to the foundation in an effort to raise money as part of the ongoing effort to build animal welfare and educational programs.

Abused, neglected, abandoned, or hard to place animals have a guardian angel watching over them in Southern California. Kris Kelly is an unstoppable one woman force when it comes to rescuing and helping save animals by finding them homes and suitable owners who will care for them, regardless of how difficult they may be to place or what their histories may be. When it comes to animals of all stripes, Randy Newman must have had Kris Kelly in mind when he composed, “You've Got a Friend in Me.”

Kelly, founder of The Kris Kelly Foundation, has come a long way from Greenwich, Connecticut, where she was born, to a successful acting career in Hollywood that has taken a back seat to her all encompassing passion for rescuing pets, strays, and throwaways through her Beverly Hills-based organization. Kelly’s foundation was started after her many years of dreaming of her own non-profit to save animals from abuse, slaughter, and neglect. The foundation is taking an approach to not only work for animals but also work for people also.

Kelly traces her drive to hook animals up with humans to when she had to present an oral book report about a story she had read about the relationship between an elderly woman and a horse in the fifth grade. The old woman and her horse were friends and spent a lot of time together, and Kris remembers her teacher asking her over and over, "Why do you think they are such good friends? The young girl came to the conclusion that they were such good friends “Because they are both lonely and need each other.” Besides receiving an “A” on the book report, Kelly hit upon a dream that could last a lifetime: to bring love to animals and people who would be lined with them. As she grew older, she developed a yearning to have the elderly, animals, and children work together.

The Kris Kelly Foundation is an animal rescue organization that embraces the elderly, children, and teenagers.

“People have to understand that they have to live with the animals and animals need people,” Kelly says. “We all need each other. We are all one and together we can all help the ones in need heal. There are a lot of lonely souls that are in need of healing, and The Kris Kelly Foundation is here to find those souls and then heal them. Souls come in all ages, sizes, skin colors, fur, skin, and races. We embrace everyone. Whatever costume you wear on your journey in this life, underneath the costume is a being that is full of love.

“We at The Kris Kelly Foundation embrace ‘Humanity’ and we give dignity and a voice to the animals that need someone to do it for them.”

The Kris Kelly Foundation has rescued hundreds of animals of all stripes, ranging from dogs and cats, to pigs, horses, and several other types of four-legged species who have needed care and homes. The former actress has made her living as a real estate agent, dealing with some of the most expensive real estate on the West Coast in the Pacific Palisades, but her real focus is on homes for those who can not pay rent and who have no concern for their zip codes: homeless animals who have found themselves abandoned, neglected, lost, or simply displaced by owners. Her passion for rescuing animals was recognized by the Pacific Palisades Community Council, who named her as the city’s Director of Animal Welfare in 2005.

Kelly is a constant evangelist for recruiting the support of others to join in her on-going efforts on behalf of animals. The rewards, she insists, far outweigh the effort and untold hours spent in her humane work. “I rescue animals, but really they rescue me,” she insists.

Kelly’s organization’s efforts depend heavily upon the work of fellow volunteers, financial donations and grants, and a network of “foster” caregivers who often work with shelters to take in animals who have been rescued from certain euthanasia and help care for them as the foundation seeks to place them. Led by Kelly’s drive, volunteers play an important role in rescue efforts. Essentially, the mission of the foundation is to save animals from abuse, neglect, and slaughters, as well as to find them safe, loving homes. Illegal backyard breeding, and selling dogs in stores largely supplied by inhumane puppy mills are areas that drive Kelly into action. She participates in peaceful protests to help influence the minds and motives of those who can make a change by switching from selling bred dogs that have lived a tortured life in puppy mills, to adopting rescued animals. She petitions a multitude of sources, networks consistently on Facebook, and engages law enforcement to use the power they have been given to crackdown on illegal backyard breeding.

Besides utilizing carefully chosen foster homes to assist in caring for animals her Foundation rescues, Kelly holds garage sales, conducts mobile adoptions, and participates in fundraisers to help cover the impressive bills necessary to cover all of the intricacies of running her organization, as well as the formidable veterinary costs, including shots, spay/neuter procedures, and medicines.

Information about the Kelly’s organization, including case histories of many of the animal adoptions and rescues that have resulted from the foundation’s efforts, can be seen at or by calling its office at (310) 989-8800. Or visit their Facebook page at

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