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Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad to Showcase Russia’s Rich Ethnic Culture

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(PRWEB) June 11, 2013

To celebrate the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad's Year of the Museum, the traveling "Alluring Worlds. Ethnic Russia" festival will showcase Russia’s rich and diverse culture. The event will take place from the 11-15 June at five venues across Saint Petersburg and the village of Vinnitsy in the Leningrad region.

The "Alluring Worlds" festival will coincide with Russia Day, taking place on 12 June. The festival, which travels across Russia, will showcase the culture of the Chukchi, Eskimos, Khanty, Mansi, Eveni, Evenkis, Kumandins, Altay, Abazins, Nenets, Nanaits, Ulchis, Orochis, Udege and Itelmens.

The Honored Artist of Russia and the Republic of Altay, Bolot Bayryshev, and the Chukchee singer, Veronica Usholik, will entertain the crowd with their masterful throat singing. The student group "Ener" and the young Yakut artist, Margarita Tolstova, will perform traditional Chukchi, Eskimos and Eveni dances. The acclaimed singer of the Russian North, Vladimir Khomenko, will perform at the event alongside mountain rhythms performed by Abazins from the North Caucasus.

From 12-13 June, an exhibition of traditional northern homes, crafts and toys will be showcased at the open sites of the St Petersburg House of Nationalities and the "Frunzenskiy" House of the Young. In Vinnitsy, the exhibition will include national costumes, a photo exhibition and a presentation of the virtual Museum of the culture of Russian ethnic minorities. A key focus of the event will be the preservation of the national languages across Russia.

Note to the editor

The Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad

2013 – The Year of the Museum

The fourth year of the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad is dedicated to museums. As always, the organizers of the Winter Games will present the public with cultural events. They include: Exhibitions, shows, competitions, festivals, and special exhibitions, forums, workshops and educational programs that will be held throughout the country.

The Year of the Museum will include a large number of exhibitions of Russian and foreign art, in both public and private museums. At the exhibitions, visitors will be able to take a close look at some of the masterpieces of classical and contemporary art, in all genres. In addition, as part of the Cultural Olympiad, there will be theatrical screenings, concerts, and other creative activities.

The Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad is a unique project by the organizers of the Games, offering the best cultural events in the country. In 2014, visitors to the Olympic host city will be able to admire not only the sports competitions, but also Russia's cultural diversity, at dozens of special sites located in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana. Since 2010 the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, along with other regions, has been carefully selecting the best that Russian culture has to offer.

Between 2010 and 2014, thousands of diverse cultural events will take place throughout the country. Each year of the Cultural Olympiad is dedicated to a particular art form: 2010 was the Year of the Cinema, 2011 – the Year of the Theater, 2012 – the Year of Music, and 2013 is the Year of the Museum.

The nationwide scale of the project will make it possible to get every resident of the country involved in this grand celebration of culture, whilst preserving and increasing the cultural riches of our country. You can keep track of all the events in the Cultural Olympiad at the following site:

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