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Bed Bugs Infest Brookside Apartments, My Cleaning Products Suggests to Management the Use of Pesticide-exempt Bed Bug Spray

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Hot Springs, AR (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Bed bugs were found in Brookside Apartments. However, a report from related that the organization managing the complex denied that it was an infestation. Nevertheless, My Cleaning Products still suggested to the management the use of its pesticide-exempt bed bug spray called Bed Bug Bully for future bed bug problems.

The report, which was posted on June 04, 2013, shared that along with Evans Apartments, Brookside Apartments is being managed by the Hot Springs Housing, My Cleaning Products said. And as it relayed, the executive director of it named Greg Foust denied the claim that the complex was widely infested. He cleared that the pests were found in just one unit instead, he added.

As stated in the news, MCP detailed that the report about the unit being infested by the pests was made on Tuesday morning. And following that, it recounted that extermination was implemented on Wednesday.

Below is a part of the post about Bed Bugs in Brookside Apartments by My Cleaning Products.

“Bed bugs were discovered in one Hot Springs apartment complex. However, an official denied that the place was under a massive infestation.

Greg Foust, the executive director of Hot Springs Housing, the group that manages Brookside and Evans Apartments, said that the vampire-like insects were found in only one unit. The sighting of it was reported on Tuesday and extermination took place the day after. Follow-up treatments were scheduled for the unit in the next two weeks.”

According to My Cleaning Products, bed bugs are becoming a really huge problem in apartments troubling both operators and residents. Because they are small, fast and sneaky, it said that despite the preventive measures to block them, they could still come in.

Given that, MCP stressed that apartment residents and the rest of the public must know how to get rid of those vampire-like pests. And to help, it enumerated in its latest post the steps to successfully eliminate bed bugs. It cited each of them from seeing bed bug pictures for identification to the actual elimination.

Besides giving those steps, the company also identified in the post the best bed bug spray anyone could get for an easy and inexpensive bed bug treatment. It determined Bed Bug Bully as that best bed bug spray. And as it reasoned, that's because apart from making the process simple and not costly, it also makes it truly safe and effective.

My Cleaning Products shared that Bed Bug Bully is being by several pest control companies, hotels and hospitals for years now. Additionally, it stated that it does not contain the harmful chemical ingredients common in pesticides and that EPA has already classified it as pesticide-exempt under FIFRA 25(b).

For anyone who wants to test it, MCP detailed that a Bed Bug Bully Complimentary Sample is available at

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