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Joseph Taylor Southlake TX Speaks Out on Pet Care During the Summer

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Southlake TX (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

Joseph Taylor Southlake TX is a veterinarian who regularly advises pet owners on the most effective ways to care for their dogs and cats. Dr. Southlake is issuing comment on a new article that provides tips on keeping animals safe as the weather heats up and they head outside to play.

Once warm weather arrives, it is advisable for pet owners to get their animals a thorough checkup. A visit to a veterinary professional can reveal any weight problems, as well as heart or respiratory issues that may have come into play. Identifying and resolving these areas of concern is an important step in getting a dog or cat ready for outdoor activities in the summer months.

Even dogs that seem to thrive in warm weather need to have access to plenty of shade and fresh water when they are spending time outside. Pet owners should look for parks with trees and soft ground for dogs to relax under when they are in need of a break. Some spaces even offer hoses or manmade ponds to help pets cool off after a busy day of play. Owners should always refill their animals water bowls throughout the day, as a dog needs plenty of water in order to stay hydrated and healthy.

Joseph Taylor Southlake TX comments on this piece of advice, “Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to dehydration, which can cause a number of health problems. When pets are roaming around outside on hot days, it is important that their owner supplies plenty of fresh water. When dogs begin to pant vigorously and appear overheated, usher them inside for some cool air and a drink of water. This prevents illness from occurring.”

A dog needs exercise year-round, but a pet owner must carefully plan walks and playtime around the day’s temperatures. It is best to take a dog out for exercise during the early morning or later evening when it is cooler outside. Taking a pet out during the hottest part of the day can quickly result in dehydration or heat exhaustion.

Some breeds are more vulnerable to overheating than others. Animals that have short noses, such as pugs and bulldogs get hotter quickly, so pet owners should watch them carefully when they head outside to play. Shorter spans of time in the heat can help to keep the dog from falling ill.

Pet parents should never leave an animal inside a parked car during the warmer months, even with the windows open. Temperatures can rise to up to 110 degrees inside the vehicle, causing serious health risks for the dog. Leaving the pet at home allows the animal to remain cool and comfortable.

Joseph Taylor Southlake TX supports this stating, “While the temperature may not be too extreme outside, it will quickly rise within a car, thus creating an unsafe situation for the animal inside the vehicle.”


Joseph Taylor Southlake TX is a board certified veterinarian. He attended Cornell University where he received hands-on training in the care of animals of all sizes. Dr. Southlake regularly helps pet owners keep their animals safe from fleas, ticks, and heartworms. He also provides dental care and information on proper nutrition for dogs and cats.

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