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OnRamp Addresses Recent Cloud Security Concerns with Private Cloud Solutions Designed to Mitigate Security Risks

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AUSTIN, TX (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

OnRamp, a data center service provider with locations in Texas and North Carolina, is helping customers manage the security risks associated with storing data in the cloud by offering private cloud solutions on dedicated equipment, hosted in the secure environment of the company’s data center facilities.

“The advent of cloud computing technologies has, without a doubt, changed the scope of IT services within recent years,” stated OnRamp Founder Chad Kissinger. “However, with these advances, new security concerns have emerged.” Although there are many risks associated with the cloud in general, in a recent report released by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) titled The Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013 (, the focus of many of these concerns is directly related to the utilization of public cloud environments.

The CSA, a leading authority in the creation of industry-wide standards for effective cloud security, conducted a survey of industry experts which was used to develop the professional opinions on this topic. The resulting report was drafted to assist businesses in understanding the risks of storing data in the cloud. In order of severity, the “Notorious Nine” top cloud computing threats were listed as such: Data Breaches, Data Loss, Account Hijacking, Insecure APIs, Denial of Service, Malicious Insiders, Abuse and Nefarious Use, Insufficient Due Diligence, and Shared Technology Issues. “What is clear from this list, is that by choosing to store their critical data ‘in the cloud,’ businesses assume the inherent risks associated with allowing information to physically reside on servers and supporting infrastructure that is shared with others,” noted Kissinger. “OnRamp’s fully customizable private cloud solutions, reside on dedicated equipment, so customers can avoid these concerns altogether.”

For companies that cannot afford the risks associated with the aforementioned threats to public clouds, OnRamp delivers customized high security, private cloud solutions that address the security requirements set forth by the payment card industry (PCI) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). OnRamp’s HIPAA compliant hosting solutions are designed to maintain the confidentiality, availability and integrity of healthcare data at a level far greater than public cloud environments. The shared nature of a public cloud allows multiple parties’ IT infrastructure to reside on the same physical server, partitioned only by virtual firewalls. This leaves the data stored within this environment susceptible to Hyperjacking and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Safer and more secure than public clouds, OnRamp’s private cloud solutions provide the economic benefits of virtualization, the control over dedicated equipment and physical firewalls with which to run IT operations.

About OnRamp
OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, TX. As one of Texas’ first Internet Operations companies, OnRamp’s history is rooted in providing reliable and secure connectivity that enables distributed computing. Today, OnRamp is a Data Center operations company that delivers a full suite of colocation, cloud computing, high security hosting and disaster recovery services backed by Full7Layer Support, to help customers build, deploy and manage Data Center operations at each and every layer.

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