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Local Laws Can Help Reduce Lead Poisoning: New York Personal Injury Lawyer Kenneth A. Wilhelm Calls for Strong Local Enforcement

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New York, N.Y. (PRWEB) May 17, 2013

A recent study published in the May issue of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law reports that local laws may have a significant part to play when it comes to reducing the effect of lead poisoning in their communities. Based on the findings of the study, targeting high-risk housing by strengthening city codes and enforcing them can help reduce lead hazards in children's homes.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a majority of lead poisoning occurs when children ingest lead contained in dust, paint and soil in and around homes built before the ban on lead paint in 1978. The CDC reports that lead poisoning among children can result in irreversible brain damage, internal organ damage, learning disabilities and behavioral issues.

At least 4 million households have children living in them that are being exposed to lead. There are about half a million children in the United States ages 1 to 5 with blood lead levels above 5 micrograms per deciliter – the reference level at which CDC recommends public health actions be initiated.

Local laws can be highly effective tools to address and resolve lead poisoning, said New York personal injury lawyer Kenneth A. Wilhelm. "Lead poisoning is usually housing-related and cities have the authority to regulate private housing through code enforcement. If cities start requiring lead paint inspection as part of their permit process, property owners are likely to pay more attention to the issue."

Problems arising from excessive lead contamination and exposure often affect children in low-income neighborhoods and tend to be ignored, Wilhelm says. "Taking steps to prevent lead poisoning is the responsible thing to do. Lead exposure to humans and pets is entirely preventable."

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