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ZK Framework Testing Tool ZATS 1.1 Released, Test Java Web Applications Using JUnit or TestNG Without Application Server or Browser

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London (PRWEB) May 10, 2013

ZATS Mimic 1.1 is now released to support more operations such as upload, download, custom operation and many advanced features including cookie handling, passing arguments to included ZUL, and more. ZATS Mimic offers the ability to create test cases for applications to verify functionality and features without the need of any application servers such as Tomcat or Jetty, enabling tests to be run faster and using less resources than any other testing tools.

In agile software development, developers modify their codes frequently for requirement change or refactoring. Unit tests are therefore also performed frequently to ensure quality of the software. In some cases, developers may deploy their Java web applications to a server and test it within a browser. However, writing an automation test to control a browser is an issue, and testing for different browsers is also not an easy job. Not to mention, running a test in an application server is time-consuming and can be an agile developer's darkest moment.

ZATS Mimic 1.1 aims to solve this problem saving developers from jumping off a cliff during the long awaited time. ZATS is capable of testing ZK applications without the need of any application servers such as Tomcat or Jetty enabling tests to be run faster and using less resources than any other testing tools. Additionally, no browser needed meaning tests are browser independent and tests pure application functionality.

ZATS Mimic can also be used with most popular unit testing frameworks such as JUnit and TestNG to provide an easy out-of-the-box way to test your ZK Java Web applications.

ZK is always pushing the boundaries to shorten the development lifecycle of a project. This productivity increase is now available even when testing thanks to ZATS which enables you to test large sections of your application quickly and easily by virtue of its automation; the speed at which tests can be written due to the intuitive API along with the fact that application servers are no longer needed puts restarts as a thing of the past.

For more details, please visit the release note, new features or download it right away!

About Potix

Potix Corporation develops and supports highly productive open source solutions in the area of Java and growing Dart. Our flagship product ZK, is the leading Java web framework for enterprise level web & mobile applications. Leveraging the powers of Dart & HTML 5, Rikulo is a framework for creating cross-platform web & native mobile applications.

Innovation is the most driving force behind the growing Potix. Potix delivered the first Server+client Fusion architecture, first embeddable Java web spreadsheet, first true pivot table and first Ajax framework to bring applications from mouse to touch in one codebase and component set.

ZK has more than 1,500,000 downloads since its first release in late 2005. ZK is deployed by a large number of Fortune Global 500 companies, including Barclays, Allianz, Swiss RE, eBay, Roche, Deutsche Bank, Sony, Sun Microsystems, Audi and Toyota, providing them with the ability to rapidly create rich Ajax enterprise level applications.

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