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A New Study That Connects Sleep Disturbances With Male Infertility Opens Up The Hot Debate Surrounding The Dangers of Chemicals in One's Mattress

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San Francisco, Ca (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

Following The April 29th Article About the Association Between Sleep Disturbances And The Decrease In Male Fertility Published In The Huffington Post, offers an opinion on how sleeping on a non toxic mattress with out chemicals is the best choice for one’s health. According to the article, researchers from the American Journal Of Epidemiology used data from 953 young men, who were mostly in their late teens to early 20’s. What the study found was an association between sleep disturbances and low sperm count.

According to The Huffington Post, the researchers do not claim to have found a cause and effect relationship, but according to Dr. Remy Slama, who is a fertility expert at France’s Joseph Fourier, “this study adds another suspect to the list of factors possibly influencing male fecundity potential, which includes being overweight, exposure to tobacco, and exposure to pollutants.”

A similar study was found in the Times magazine article in November 2012 about pollutants linked to lower fertility in both men and women. The article revealed a strong association between exposure to chemicals and infertility with men. For men, there was a higher blood concentration of eight chemicals, including pesticide and seven PCBS, which were associated with 17% to 29% reduction in the odds that his partner would get pregnant. These statistics alone show how powerful pesticides are.

The Futon Shop also believes there are a number of harmful side effects when sleeping on chemicals and considers sleeping on an organic futon mattress as the best way to prevent sleep issues, increased chance of infertility and other diseases. One of the biggest issues is the one that Dr. Remy Slama speaks to regarding pollutants in the Huffington Post. The study by the American Journal of Epidemiology is so important and needs to be further explored. Last week was Resolve’s National Infertility week, so there are lots of good info and new studies being done every year regarding infertility. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) states that there are many factors that increase a man’s infertility. CDC lists many factors that increase infertility in a man such as: heavy alcohol use, drugs, smoking cigarettes, and environmental toxins, including pesticides and lead.

As for looking at infertility as an issue related to age and genetics, there is not much to control or change with these two factors. But when it comes to controlling environmental toxins such as: drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and harmful chemicals, a person has a lot more control over steering clear from these harmful pollutants. Buying local, buying organic, and asking for no fire retardants are the most important questions while researching for a chemical free mattress.

The Futon Shop realizes that toxins are everywhere. Toxins are hard to escape from, especially since they are hiding in our cars, seeping from our furniture, finding a way in the air when we breathe, and landing on our kitchen table when we eat. But Americans have a choice to do what they can when preventing toxins from entering their body. Companies like The Futon Shop who dedicate their time and money to producing American made products, practices sustainable and toxic free manufacturing, gives consumers the power back in their hands with the knowledge and choice to buy organic and live a healthier lifestyle. Let The Futon Shop help create a safe and healthy sleeping environment.

About The Futon Shop:
The Futon Shop is a vertically integrated retailer that manufacturers over 33 organic and green mattresses from start to finish. The company dates back to 1976 led by Suzanne Diamond and her team of specialists dedicated to producing eco friendly furniture and bedding. Their mission is to produce the best eco-friendly/non toxic Organic and Natural futons, organic futon mattresses, futon covers for sofa beds, futon frames, and platform bed frames that promote better healthy living and a good night’s sleep for all.
Organically yours, The Futon Shop

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