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Yamie Chess wins the Canada International Film Festival

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Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

Yamie Chess Ltd, a new K-8 educational company for supplemental math, logic and science learning, that is launching at the American International Toy Fair in 2014 and NSSEA Ed Expo 2014 in Dallas, Texas, has won the prestigious Canada International Film Festival’s The Royal Reel Award in Animation in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the company's debut animated short film, King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields.

Synchronized to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields was created using the original cel animation technique developed by the American animation pioneers, Earl Hurd and John Randolph Bray.

Each hand-drawn pencil stroke of the storyboard is carefully synchronized to the 200-year-old sheet music of Mozart’s symphony from 1773; implemented directly onto a celluloid film and then layered, frame after frame, to be subsequently filmed in sequence. Yamie Chess Ltd's film marks an ambitious attempt to return to the golden age of American animation, where meticulous storyboarding required the technical skill of the hand-drawn animator.

Sponsored by the Molson Coors Brewing Company and Allegiant Air, the Canada International Film Festival’s formal written judges’ statement read: “Our judges felt that the film, King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields, was among the very best of over 1000 films submitted from over 30 countries around the world and deserving of special recognition. Only a maximum of 10 films per competition category are selected to be honored with this prestigious award."

King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields is the animated sequel to the K-8 math comic in the forthcoming education learning aid series, Yamie Chess™: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels™, a Made-In-America K-8 educational learning aid designed to support the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points in algebra, geometry, data analysis, measurement and number logic.

As a supplemental after-school and home learning product, Yamie Chess™ uses visuo-spatial reasoning to enable young children to credibly access the underlying math basis of classic chess, with an interactive ‘hands on’ approach, where all the characters correspond and have direct representations to the classic chess pieces on the chessboard. The educational learning aid includes a specially-designed U.S. tournament-size classic chess set for little hands, and K-8 math-activity comic book for coloring, with colored pencils included.

With a mathematical basis, the subject matter allows elementary and middle school age children to explore classic chess, by vicariously inhabiting an engaging cartoon chess universe for cognitive development.

Yamie Chess™ imaginatively explores René Descartes's Mind/Body Dualism and depicts the sci-fi fantasy story of an eight-year-old American boy genius from New York, Kimi, who plays chess in his dreams.

The educational product interactively teaches children math, logic and science learning skills, through the magical story, as they follow Kimi on a secret adventure to 'The Mind Kingdom™', the space that can only be reached by going to sleep under anesthetic in a hospital operation, where King Tigermore and the Mind Angels (who represent the white chessmen on the board) are battling Vigdor and the Chromemunchers (who represent the black chess pieces on the chessboard).

The Yamie Chess™ School Assistant will be manufactured in America in partnership with EPI Printers, Inc. in Battle Creek, Michigan, a fifty year-old ISO 9001:2008 certified printer, and is planned to be a trilogy series of educational learning aids for K-8 math education.

Yamie Chess Ltd’s educational mission is to help all children across America achieve better learning outcomes in STEM education, and the Yamie Chess™ School Assistant series benefits from 100% U.S. craftsmanship, 100% U.S. labor, and 98% of its parts being sourced from within the United States.

In 2013, Yamie Chess Ltd also won formal recognition for its animation debut with official film festival selections at the 22nd Arizona International Film Festival in Tucson, AZ which is sponsored by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Comcast and Stella Artois; the SOHO International Film Festival in New York City which is sponsored by The Mayor of New York's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, ‘Made In NY’ (the first film commission in the United States of America) and Domaines Barons de Rothschild; the 10th Other Venice Film Festival in Venice, California; Oregon’s da Vinci Film Festival; the Logan Film Festival in Utah sponsored by the Utah Film Commission and Zions Bank, and the John Hopkins Film Festival at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, to name a few.

About Yamie Chess Ltd

Yamie Chess™ is a K-8 educational learning aid for supplemental math, logic and science education, at home and after-school. Yamie Chess Ltd is incorporated and based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is launching its first K-8 math education product at next year's American International Toy Fair on 16 February, 2014 and the NSSEA Ed Expo in Dallas, Texas in March 2014.

Yamie Chess Ltd is a manufacturer member of the Toy Industry Association (TIA), the National School Supply & Equipment Association (NSSEA), the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) and American Made Matters®.

The company has invested in establishing a professional animation studios in house, the division is named Yamie Chess Animation Studios (YCAS), to bring to life the magical adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels for children's K-8 math education.

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