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The Best Date for Prince William and Kate Middleton's Baby To Arrive According to It's In The Stars

An astrologer looks at the best date for the newest royal baby to be born this year.

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MELBOURNE, Australia, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her first child with Prince William in late June or July 2013.

While it is of course impossible to predict the date she will give birth, from an astrological point of view, Australian astrologer Elizabeth Ball of It's In The Stars, has provided an ideal time and date for the royal baby to arrive.

"It would be lovely if Catherine could deliver her royal baby (possibly by inducement) on 4 July 2013 at 7am," Elizabeth Ball said.

Ms Ball said parents want the very best for their baby, but astrologically, it's even better if the baby is compatible with his or her parents' charts.

"A royal baby born around 7am on 4 July 2013 would create a happy tight-knit family," Elizabeth Ball said.

The Sun
The royal baby's Sun in Cancer would conjunct William's and Catherine's Moon in Cancer.

"There is no better recipe for closeness, understanding and compatibility. This guarantees a happy family unit!"

The Moon
The baby's Moon in Taurus would conjunct William's Venus in Taurus.

"I can see him fall in love with his baby, while Catherine would be equally smitten, with her Sun in Capricorn trining the baby's Moon. I love this connection!" Elizabeth Ball said.

The baby's Mercury in Cancer would oppose Catherine's Sun, square her and William's Saturn and Pluto in Libra, but conjunct his or her parents' North Node in Scorpio.

"Some fights over responsibilities and power are likely - even inevitable with the weighty future this royal baby has - but the trio will always be able to communicate as they have each other's best interests at heart."

If the baby was born at 7am on 4 July 2013, he or she would be a beautiful, popular child with Venus rising.

His or her Venus in Leo would oppose Catherine's Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, sextile her Mars and Uranus in Sagittarius, trine William's Mercury in Gemini and sextile his Mars and Saturn in Libra.

"This is one adored baby who really lights up his or her parents' world! When he or she is older, he or she will enjoy spending time with them, seeing them as friends."

The baby's Mars in Gemini trine Catherine and William's Saturns and Plutos in Libra, opposes their Neptunes in Sagittarius and opposes William's Ascendant in Sagittarius.

"If they can teach their child not to lie and to be very wary of alcohol and drugs, nor to get mixed up with the jetset crowd, they will all achieve so much together William may have to do some negotiation training, however!"

The baby's Jupiter in Cancer conjunct's William's Sun and Moon in Cancer and trines his and Catherine's Jupiter in Scorpio.

"He or she really would be a little bundle of joy, bringing generosity, fun and optimism to the royal household. Their baby will expand their world in so many ways!" Elizabeth Ball said.

The baby's Saturn in Scorpio squares Catherine's Mercury and Venus, conjuncts her and William's Jupiter in Scorpio and trines his Sun and Moon in Cancer.  

"Catherine may feel that her interest in art, beauty and fashion is disapproved of by her child, yet there is a lovely bonding connection which will stick the three of them like glue together through tough times."

The baby's Uranus in Aries sextiles Catherine's Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, opposes her and William's Mars and Saturn in Libra, trines William and Catherine's Uranus in Sagittarius, squares William's Sun and Moon and sextiles his Mercury in Gemini.

"This little firecracker adds originality and sparkle to the royal household, unafraid to experiment and defy convention. The royal baby is likely to rebel quite publicly against his or her parents, and shock them on many occasions.  Still, it'll never be a dull moment," Elizabeth Ball said.

The baby's Neptune in Pisces trines William's Sun, Moon and Jupiter, squares his Mercury, and squares his and Catherine's Uranus.

"Like all parents they will have to stamp out lying early on, but there is a gorgeous sweetness and softness here, bringing out William's tenderness towards his child."

The baby's Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Catherine's Sun, opposes William's Moon and squares both their Mars and Saturn in Libra.

"There is a strong karmic link here with a bit of a battle of who shall reign supreme. This baby will transform their lives and possibly revolutionise the monarchy," Elizabeth Ball said.

Elizabeth Ball has been helping parents understand their children and couples understand their relationship through her BabyStars and LoveStars astrology reports at since 2005.

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SOURCE It's In The Stars

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