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Wymoo® In Talks to Increase Online Privacy Protection

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Wymoo International, a professional private investigation and international background check company based in Florida, reported today that the firm is in discussions with a privacy protection company regarding a possible merger or relationship that would help individuals protect their privacy online. 

Wymoo has been a strong advocate for online privacy, as a majority of scam and fraud victims worldwide are targeted first via the internet due to insufficient privacy.  Investigators have warned that criminals use the internet to target victims in both internet and real world crimes, and most consumers are unaware of the risk of sharing information.  Online dating and social networking site users are at the highest risk, but international investigation companies warn that many websites continue to violate the privacy rights of citizens worldwide. 

Public records are now being published, sold and distributed by governments.  This data is in turn sold and distributed further on people search and other websites.  Most consumers are unaware that their personal data is being collected and shared for profit, without their consent.  Criminals often use the internet to find potential victims of online crime such as romance scams, identify theft and investment scams.  However, law enforcement and private investigators also see a significant number of more serious crimes, such as assault, burglary, rape and even homicide, where criminals use the internet to first gather information on a victim.  Street views of your house are handy, but dangerous in the wrong hands.  Investigators emphasize the less data about you on the internet, the safer you are.

Wymoo international investigators are hoping to help consumers fight for their right to privacy.  Management explains that because privacy and crime are correlated, by increasing privacy, there is typically a drop in crime victims.  "By stepping up our fight for increased online privacy, we can help reduce the number of crime victims," said John Wallace, Director of Background Checks.  "Our goal is to help educate the public on the importance of privacy, and work to prevent companies and websites from violating your right."   

About Wymoo International
Wymoo International, LLC is a leader in private investigations and international background checks.  The firm provides investigations in over 100 countries, and specializes in verifying organizations and individuals.  Confidential services include private investigators, background checks, due diligence, employment screening, dating investigations, surveillance and asset searches.  Wymoo is verified by McAfee, the Better Business Bureau and Truste.

SOURCE Wymoo International, LLC

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