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MerchantCashCloud.Com Offers an Innovative Way to Apply and Obtain Quotes for Merchant Cash Advances and Other Business Loan Products - Funding via the Cloud

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North Miami Beach, Florida (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

Merchant Cash Cloud has launched a brand new online system that allows business owners to apply for multiple types of funding with multiple different companies. This is a revolutionary way for business owners to obtain quotes from lenders and has never before been seen in this industry. Merchant Cash Clouds CEO has stated that this “New turn-key system is going to take the merchant advance area by storm, gone are the days where merchants could not shop around and compare rates due to the negative effect on their credit. Merchants can now shop around and compare rates from lenders all over the country via the Cloud's simple system.” Launched and fully Operational in February 2013, MerchantCashCloud.Com is boasting a wealth of features that this industry has been in need of for a very long time.

Merchant Cash Cloud is bringing a much needed service into the Merchant Cash Advance spot. In the past when merchants have applied to several lenders at once they have seen the credit inquiries drop their credit to the point where they could not even obtain a traditional merchant cash advance and were forced to go with a higher rate shorter term program like a Starter Merchant Cash Advance (typically only for poor Credit merchants, merchants in bankruptcy, Etc.). Lenders and brokers often would take advantage of this, knowing with each merchant cash advance application a merchants credit scores are lowered. The lenders would then use this to pressure business owners into taking deals even though better pricing was likely available. This led to widespread predatory lending, unscrupulous salesman and unhappy business owners. Merchant Cash Cloud is a brand new service that is trying to get rid of these problems in the industry and is aggressively trying to erase the idea that Merchant Cash Advances are a “last resort” costly form of financing. Instead promoting Merchant Cash Advances as a viable mainstream value based funding option.

Merchant Cash Cloud has made innovative efforts to really showcase how the merchant cash advance form of financing can be much more efficient when utilized in a more effective way. Using Merchant Cash Cloud business owners can now compare rates from the major Merchant Cash Advance lenders, small boutique lenders, unsecured business loan providers, independent sales organizations (ISO’s), Independent brokers and everyone in between. Merchant Cash Cloud really does bring every source of funding to one place for merchants to compare all their options without affecting their credit score and making it difficult to obtain future financing. Merchant Cash Cloud has a network of lenders who supply quotes to merchants via Merchant Cash Cloud’s simplified universal application.

Merchant Cash Cloud’s CEO Michael Massa said “We wanted to remove the negative stigma attached to the costliness of merchant cash advances. With everything being moved to the cloud, why not create an opportunity for funding to take place in the cloud? People want everything readily accessible to them, to have in front of them, to look at, in order to make the best decision. This is the concept behind the Merchant Cash Cloud. We want business owners to know they can come here, shop around and choose which merchant cash advance program is best for them. We partner with every major business lender so merchants can be assured they are getting the best deal. Long term repeat borrowing is what our industry survives on, this is not accomplished by unhappy merchants. This is achieved when a merchant cash advance customer can shop around, compare quotes and at the end of the day go to sleep knowing they made the best most informed decision for themselves and their business. The Merchant Cash Cloud makes this possible. The Cloud is good for everyone, merchants and lenders alike. Welcome to Merchant Cash Cloud, we are the Future.”

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