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Gurobi Optimizer V5.1 Offers Significantly Faster MIP Performance and Added Capabilities

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

Gurobi Optimization has released Version 5.1 of its leading mathematical programming solver with significantly faster speed both to first solution and to proven optimality on mixed-integer programming models. In addition, V5.1 adds several new capabilities users have been asking for.

“Version 5.1 of our Gurobi Optimizer continues our focus on delivering both performance improvements and added capabilities with each new version“, said Robert Bixby, Gurobi CEO. “We intend to continue this focus. Our users can be confident they are getting not only the best math programming solver available today but also will continue to receive leading-edge performance and features down the road.”

Significantly Improved MIP Performance

Gurobi Optimizer Version 5.1 delivers significant improvements in the areas users care most about: a) 5.4X mean improvement in time to first solution, b) 15% mean improvement in time to proven optimality overall, and c) 40% improvement in time to optimality on the hardest models (those which take over 1000 seconds to solve).

Internal and public benchmarks provide more detail on both the performance improvements and Gurobi’s performance lead over competing solvers.

Added Capabilities

In addition to the significant performance improvements on mixed-integer programming models, V5.1 also includes the following new features relating to numerical robustness, control over random number seeds, specifying MIP start files, and updated platform support:

Numerical robustness improvements in MIP presolve — enhancements in MIP presolve allow users to solve several numerically challenging models that previously couldn't be solved.

User control of the random number seed — users can now change the seed used for our internal random number generator. This introduces a perturbation to the solution process, which often produces a different computational path and can be useful for deciding whether a particular model or parameter change provides a robust performance improvement.

MIP start files from the command line interface — the new InputFile parameter allows users to specify start files from the command line, making it much easier to experiment with MIP starts.

Visual Studio 2012 support — including compatible object libraries as well as new Visual Studio projects for our full set of examples.

New platform support — Windows 8, RHEL 6.3, SuSE 12, and Python 2.7 for Mac OS X.

About Gurobi Optimization, Inc.

Gurobi Optimization, Inc. is in the business of helping companies solve their hardest problems by providing the best optimization solver possible, outstanding support, and no surprises pricing. The Gurobi Optimizer is a state-of-the-art solver for linear programming (LP), quadratic programming (QP), quadratically constrained programming (QCP), mixed-integer linear programming (MILP), mixed-integer quadratic programming (MIQP), and mixed-integer quadratically constrained programming (MIQCP). It was designed from the ground up to exploit modern architectures and multi-core processors, using the most advanced implementations of the latest algorithms. Founded in 2008, Gurobi Optimization is based in Houston, TX, USA (+1 713 871 9341).

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