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The UN special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, claims that while rival groups clash and so far refuse to agree to a political settlement the country is on the verge of an economic collapse.

Op-Ed: Christian conservatives fear their values are under attack

With liberalism and secularism on the rise in America, Christian conservatives find themselves in constant defense of their religious freedom and political philosophy.

Shiite militia rename mission to retake Iraqi city of Ramadi

Every military operation appears to require the proper name or branding. The Pentagon has become expert at providing euphemistic names for operations such as Enduring Freedom.

Nebraska becomes 19th U.S. state to ban death penalty

Lawmakers in Nebraska overrode a governor's veto of their vote to repeal the death penalty, becoming the 19th US state—and the first conservative state in more than 40 years—to abolish capital punishment.

Op-Ed: Palestine-Israel conflict may not be resolved by two states

Award-winning UK journalist, author, and commentator, Mehdi Hasan, argues in an Al Jazeera article that the peace process attempting to reach a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is dead.

Wikipedia bios of UK MP's were enhanced from inside Parliament

Investigation finds that Wikipedia entries which detailed controversies involving UK politicians were 'airbrushed' by computers with IP addresses registered to Parliament.

Op-Ed: Syriza divided on accepting creditor demands for Greek debt deal

While Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insists he wants a deal with Greece's creditors, many in the ruling Syriza party want the government to refuse to accept further demands and instead develop alternative plans in case there is no deal.

Spanish voters push parties to form coalitions: Analysts

By voting in local elections for upstart parties that vow to fight corruption and an economic downturn, Spanish voters will force their politicians to learn to form coalitions, analysts say.

Suriname elects strongman's party: partial results

Suriname has given President Desi Bouterse's party an absolute majority in parliament, according to partial election results Tuesday, consolidating the ex-dictator and convicted drug trafficker's grip on power.

Op-Ed: Tobruk Libyan government bombs oil tanker in port of Sirte

The narratives coming out of Libya vary considerably with the source. Prominent western media often offer limited coverage and no significant analysis.

Premier Rachel Notley and cabinet sworn in while thousands watch Special

Thousands of people packed the grounds of the Alberta Legislature to see Premier Rachel Notley and her cabinet be sworn in as the new government of Alberta.

Op-Ed: UN conference fails to agree on Middle East nuclear weapons ban

A UN conference that had been reviewing the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty broke up without issuing a final statement when participants could not agree on a Middle East nuclear weapons ban.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz is part of a dying breed of social conservatives

Many Americans are taking on more liberal views but Ted Cruz is sticking with his social conservatism. But will his grassroots bible belt base be enough to get him elected in 2016?

Florida governor signs emergency concealed carry bill into law

The governor of Florida has signed a new bill that allows gun owners in the state to carry concealed firearms without a permit during a state of emergency.

Without a new deal for funds Greece will miss next IMF payment

The Greek government is warning its creditors that it is on the verge of default and claims it will not be able to make the next International Monetary Fund (IMF) payment due on June 5.

Op-Ed: Iranian aid ship avoids confrontation and docks at Djibouti

An Iranian aid ship, Nejat or Rescue, that had originally planned to land at the Houthi rebel-held port Hodeida in Yemen, has now sailed to Djibouti where the UN has a transportation hub for distribution of aid to Yemen

Many jobless Americans have given up on looking for employment

The unemployment rate officially dropped to 5.4 percent in April, but a closer examination shows that 40 percent of America's 8.5 million unemployed people have given up on the job search. This data suggests that the labor market is worse than it seems.

UN to hold Yemen peace talks on May 28

The UN has set May 28 to begin Yemen peace talks in Geneva but only one party to the conflict may attend. The Hadi government based in Saudi Arabia demands that the rebel Houthis give up some of the territory they have taken as a condition of taking part.

Sun, sea, corruption: Valencia, hub of Spain voter rage

With huge public works projects blighted by cost overruns and corruption scandals, the beachside Valencia region embodies Spain's ills -- and voters' hunger for change in looming elections.

Op-Ed: Iranian cargo ship to dock directly at Houthi-held port in Yemen

When stories involving conflicts are involved it is difficult to sort out fact from fiction and propaganda. Often there are serious discrepancies between narratives depending upon their source.

Op-Ed: Could military lifestyle cure Congress of its money problems?

Members of the U.S. Congress have been calling for a pay raise due to rising costs of living in D.C. Their pleas have fallen on the ears of struggling Americans, but could there be a solution to the problem without giving Congress a raise?

Fox News viewers tend to be less informed, says new study

A new study by Bruce Bartlett, a conservative economist, top official in the H.W. Bush administration and domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan, concluded that Fox News viewers tend to be less informed and engage in "self-brainwashing."

Op-Ed: The ridiculous attack on Deborah Drever

There’s legitimate political controversy, and there are non-issues that cause political careers to be unnecessarily put in peril. The latter is on full display as newly elected MLA Deborah Drever continues to be jumped on before she's been sworn in.

White House to the rescue: Will aid honey bees with new policy

The White House is wading into yet another battle, but this time it's not the Islamic State, a combative Congress, or any of the other usual suspects that find themselves in the cross hairs of POTUS. Instead, Obama is taking up the cause of honey bees.

Saudi Arabia considers buying nuclear weapons from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia is said to be engaged in a strategic review of its security that includes as one possibility acquiring nuclear weapons from Pakistan.

Op-Ed: Glenn Greenwald on Western restrictions on free speech

In a recent article in the Intercept, journalist Glenn Greenwald, argues that the greatest threat to free speech in the West at present comes not from Islamic fundamentalists but from western politicians who claim to fight them and to protect free speech.

Op-Ed: U.S. House of Representatves passes $612 billion defense bill

In spite of President Barack Obama's threat of a veto, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a $612 billion military spending bill.

Op-Ed: Ideology isn’t working in U.S.

Frequently politics divides along a line that believes that all government is bad and that anything government does is good. Step across the line at your own risk.

UK elections: Socialist candidate gets no votes, demands recount

It wasn't a very good day to be Paul Dennis, who was a candidate for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in Rainham North, in Kent. He was deeply embarrassed because results showed that he got no votes during the U.K.'s local elections.

Op-Ed: Greek prime minister says deal with creditors close

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, insists he is close to a deal with the country's creditors that would result in the remainder of the bailout loan funds to be dispersed helping to ease the country's cash shortage.

New Pop-Tart gun bill headed to Nevada Senate

Lawmakers in Nevada will soon vote on a bill that would allow students to shape their fingers like guns and bring toy guns to school, which are currently actions that go against the strict zero tolerance firearms policies put in place by several schools.

U.S. to forge closer military relations with Gulf Arab states

The U.S. has deepened its military ties with Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council promising joint cooperation against external threats.

Intern sexting scandal takes down powerful Missouri politician

Missouri House Speaker John Diehl (R) announced his resignation from his leadership position on Thursday after being caught up in a sexting scandal.

Op-Ed: Jeb Bush schooled by college student: 'Your brother created ISIS'

Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush found himself in troubled waters when a college student confronted him and said his brother, former President George W. Bush was responsible for the rise of the Islamic State.

Op-Ed: Saudis and Turks to support extremist rebels in Syria

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now openly backing Islamic extremists including the Al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra, part of the new coalition called the "Conquest Army."

Egypt hosts meeting to plan intervention in Libya

An unpublicized meeting of Arab military chiefs of staff will take place in Cairo on May 18 and is designed to coordinate plans for an intervention in Libya. France and Italy may also play a part in any intervention.

Radio host responds to claim that he didn't show up for interview

Popular radio host Alex Jones is claiming that ABC News lied in order to discredit him after the network made claims that he failed to show up for a live interview.

Op-Ed: Some Liberals angry at Trudeau's support of anti-terror bill

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal Party have voiced their support for the Conservative Harper government's anti-terror bill c-51. Some Liberals are angry at this move.

Op-Ed: On Elizabeth May, her apology, Omar Khadr and being really hip

I have to be frank: I didn't believe Green Party leader Elizabeth May when she blamed her loopy performance at the Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner on a failed attempt at humor. Or on lack of sleep, or coming down with the flu. Don't buy any of it.

Chris Christie spent $82K in taxpayer funds on NFL game snacks

Embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent more than $82,000 in taxpayer money on booze, snacks and other concessions at National Football League games.

Government paid 14 NFL teams $5.4 million to 'salute troops'

Those of us who have served in the military, or are still serving our country are always left with a "feel good" burst of pride when out troops are honored during National Football League games. We all got our bubble busted today.
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