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For a candidate whose personal net worth is only estimated to be $330,000, Bernie Sanders has managed to do something that's nearly unthinkable: He's built a campaign based on small contributions and draws huge crowds of thousands wherever he speaks.

Op-Ed: Canadian prime minister takes advantage of constitutional flaws

Opponents of Stephen Harper can thank the Canadian prime minister for one thing. By consolidating power like no other Canadian PM within living memory, Harper has unintentionally highlighted a serious flaw in the country’s political structure.

Op-Ed: Syrian Kurds want weapons from Russia as they applaud air strikes

Russia in its latest strikes in Syria has targeted several Islamic State positions after earlier being accused of hitting other targets including rebels supported by the United States.

The three leaders vying for power in Portugal

As Portugal goes to the polls Sunday, we profile the leading players in an election dominated by the punishing austerity measures the country had to sign up to to stay in the eurozone: - Premier Pedro Passos Coelho - Portugal's dogged prime minister P...

Greek lawmakers elect new speaker ahead of key debate

Greece's former interior minister Nikos Voutsis was elected parliament speaker on Sunday as lawmakers geared up for a crucial debate on the Syriza government's reform programme.

UK Conservatives flex their muscles but rifts remain

Britain's Conservative Party, which holds its annual conference from Sunday, seems stronger than ever after an unexpected electoral triumph but old divisions on Europe are re-surfacing and a battle to succeed David Cameron is looming.

Op-Ed: UN special envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon to be replaced

The Libya Herald reports that Bernardino Leon the UN Special Envoy to Libya will be replaced by Martin Kobler, a German diplomat, in the coming weeks.

Op-Ed: 2016 and the hysterical, mindless ugliness of American politics

Even thinking about American politics is ugly. Its insanity is its defining feature. The country is no longer functioning on basic levels. The rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump reflects more polarization in both parties.

Conservatives lead but Liberals close behind in election polls

With less than three weeks to go in the campaign, the Conservatives retain a very small lead over the second-place Liberals in the 2015 Canadian federal election race according to CBC poll-tracker averages.

Migrant crisis boosts Austria far-right ahead of Vienna vote

Austria's far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) has drawn nearly even with the ruling Social Democrats (SPOe) in Vienna ahead of October 11 elections in the capital city state, according to a poll published Saturday.

Nordic states fret over migrant threat to Schengen

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Saturday said she feared for Europe's borderless Schengen zone and urged countries to shore up their external frontiers in the face of the migrant crisis.

Vatican fury as top priest comes out on eve of bishops meet

The Vatican reacted furiously on Saturday after a Polish priest employed as a senior official publicly declared his homosexuality on the eve of a bishops' synod set to touch on the divisive issue of the Catholic Church's relationship to gay believers.

S.Sudan increases states, threatening power-sharing deal

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has ordered the number of regional states be nearly tripled, his spokesman said Saturday, undermining a fundamental pillar of a power-sharing deal to end civil war.

Op-Ed: Reality versus the multinational farce on Libya at the UN

There has been a high-level meeting on Libya at the UN in New York with representatives of over three dozen countries including the United States, Russia, China, the UK, Germany, France, and even Canada. The EU, AU, and Arab League had representatives.

Brazil president reshuffles cabinet to avert disaster

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ordered a government reshuffle Friday, axing eight ministries in what was announced as a cost-cutting measure but seemed aimed at ending political paralysis and threats of impeachment.

Out of Africa: Tinseltown diplomat with roots in Senegal

Scanning the surf burbling off the rock-ribbed Senegalese coast, Charles Rivkin grasps at gossamer childhood half-memories roused by the sounds and smells of a home left behind a lifetime ago.

Op-Ed: NDP almost guaranteed to make gains in Saskatchewan this election

When the recent federal election was called, Saskatchewan had 13 Conservative MPs and one Liberal. The NDP did not have a single seat. This time around the NDP looks to be winning several urban seats and one northern riding as well.

Judge rules lawsuit challenging NC voter ID law will go forward

A lawsuit challenging the voter ID provision of North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) will go forward after the state's 2016 presidential primary, a Superior Court Judge has ruled.

Op-Ed: Few drops of orange and red in huge lake of blue in Alberta race

There may have been an orange crush by the New Democratic Party in the last Alberta provincial election, but this will not translate into a gain of many if any seats in the federal election.

Syria can't be left to choose between Assad and IS: Erdogan

Syria cannot be forced to choose between President Bashar al-Assad and "terrorist groups" like the Islamic State (IS) organisation, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday.

Catalan separatists claim victory but face rocky road ahead

Catalan separatists said independence was within their reach before Sunday's regional election -- but following their narrow victory, a rocky road lies ahead for those wanting to break away from Spain.

Trump would send home Syrian refugees

Republican US presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has said that he would send thousands of Syrian refugees back to their home country if he is elected in 2016.

Op-Ed: Negotiators for rival Libyan governments may meet in New York

The Libya Herald reports that negotiators for the two rival Libyan governments will meet in New York this Thursday and Friday, although the exact nature of the meeting was not clear.

Donald Trump's Fox News boycott lasts less than one week

As far as boycotts go it wasn't what you would call a lengthy one. Donald Trump, who tweeted less than a week ago that he was done with Fox News and would boycott them, was back on the station Tuesday evening.

Catalan leader slams Spanish lawsuit over breakaway vote

Catalonia's president Artur Mas on Wednesday accused the Spanish government of suing him because its "pride was hurt" by his bids to let his region vote on independence from Spain.

Op-Ed: B.C. native family agency, ministry, should stop pointing fingers

When 18-year-old Alex Gervais, fell, or jumped, from a 4th floor window of a hotel on Sept. 18 he was staying there on his own, despite being under the care of a government-funded foster agency. His death has sparked debate and a lot of blaming.

Op-Ed: Liberals to gain seats in Winnipeg Manitoba

The Liberals and the Conservatives are almost tied in the polls for the upcoming federal election in Manitoba with NDP support shrinking.

Canadian NDP drifts down into third place in recent polls

After the three major parties had been in a dead heat for almost three weeks, the Conservatives have edged into a slight lead. The NDP that not too long ago was in the lead has fallen to third place in the two most recent polls.

Iran MP hits out at Obama-Zarif handshake at UN

An ultraconservative Iranian lawmaker hit out Tuesday at reports Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif shook hands with US President Barack Obama at the UN General Assembly, branding it as unrevolutionary.

Jousting, but no insurrection at UK Labour conference

Jeremy Corbyn's debut conference as British Labour leader began with dark warnings that the party was on the brink of civil war, but potential mutineers have so far kept their swords sheathed.

U.S. executions unabated despite pope's abolition plea

Reinvigorated by a vibrant appeal from Pope Francis to abolish the death penalty, activists in the United States face the harsh reality of three executions scheduled in three days this week.

Op-Ed: UN-sponsored Libya dialogue could extend beyond October 20

Special UN Envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon, who is managing the talks between the two rival Libyan governments, expected the two governments' negotiators to return to Skhirat in Morocco, where the talks are being held, early this week.

Op-Ed: Discussion of TPP in Canadian federal election campaign limited

The three major parties, Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP basically support the huge Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP) trade deal even though auto parts companies and dairy producers have expressed concerns about it along with many other critics.

Russia and Iran buddy up at fraught UN summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani on Monday talked up ties between their two nations at a UN summit dominated by Moscow's push on the conflict in Syria.

'Too late' for world if no climate deal in Paris: France

Reaching a successful climate deal in Paris at the end of the year is the last chance to save the planet, France warned the United Nations Monday.Without "this decision in Paris...

Obama 'prepared to work' with Russia, Iran on Syria

President Barack Obama declared Monday that the United States does not want a new Cold War over the Ukraine conflict and is prepared to work with Russia and Iran on the Syrian crisis.

Survey shows Manny Pacquiao in Top 12 senatorial candidates list

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao has made it to the magic 12 winning candidates for senator in a latest poll conducted by Pulse Asia on the 2016 national elections.

Obama, at UN, calls for lifting Cuba embargo

President Barack Obama on Monday called for ending the decades-old US embargo on Cuba, in his address to the UN General Assembly.

Obama attacks support for child-killing 'tyrant' Assad

US President Barack Obama took the podium at the UN General Assembly on Monday to denounce those who support leaders like Syria's Bashar Al-Assad, accusing him of slaughtering children.

Pro-Kremlin party suffers rare defeat in local election

Russian President Vladimir Putin's ruling party suffered a rare election defeat on Sunday when its candidate for governor of the Irkutsk region of Siberia lost to a Communist candidate.With 90 percent of ballots counted, Sergei Levchenko had won 56.

U.S. may keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan through 2016

Although the Afghan war was supposedly "ended" as far as foreign combat troops were concerned a couple of years ago, almost 10,000 US troops still remain.
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