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Iraq, having faced sectarian strife and war for years now, and its neighbour Syria, facing as it is yet more bloodletting, both have seen very heinous atrocities visited upon their respective citizenry.

Democrats in Arizona want you to vote Libertarian

As this year's election closes in, Democrats in Arizona are scrambling to get a few last minute votes. But the candidate they're trying to get people to vote for might surprise you.

Op-Ed: Colorado Sen. Mark Udall's war-on-women campaign implodes

Colorado’s Democrat incumbent Sen. Mark Udall's war-on-women campaign - that continues to insist amiable Republican opponent Cory Gardner is actually J.R. Ewing reincarnated - isn't working.

Op-Ed: Video of Canadian people defending a young Muslim on the street

Watch this video of Canadian people defending a young Muslim man faced with Islamophobic aggression waiting for a bus in Hamilton.

New higher education standard targets for-profit institutions

The United States Government announced Thursday efforts to hold for-profit colleges more accountable for whether graduates of those institutions find jobs.

Op-Ed: Tenure debate: Why we teachers must stop saying that we love kids

The teacher tenure debate has returned to the forefront of the news cycle, this time due to the controversial cover of the latest TIME magazine. After an op-ed in CNN about protecting teacher tenure, this teacher needs to speak out: I don't love your kid.

Demographics key to GOP resurgence in California Special

As Californians prepare to go to the polls, the Democrats will once again rule the state, but with anger towards big government and the GOP concentrating on demographics, the Democratic dominance could soon be ending.

Op-Ed: Manitoba New Democrats divided on support for premier

The last four elections, 15 years, Manitoba has elected the New Democrats to rule the province. Even though during the last election Greg Selinger, the leader of the party and premier, won a resounding majority, he is facing internal criticism.

Op-Ed: The rudiments of a de-facto aerial umbrella over Syria's east

As the Syrian regime focuses its sights on opposition groups in the country's north, west and south Syria's east may eventually become the first "safe-zone" against the Assad regime.

Op-Ed: 'Those who confront death' go to confront ISIS in Syria's Kobani

A contingent of Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga (which roughly translated to 'those who confront death') are en route to the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani to fight the Islamic State (IS) group. Here's why it matters.

Iranian Parliament hitting heads

In order to create a strong position, Ahmadabadi has to defend his views through a glare of assumptive negativity of associations with a certain letter...

Op-Ed: Poll — Democrats losing youth vote to Republican Party

The Democratic Party has achieved the seemingly impossible and President Barack Obama, Senate leader Harry Reid and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deserve a lot of credit.

Op-Ed: Libya's civil strife and foreign intervention

The intervention in Libya politics traces back to foreign support for the rebellion against Gadaffi. The intervention not only involved western powers led by the US but also Arab countries with the UAE and Qatar supporting different rebel factions.

Nobel Peace Prize laureates push Obama to release torture report

A group of Nobel Peace Prize winners are pushing for President Barack Obama to release a 500-page document detailing the Central Intelligence Agency’s torture of terrorist suspects after the September 11, 2001 attacks

Op-Ed: On Egypt adding a buffer-zone to the bilateral embargo on Gaza

What Egypt's moves to establish a buffer zone on its Sinai frontier with the Gaza Strip tells us about the broad nature, and reasoning, behind the binational blockade of that Palestinian enclave.

Last-minute SCOTUS rulings affect voting laws in 2014 elections

A flurry of last-minute Supreme Court decisions will have an immediate effect on voting laws in four states as voters head to the polls for the 2014 midterm elections.

Op-Ed: Why nurse in Maine should respect quarantine orders

A nurse who was quarantined in New Jersey after returning home from west Africa is refusing to remain self-quarantined in her home in Maine. Here is why we should all respect quarantine orders:

Op-Ed: Government ignores voters on marijuana

State, local and federal government agents have launched secretive raids on marijuana growers and dispensaries in Washington and Colorado, the two states where voters legalized it.

Another poll filled with bad news for Democrats

The U.S. electorate may have lost faith in the Democratic Party, most particularly in its leader, Pres. Barack H. Obama. A new national poll shows Democrats are in dire straights, and likely in for a drubbing in elections that are only a week away.

Why Israel is updating its Merkava tanks

While there has been some speculation that Israel and Hezbollah may engage in another war by 2016, the Israeli military is updating the Merkava tank for scenarios involving engaging against such forces.

Op-Ed: Afghanistan to remain a western-funded client state

While the Afghan security forces may or may not be able to fend off attacks by the Taliban when the 2015 fighting begins next spring, one thing is certain, the Afghan government cannot fund those forces without aid from the US and others.

Why Hezbollah may welcome an Israeli attack in the near future

There has been some speculation that Israel and Hezbollah may fight another war by 2016. Who would this benefit? And how?

Secular party wins most seats in Tunisia election

Nidaa Tounes, a secular party has won the most seats in yesterday's election in Tunisia. It main rival the moderate Islamist Ennahda came in second.

Toronto's Ford era is over; John Tory elected mayor

Toronto decided to elect long-time politician John Tory to lead the city. Tory took 40 percent of the votes, with Doug Ford (Rob Ford's brother) finished second and Olivia Chow in third.

Op-Ed: War of Words: Jihadi propaganda needs to be overcome, not stopped

The solution to the menace that is online jihadist propaganda is a bottom-up one, not a top-down one as is being currently advocated by those who ought to know better.

Brazil's Rousseff squeaks through to second term as president

Dilma Rousseff, the leftist former guerrilla, was able to win a second term winning a run-off election over Aecio Neves but only by a narrow margin. With 98 percent of votes counted Rousseff, received 51.45 per cent of the valid votes.

Peace group opposes Canada's military action in Iraq Special

A peace group in Edmonton was vocal about its opposition to Canada's pending military action against Iraq, in a rally on October 25.

'To bait or not to bait?' Maine to vote on bear-baiting

Bear-hunting is allowed in 32 states nationwide, but the state of Maine has the most permissive laws governing how to kill your bear. Maine is the only state that allows hunters to use three methods; baiting, dogs, and traps.

Uruguay Presidential Election — ‘Pepe’ calls voting with bonhomie

Uruguayan President José "Pepe" Mujica was one of the first citizens to vote today in his country’s general election. He asked his countrymen to cast their ballots "with bonhomie, joy and peace."

Op-Ed: Canadian polls and Justin Trudeau on Iraq

Both Liberal leader Justin Trudeau who is leading in recent federal polls and Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic Party(NDP) voted against the bombing mission of Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Iraq.

Poll: Republicans have momentum; Democrats languish

Nine days before elections, an NBC news/Marist poll out Sunday shows Republicans have momentum. In South Dakota, where Democrats hoped Rick Weiland would overcome Senate candidate Republican Mike Rounds, Rounds has opened a double-digit lead, 43-to-29.

Tunisia goes to the polls

The general election on Sunday will be the first under the country's new constitution, but the second since the beginning of the Arab Spring and the uprising that overthrew Zine Ben Ali.

Op-Ed: RCMP report warns environmentalists more of a risk than jihadists

RCMP's critical intelligence team in a 22 page report obtained by Carleton University criminologist Jeff Monaghan under the Freedom of Information act claimed that radical environmentalists are a clear and present threat to the Canadian energy sector.

Op-Ed: Are pollsters out of touch?

Polls, sales and collectors are being hurt by people getting off the grid. When cell phones first came out in large numbers, users did not have to worry about unwanted phone calls. That has all changed.

U.S. government spends $31 million for diversity in science

A dozen academic research groups have received substantial U.S. National Institutes of Health funding to improve the diversity of the American biomedical community.

Nebraska students permitted to pose with firearms

Graduating seniors from one Nebraska high school will be permitted to prominently display firearms in their senior pictures, following a unanimous vote from the board of education.

Op-Ed: Critical comments removed from review of USAID work in Egypt

After Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in 2011, the US Agency for International Development(USAID) paid several nongovernmental organizations(NGOs) to begin pro-democracy programs even though they were not registered to work in Egypt.

Op-Ed: Will Canadians sacrifice liberty in the name of security?

Soon after the deadly terrorist attacks earlier this week, most people were terrified (once again) of the possible threat of more terrorist attempts in Canada.

Republican Charlie Baker leads Martha Coakley by 9 points

Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker is nine points ahead in Massachusetts. After visits last week by former Pres. Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama, Democrat Martha Coakley is in trouble.

Op-Ed: CIA-linked General Haftar's Libyan coup complete

General Khalifa Haftar, often called a "renegade," now has the support of the internationally-recognized Libyan government in Tobruk. His coup has been successful.

Fire from Syrian skies

What the stepped-up air strikes by the Syrian Air Force in one recent 36-hour period tells us about the complicated situation on the ground in, and in the skies over, Syria.


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