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Aung San Suu Kyi has warned newly minted MPs she will not tolerate poor discipline or wrongdoing, party members said Saturday, as Myanmar's democracy champion began marshalling her opposition for government amid sky-high expectations.

Former U.S. drone pilots speak out against the program

According to human rights attorney, Jesselyn Radack, the US government has tried to silence four former drone pilots who are now critics of the drone program.

Israelis not Muslims were arrested in U.S. after 'celebrating' 9/11

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says he saw "thousands of people cheering" as the World Trade Center collapsed following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Will Trump's newest verbal attack push away disabled voters?

Donald Trump is the current front runner in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. He is no stranger to controversy but current allegations of verbal abuse have created a media frenzy. Has he pushed himself into a corner by what some call flagrant verbal abuse?

Op-Ed: UN and others act as if Libyan unity government is a certainty

The Libyan Government of National Accord(GNA) is the unity government proposed in the Libyan Political Agreement(LPA). The final draft of the LPA was presented to the two rival governments some time ago by Bernardino Leon, then UN Special Envoy to Libya.

Op-Ed: China — Losing in the South China Sea, winning in Africa?

With the world still reeling after the bloody Paris attacks of November 13, it’s no surprise that the flurry of international talk shops that convened in their wake went barely noticed in Western media.

Britain's Labour in disarray over Syria air strikes vote

Top figures in Britain's main opposition Labour Party heaped criticism on their leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday after he ruled out voting for the Royal Air Force to join air strikes in Syria.

France's Fabius sees Syrian regime participating in anti-IS fight

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday he could envisage Syrian regime troops taking part in the fight to crush the Islamic State jihadists that claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks.

South Korea vows zero tolerance ahead of fresh anti-govt rally

South Korea's justice minister issued a fresh warning on Friday of zero tolerance towards violence during street protests, ahead of a planned anti-government demonstration in Seoul next week.

Op-Ed: Did Donald Trump hit new low by mocking reporter with disability?

Donald Trump's scraped the bottom of the pool before, likely his entire life though we've been more privy to it of late. But mocking a physical disability, with loopy gestures and crude voice? What does it say about those who continue to support him?

Op-Ed: Investigation of U.S. attack on Afghan hospital hard to believe

A U.S. military fact-finding investigation into an October 3 attack by an AC-130 gunship that killed 30 people found the pilot aimed at the hospital by mistake, intending to hit a compound nearby from which Taliban were firing.

Op-Ed: Internationally-recognized Libyan regime suspends meeting on LPA

Both the internationally-recognized House of Representatives(HoR) in Tobruk and the rival General National Congress(GNC) have yet to vote on the latest draft of the UN-sponsored Libyan Political Agreement(LPA).

U.S.-trained bankers pack new Argentine cabinet: Press

Argentina's president-elect Mauricio Macri has named US-educated bankers and big business executives to key posts in a cabinet he vows will revive the economy, officials and media reports said Wednesday.

New Portugal PM forms government in delicate balancing act

Portugal's new prime minister, Antonio Costa, on Wednesday formed a new government that will have to pull off a tricky balancing act, satisfying both Brussels and his allies on the radical left.

Op-Ed: New UN Libya envoy Martin Krober flogging a dead horse

The new UN Special Envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, is continuing to try to persuade the two rival Libyan governments to sign on to the final draft of the Libyan Political Agreement(LPA) presented by former envoy Bernardino Leon.

Ukraine halts Russian gas purchases, closes its airspace

Tensions between Moscow and Kiev ratched up further Wednesday as Ukraine decided to stop buying gas from Russia and closed its airspace to its giant eastern neighbour's airlines.

Vanuatu president calls snap election: Report

Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale has dissolved parliament and called a snap election after a corruption scandal destabilised the government, local media reported Wednesday.

Under junta rule, Thailand pivots towards China

Chinese fighter jets thunder through blue skies above an air force base in northeast Thailand, a symbol of the blossoming military and political ties between the junta-run country and its authoritarian northern neighbour.

Portugal's Costa: an affable Socialist ready to 'walk the talk'

Affable former Lisbon mayor and now Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa is a political veteran who is far more popular than his Socialist Party, which recently toppled the conservative government in a dramatic vote.

Tuareg and Tebu tribes in south of Libya agree to ceasefire

After a conflict that has lasted over a year, the Tebu and Tuareg tribes that control territory in the south of Libya have signed a ceasefire. Much of the conflict has been in the southern city of Obari.

Greek conservative chief quits in party election fiasco

The acting head of Greece's conservative New Democracy party, and head of the opposition, quit Tuesday after a weekend fiasco that saw the party fail to elect a new leader."To de-escalate the tension...

Op-Ed: John Kerry visits UAE and promises joint action on Libya

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, met on November 23 with United Arab Emirates(UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Kerry will visit Israel and Palestine as well.

Op-Ed: American universities have a value problem

When something is essential, can it really be regulated by the free market? The demands and pace of change in the modern economy mean that decent-paying jobs require ever more skills, knowledge, and training to be filled.

Eastern Europe fears closer French-Russian ties amid Ukraine crisis

Several Eastern European countries are becoming increasingly worried that the West may abandon Ukraine in return for Russian backing in Syria, as Paris, Moscow and Washington develop closer ties in the fight against the Islamic State jihadist group.

Iran, Russia vow to oppose 'external attempts' to dump Assad

Russia and Iran will jointly oppose "external attempts" at regime change in Syria, a Kremlin official said Monday in Tehran after President Vladimir Putin met supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Op-Ed: UN envoy talks with representatives from two rival Libyan regimes

Over the weekend, the new UN Special Envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, met first with representatives of the internationally-recognized House of Representatives(HoR) in Tobruk and the General National Congress(GNC) in Tripoli.

Divided Argentina awakes to post-Kirchner era

Argentina's new pro-market president-elect Mauricio Macri on Monday promised deep change in Latin America's third-biggest economy and urged unity after his narrow election win laid bare the country's divisions.

Pro-market Macri wins Argentina presidency: Early results

Argentines elected pro-market leader Mauricio Macri as their new president on Sunday, early official results showed, breaking with 12 years of leftist rule in Latin America's third-biggest economy.

Colombia pardons 30 jailed FARC guerrillas

Colombia's government announced Sunday it is pardoning 30 jailed members of the FARC in what it called a confidence-building measure as it pursues peace talks with the leftist guerrilla group.

Op-Ed: Union wants to bring back postal saving banks to fund Canada Post

In the second quarter of this year, Canada Post actually made a profit, but in the last quarter it lost $13 million. Even so, this is a relatively small sum, as is the total loss for the year so far of $20 million.

Political storm in Poland as new government sparks 'coup' claims

Poland's new conservative government has lost no time in seeking to take control of the EU country's top court and secret services, sparking claims of a "coup" by the vanquished liberal opposition.

Hong Kong votes in first election since democracy protests

Hong Kong went to the polls Sunday for the first time since huge pro-democracy protests gripped the city, in a key test of public sentiment.

Voting Argentines want big change for their dollars

"Change! Cambio, cambiooo!" chants a rhythmic voice on Calle Florida, a busy pedestrian shopping street in central Buenos Aires. "Dollars!"It is the day before a presidential election in Argentina, but this is not a cry for political reform.

Op-Ed: New UN Special Envoy to Libya flies to Tobruk for talks

The new UN Special Envoy to Libya, German diplomat Martin Kobler, has flown to Libya for three days of talks to try and restart the UN-brokered Libya dialogue process.

Op-Ed: John Kerry says U.S. can neutralize IS more quickly than Al-Qaeda

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters the United States would be able to "neutralize" the Islamic State or Daesh much more quickly than it was able to do so with Al-Qaeda.

Bomb threats at human rights site before Argentine vote

Police in Argentina evacuated a historically sensitive human rights center after it received bomb threats on Friday, two days before a potentially transformative presidential election.

Republican lawmaker wants concentration camps for Syrian refugees

A Republican state lawmaker in Rhode Island said Islam is a religion of "murder and rape" and called for the internment of Syrian refugees in what would effectively be concentration camps.

U.S. Senate confirms new ambassador to Libya

The United States Senate has confirmed Obama's choice as US Ambassador to Libya, Peter William Bodde. He will work out of Tunis, the capital of neighboring Tunisia.

Argentina's Scioli, a sportsman and survivor... so far

Argentine presidential hopeful Daniel Scioli is a former powerboating champion, a sports fanatic, a skilled politician and above all a survivor -- at least, he has been so far.

Mauricio Macri, free marketeer eyeing upset in Argentina vote

His rivals dismiss him as a spoiled elitist, but former football executive Mauricio Macri has united diverse political forces in Argentina, where he could win the presidency on Sunday.

Trump won't rule out gov't database, IDs, for Muslims

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said that if elected he would "certainly implement" a government database of all American Muslims, and that he is open to the idea of requiring them to carry Muslim-only identification cards.
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