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Allies of President Rodrigo Duterte stormed to a landslide victory in midterm polls, final results showed Wednesday, dissolving a last check on his controversial rule.

Op-Ed: US Pentagon and State Dept. officials meet with Carlos Vecchio

Carlos Vecchio recognized by the US as the de facto ambassador from Venezuela to the US from the US-supported coup led by Juan Guaido met yesterday with top officials from both the Pentagon and US State Dept. in Washington.

'Change is coming': Shifting loyalties behind UK vote

"I've never, ever known it like this," said Brexit Party supporter Peter Stokes-Chapman following a febrile rally in the Midlands, where shifting loyalties point to a looming electoral disaster for Britain's two main parties.

Democrat impeachment talk gains as Trump blocks lawyer testimony

Democratic Party talk of impeachment intensified Tuesday after Donald Trump's former lawyer Don McGahn refused to testify about obstruction allegations against the US president.

Embattled May dangles promise of new Brexit vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed Tuesday to give lawmakers a vote on holding a second Brexit referendum as part of her final effort to salvage her hated EU divorce deal.

US fingers Iran on Gulf attacks but eases tone

President Donald Trump's administration charged Tuesday it was "quite possible" Iran was responsible for the sabotage of Gulf oil interests but said its own robust response had prevented potential attacks on Americans.

Austrian chancellor under pressure in wake of corruption scandal

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was facing the prospect of a no-confidence vote in parliament as he grappled Tuesday with the fallout from the "Ibiza-gate" scandal that toppled his coalition with the far right.

Democrats threaten charges over Trump lawyer no-show

Furious Democrats threatened to go to court or invoke contempt charges against Donald Trump's former lawyer Don McGahn on Tuesday after McGahn refused to testify about obstruction allegations against the president.

Concerned Jews urge European voters to reject extremes

The campaign for this week's European election has raised the spectre of a surge in extreme nationalist and populist views, and no community is more concerned than the continent's Jews.

Austria's Kurz faces no-confidence vote after scandal

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will face a no-confidence vote in parliament next week, the speaker of the lower house said Tuesday, as Kurz grapples with fallout from a scandal that toppled his coalition with a far-right party.

Macron jumps into EU campaign warning of 'existential risk'

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned of an "existential risk" to the EU just days ahead of elections for the European Parliament, while playing down the political risks of being personally involved in the high-stakes campaign.

Showdown in Congress between Trump, Democrats intensifies

The clash between US President Donald Trump and the Democratic majority in Congress intensified on Monday, with the White House telling the president's former lawyer to ignore a subpoena to testify about Trump's alleged obstruction of justice in the Ru...

Trump downplays Iranian threat to US interests

President Donald Trump Monday appeared to play down the immediate threat posed by Iran to the United States, while saying he is ready to talk if Tehran takes the first step.

Iraqi Oil Minister chastises Exxon for evacuation from oil field

Thamer Ghadhban, Iraq's Minister of OIl, in a statement on Sunday was very critical of Exxon Mobil's decision to evacuate foreign staff from West Qurna 1 oil field.

UN Security Council rejects Russian bid to hold Ukraine meeting

European countries backed by the United States on Monday blocked a Russian request to hold a UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine's new language law.

Ukraine's new president Zelensky calls snap elections

Ukraine's new President Volodymyr Zelensky called snap parliamentary polls in his inaugural speech Monday and said his top priority is ending the war with Russia-backed separatists in the country's east.

Austrian far-right ministers to resign en masse amid 'Ibiza-gate' fallout

All remaining ministers from Austria's far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) are to resign, a party spokesman said Monday, after one of their number, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, was fired in the fallout from a corruption scandal that has brought down the...

For many Democrats desperate to beat Trump, Biden's their man

The crowded 2020 presidential race features six women, three African Americans and a dozen youthful contenders. But Denise Haley is going old school, supporting white male frontrunner Joe Biden as the Democrat best positioned to beat Donald Trump.

India shares hit record high over Modi election victory forecasts

Indian shares hit a record high Monday after exit polls from the country's marathon election indicated a new term for Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ukraine to inaugurate comedian Zelensky as president

Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky steps into his new role as Ukrainian president with his inauguration on Monday, launching a new era for the country wracked by war and economic difficulties.

China shows little interest in renewed trade talks with the US

Chinese state media signaled that the government lacked interest in resuming any trade talks with the US as long as the US continued to threaten to up tariffs even more. The government also said that it would use techniques to stimulate the economy.

Social equity the slumbering elephant behind legalizing marijuana

Questions about marijuana and social justice have played a prominent role this year in several U.S. states' debates about pot legalization.

Austrian president calls for September poll in wake of scandal

Austria's president on Sunday called for fresh elections in September after a corruption scandal embroiling the far-right brought down the coalition government in spectacular fashion.

Israel minister not happy with Palestinian flags at Eurovision

Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev on Sunday criticised the display of Palestinian flags during the Eurovision song contest finals in Tel Aviv, including by one of Madonna's dancers.

EU fears voter apathy despite populist surge

Four days before Europe's 400 million potential voters are called to the polls, EU leaders hope to reverse the usual low turnout to avoid opening the door to eurosceptic forces.

Dutch lead populist charge in EU elections

A flamboyant Dutch populist could open the floodgates for a tidal wave of eurosceptic and anti-immigration parties across the continent in this week's European Parliament elections.

Ecstatic Australian conservatives bask in election glory

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday basked in the glow of a "miracle" election victory that sparked praise from the US president, soul searching on the left and speculation about what policies he will pursue.

Demonstrators celebrate Austria government collapse

After hours of chanting and whistling, thousands of demonstrators on Saturday cheered the collapse of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's government over a corruption scandal -- and the prospect of fresh elections.

Op-Ed: Iraqi parliament likely to pass bill evicting US troops from Iraq

US troops have been in Iraq for most of the last sixteen years. Often relations of the Iraqi government to the troops have been defined by increases in US hostility to neighboring Iran.

Italian nationalsts rally to their 'captain' against Brussels

Thousands of Italians turned out in Milan on Saturday to support their "captain" Matteo Salvini, the far-right leader they see as taking their battle against the European Union to Brussels.

Argentina surprise: Kirchner to seek vice presidency

With polls giving her strong support ahead of October elections, former Argentine president Cristina Kirchner made the surprise announcement Saturday that she will seek the vice presidency.

Toyota sharply criticizes Trump over auto tariff threats

Toyota Motor said President Donald Trump’s latest move in the administration’s international trade war shows the Japan-based automaker’s investments in the United States are “not welcomed.”

'Ibiza affair' topples Austrian government, snap election announced

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz dramatically pulled the plug on his coalition government and announced fresh elections Saturday after an explosive camera sting claimed the scalp of his far-right deputy.

Joementum: Biden ramps up 2020 bid with wind at his back

As the one true known quantity in the Democratic nomination race, former vice president Joe Biden sits atop the pack of 2020 presidential contenders, relishing the prime position as he hosts a kickoff rally Saturday.

N. Korea demands UN action over ship seizure by 'gangster' US

North Korea has demanded the United Nations take "urgent measures" to help return a cargo ship taken by the United States, calling the seizure a "heinous" act.

Conservatives keep power in 'miracle' Australia election victory

Australia's ruling conservative coalition defied expectations to retain power in national elections Saturday, prompting Prime Minister Scott Morrison to declare: "I have always believed in miracles!""How good is Australia!

Going down: Brazil economic woes hit stocks, currency

Atrophying growth forecasts and waning confidence in President Jair Bolsonaro sent Brazil's stocks and currency to their lowest level of the year this week, as analysts warned of further falls.

Op-Ed: US buildup and claimed imminent threat from Iran worry many

There is much discussion in the news about the US sending more forces to the Middle East to counter some unspecified threat to the US from Iran. This is escalating tensions between the two countries and war could potentially break out.

France, Germany at loggerheads over next EU president

Next week's European parliamentary election will set the scene for a summer-long political battle over Brussels' most powerful posts, with Germany and France at loggerheads over who takes the top spot.

Op-Ed: Trump defends his trade war as it hurts many US farmers

US president Donald Trump is continuing to defend his trade war with China that is having a very disruptive effect on the world economy including US stocks as tariffs are raised and put on more and more goods.

Top US lawmakers to be briefed on escalating Iran tensions

US congressional leaders will receive a classified briefing from intelligence officials Thursday on apparent military threats from Iran amid rapidly escalating tensions between Washington and the Islamic republic.
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