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A bill that would allow family members to ask a judge to order firearms removed from people who are likely to commit gun violence has passed in the senate by 23-8. It now goes back for a vote on amendments before heading to Governor Jerry Brown.

Talks break down between B.C. teachers and ministry, Ready leaves

For all those parents in the province of British Columbia who hoped that their kids would start the school year on time this Tuesday, the news late this afternoon is not good. Talks have broken down and much-touted mediator Vince Ready has walked away.

European vacuum cleaner sales jump 50 percent ahead of ban

In the European Union, living green means not living clean, or at least not as clean as your floor might be using more than a 1,600-watt vacuum cleaner.

David Cameron urges voters against Scottish independence

In a speech to businessmen gathered at the CBI’s annual Glasgow dinner, UK Prime Minister David Cameron urged voters not to abandon the “openness” of remaining the Kingdom by choosing independence.

Op-Ed: Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania trailing polls, expands Medicaid

The Medicaid expansion portion of the Affordable Care Act is optional for the states thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Every Democratic governor, except for one, has signed on. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania became the ninth GOP governor to sign on.

Obamacare income-verification form may delay tax refunds

Receiving a taxpayer-funded tax subsidy to purchase health insurance under Pres. Barack Obama’s law means that millions of Americans may have a tax problem this year.

Op-Ed: Kerry's proposed solution to Islamic State is very vague

Kerry, and indeed the wider Obama administration, has been very vague about just how the United States will go about confronting the threat posed by Islamic State.

Mitch McConnell embroiled in scandal reaching all the way to Iowa

In a stunning developing in the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's campaign manager, Jesse Benton, abruptly resigned yesterday. The Herald-Leader reported that McConnell "reluctantly accepted" Benton's resignation.

Op-Ed: Sixteen ice bucket challenge politicians voted for ALS cuts

Several U.S. legislators who voted in favor of a bill that cut federal funding for ALS research have, somewhat bizarrely, taken the chilly plunge for charity.

Bourbon and Big Mac getting the cold shoulder in Russia

Moscow's food safety regulator, Rospotrebnadzor has been working hard this past week, closing seven more McDonald's restaurants over apparent sanitary violations. The watch-dog agency has even been barking at the heels of the company behind Jack Daniels.

Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas blames Hamas for Israeli conflict

The future of the Hamas-backed “Unity Government” established to unite Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah government with the terrorist organization that ousted Fatah from Gaza faces an uncertain future.

Op-Ed: Obama style in contrast with Bush's shoot-from-hip foreign policy

In 2003, President George W. Bush's strategy was clear on how to deal with Iraq and his enemy, Saddam Hussein. Bush was known for his unwavering strategies and what was needed to overthrow Hussein. Ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Op-Ed: How hard is it to fire a V.A. employee? Nearly impossible

While there has been a lot of controversy over the Veterans Administration’s quality of care for veterans, too little coverage addresses the massive agency’s inability to discipline itself or its employees.

Op-Ed: Why California's 'yes means yes' law is a no-no

California has passed anti-rape legislation known as the "yes means yes" act, requiring affirmative consent for sexual activity. Though some champion this legislation as helping curb sexual assault, others view it as an illogical and discriminatory law.

Marijuana legalization fight in tiny Washington city of Fife

The tiny city of Fife is emerging as a legal battleground in the ongoing war on legal marijuana in Washington state. While the state has legalized growing and selling pot the city council of Fife, and of other Washington towns, have said no way.

Study: Marijuana reduces rates of domestic violence in couples

A recent study from the University of Buffalo demonstrates significantly lower rates of domestic violence in couples who use marijuana over their first nine years of marriage.

Op-Ed: Bad news piles up for Joni Ernst embracing Koch Brothers tenets

Joni Ernst, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, credits the infamous Koch Brothers for her quick "trajectory" in Iowa politics. The liberal advocacy group is spending "five-figures" on the message she is in the billionaire brothers pockets.

Op-Ed: President Obama says he has 'no strategy yet to deal with ISIL'

Those who thought Pres. Barack Obama’s chat from the White House briefing room on Thursday was going to be more substantive are sure to be disappointed.

Op-Ed: Former Iowa Republican lawmaker going to jail endorsing Ron Paul

Former Iowa lawmaker, Republican State Sen. Kent Sorenson, is going to jail for his endorsement of former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul from Texas, during the 2012 Iowa Republican caucus. Mr. Sorenson had initially supported Rep. Michele Bachmann in the campaign.

Op-Ed: Western Europe gawks as Eastern Europe is invaded by Russia

As Western Europe looks on like a gawker driving by a fatal car accident, Russian forces have entered Ukraine in Eastern Europe, retaking territory lost when the Soviet Union broke up.

Op-Ed: Republican poll of women: 'Barely receptive' to GOP policies

Politico broke a story yesterday that concludes female voters view the Republican Party as "intolerant," "lacking in compassion" and "stuck in the past." The poll was commissioned by Republican Super PACs: Crossroads GPS and American Action.

Abdullah Abdullah pulls out of Afghan presidential audit

The first deadline for the inauguration of the new Afghan president, August 25, has already passed. Now it seems the new Sept. 2 deadline will also be missed as one candidate, Abdullah Abdullah, has pulled out of the auditing process.

Op-Ed: Joni Ernst challenged to disavow anti-RFS efforts by supporters Special

Joni Ernst, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Iowa, is under attack once again for taking sides with "Big Oil" and is accused of siding with the corporate interests in an effort to dismantle Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) in a farm state like Iowa.

West Point: ISIL grew strong as U.S. withdrew from Iraq

The Obama administration, fellow Democrats and even some Republicans talk as though Islamic State (ISIL) popped out of thin air in June and seized large swaths of Iraq.

Op-Ed: Before striking IS in Syria U.S. should give Assad an ultimatum

The United States is right not to cooperate with President Assad when it comes to combating Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria.

Op-Ed: Mark Pryor releases new ad blaming opponent for spread of Ebola

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AK) is once again on the offensive in attacking his opponent, freshman U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AK). Last week Pryor released an ad attacking Cotton for opposing the "pre-existing conditions" portion of the Affordable Care Act.

Op-Ed: Both IS and Iraqi security forces guilty of war crimes

While no doubt the scale of Islamic State(IS) crimes are greater than those of Iraq security forces, both groups are guilty of what can only be termed war crimes.

Op-Ed: Warren Buffett invested $3 billion in Burger King tax inversion

Democrats have had no better friend in high places than multi-billionaire Warren Buffett. However, the relationship between Buffett - the world’s third-richest person with an estimated net worth of $66.9 billion - and the Democrats just got weird.

ISIS demands $6.6 million ransom for 26-year-old American woman

Islamic State terrorists are holding a 26-year-old American female humanitarian relief worker taken hostage in Syria by ISIS about. They are demanding $6.6 million in ransom money and that the U.S. stop bombing ISIS fighters.

Op-Ed: Silver lining of ISIS terror may be dialogue with Iran, Russia

The rise of ISIS has created strange bedfellows: With airstrikes on ISIS renegades, the U.S. is now on the same side as Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and the leaders of Iran. Could a silver lining of ISIS terror be dialogue with Iran?

Op-Ed: Assessing upcoming US action against IS in Syria

Given the Washington administrations reluctance to deploy "boots on the ground" in the fight against Islamic State, one wonders what kind of a campaign we may see against Islamic State in Syria.

Afghan presidency still not settled

Although August 25 was set as the date for inauguration of the new Afghan president the issue of who will be president is still not settled even after several months of recounts and audits of the votes subsequent to the summer vote.

Michigan unions eye teachers' union as right-to-work law kicks in

Amid a backdrop of declining membership in U.S. unions, around three quarters of the 112,000 active educators and school workers in the Michigan Education Association can opt not to pay union membership dues.

Op-Ed: Russian little green men caught in Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin has been caught lying again, just as he is meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Ten of Putin’s paratroopers were captured inside Ukraine.

Op-Ed: Joni Ernst involved in sexual assault cover-up under her command?

Republican Iowa U.S. Senate candidate, Joni Ernst, was making headway in the campaign against U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, even closing the polling gap on her opponent. For Ms. Ernst, the party may be over amid allegations over a military sexual assault case.

Op-Ed: Scotland — Salmond slaps Darling around a bit with a large trout

The second and final live televised debate on the upcoming Scottish referendum on independence — voters in Scotland go to the polls on September 18 — took place Monday evening.

Op-Ed: Is U.S. administration again using the NYTimes as its mouthpiece?

Four senior U.S. officials told the New York Times that the first two attacks targeting Islamist militia in Tripoli were a joint operation of Egypt and the UAE.

Sen. Kay Hagan mum on appearing with Obama at veterans event

North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan is facing political pressure, but not from her Republican opponent. Hagan is mum on whether she will appear with Pres. Obama on Tuesday at an American Legion National Convention event in her home state.

Op-Ed: 6 Reasons François Hollande Is ‘The Ice-Bucket’ President

If French King Louis XIV was known as ‘The Sun King’, President François Hollande should be remembered as ‘The Ice-Bucket President’ or ‘The Rain Man’ for after only two years of mandate, he keeps appearing under the rain everywhere he goes.

Op-Ed: New Libyan prime minister appointed by GNC in Tripoli

The outgoing Libyan parliament or General National Congress (GNC) met today and elected a new prime minister. The GNC claims to have replaced the House of Representatives.

Op-Ed: Tripoli bombed for third night by unidentified aircraft

For a third night unidentified aircraft struck targets in Tripoli. The attacks came just hours after the Misrata militia claim they have finally gained control of the Tripoli International AIrport from the rival Zintan brigades.
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