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Pentagon policy chief John Rood is leaving his job at the end of this month, the Defense Department confirmed on Thursday, marking yet another high-level departure from the Trump administration's senior national security ranks.

Decrying 'propaganda,' US tightens rules on China state media

The United States on Tuesday tightened rules on Chinese state media organizations as it classified them as foreign missions, decrying what US officials described as Beijing's growing "propaganda.

Pompeo closes Africa tour with warning about China's 'empty promises'

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday closed a three-nation Africa tour with a thinly-veiled swipe at China as he talked up Washington's ability to stimulate growth and entrepreneurship on the continent.

Surkov: Ukraine pointman and Putin's ideologue

Vladislav Surkov, the Kremlin's chief ideologue and pointman on relations with Ukraine and Moscow-backed separatists, who was dismissed late Tuesday, was for many years viewed as one of Russia's most powerful men.

Language of Afghan peace deal between Taliban and US finalized

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheed reported Monday that the Taliban and US have finalized the language of a peace deal for Afghanistan. The US has has not yet confirmed this but had been indicating in recent days that a deal was imminent.

Bolivian candidate calls for anti-Morales alliance

Bolivian presidential candidate Luis Fernando Camacho on Tuesday called on his rivals to form a single bloc to defeat former president Evo Morales's socialist party in the May election.

French officials allow rally by exiled Catalan MEP Puigdemont

French authorities said Tuesday that they would not halt a mass rally planned by former Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont in Perpignan, just a few kilometres from the Spanish region's capital of Barcelona.

Trump threatens lawsuits if Mueller probe cases not thrown out

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday called for all cases stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election to be "thrown out" - suggesting he could bring a lawsuit over the matter.

Iran supreme leader says voting is 'religious duty'

Iran's supreme leader said Tuesday it is a "religious duty" for people to vote in this week's general election and strengthen the Islamic republic against the "propaganda" of its enemies."Participating in elections and voting...

Syrian rebels try to regain some ground lost to Syrian Army

Turkish-supported rebels in Syria have begun a new counter-offensive in Aleppo Province during the weekend to try to regain territory that had been won by the Assad government forces in recent weeks.

China may postpone annual parliament session as it battles virus

China may postpone its annual session of parliament, state media said Monday, as the country battles to control the outbreak of a deadly new coronavirus.

German conservatives fire starting gun in race to succeed Merkel

The search for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's eventual successor begins in earnest this week, as her centre-right CDU party opens the race to elect a new leader after her heir apparent stepped down.

South Korea's biggest opposition party changes name... again

South Korea's main opposition party changed its name for the second time in three years on Monday as it seeks to forge a conservative alliance against left-leaning President Moon Jae-in ahead of April polls.

US offers Iraq a partial withdrawal of its troops

Back in January this year, the Iraqi parliament voted 170 to 0 for a resolution requiring all foreign troops be withdrawn from Iraq. The resolution was not binding upon the government and a number of lawmakers stayed away from the vote.

Trump threatens intelligence block over Huawei: US diplomat

The United States' ambassador to Germany said Sunday that President Donald Trump had threatened to cut off intelligence-sharing with countries that dealt with Chinese tech firm Huawei.

Op-Ed: Pentagon ends subsidy for venerable newspaper Stars and Stripes

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper defended the Pentagon's decision to remove all federal funding of the military paper Stars and Stripes in its 2021 budget request. Esper told reporters in Brussels that the independent paper was not a priority.

EU in 'frank' talks with Balkan nations seeking membership

European Council president Charles Michel on Sunday met with leaders of the six Western Balkan nations seeking to join the EU, for 'frank' talks ahead of a key summit in Zagreb in May.

Op-Ed: Democrats and Bloomberg — What do you want, Santa Claus?

Seriously, the constant Democrat umming and ahhing over Bloomberg is astonishing to the point of despair. What do you want, Santa Claus?

France warns of bloody Brexit talks battle

France on Sunday warned Britain to expect a bitter, bloody battle in Brexit trade talks with the EU, saying the two sides would "rip each other apart".

Merkel succession contender calls her out over slow EU revamp

A leading contender to succeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday criticised her for taking too long to respond to a French push to strengthen the EU after Brexit.

Op-Ed: Two rockets target Israel even after Hamas promises no attacks

In an attempt to reach a deal with Israel, Hamas announced that they will unilaterally stop launching balloon and rocket attacks onto Israeli territory. In return they want to see Israel ease sanctions on Gaza.

France 'impatient' over lack of German drive to reform EU: Macron

President Emmanuel Macron said Saturday France was growing "impatient" with the lack of German response to its push to strengthen the European Union after Brexit.

US, Europe clash over Washington's global retreat

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday traded barbs with European leaders over diminishing Western influence, rejecting as "grossly over-exaggerated" their claims that Washington had retreated from the global stage.

Venezuela's Guaido looking to reboot Maduro challenge

Fresh off a three-week international tour, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is hoping to ramp up pressure against President Nicolas Maduro but must first overcome his supporters' increasing listlessness.

Trump asks for $1.5 billion to prop up U.S. uranium mining

The Trump administration’s newly proposed budget would throw a $1.5 billion lifeline to the struggling U.S. uranium industry, long battered by declining demand and cheap imports.

Bloomberg courts black vote in Democratic candidate countdown

US billionaire Michael Bloomberg has launched a charm offensive to convince black voters, an important bloc in Democratic politics, that he is the right candidate to take on President Donald Trump in November.

US Taliban negotiations on Afghanistan appear to be progressing

Negotiations between the Taliban and the US to reach an agreement in Afghanistan appear to be gathering momentum. A partial ceasefire is expected to be agreed upon soon.

US cuts off funds for the Palestinian Authority security forces

The US Trump administration has dealt another blow to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority (PA) as it introduces more budget cuts to the group, this time to the PA security forces.

US Senate votes to restrain Trump on Iran

The US Senate voted Thursday to rein in President Donald Trump from attacking Iran, sharply rebuking his foreign policy despite a week earlier acquitting him in his impeachment trial.

Pompeo makes first trip to Africa with conflicting US signals

The United States is discussing military cuts in Africa, has tightened visa rules for Africans and President Donald Trump notoriously was quoted as disparaging the continent with a vulgar epithet.

China appoints hardliner to Hong Kong office

China on Thursday appointed a senior official known for a hardline crackdown on Christians to head its main policy-making body for Hong Kong, following months of pro-democracy protests in the semi-autonomous city.

Ousted ambassador calls US diplomacy 'amoral'

The former US ambassador who was a key figure in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial criticized US foreign policy on Wednesday as "amoral" and based on threats.

Philippine President Duterte ends US Visiting Forces Agreement

The Philippines has officially notified the US that it is scrapping a security pact allowing US forces to train and take part in joint exercises in the country.

Op-Ed: Impeachment acquittal has unleashed Trump to abuse his office

By bulldozing into Roger Stone's sentencing, Donald Trump sparked a mutiny by four career prosecutors, raised fears about the impartial administration of justice and showed how his impeachment acquittal unchained an already rampant presidency.

NATO agrees to expand Iraq training mission

NATO defence ministers agreed Wednesday to expand the alliance's training mission in Iraq, responding to US President Donald Trump's demand for more action from allies in the Middle East.

Israel awaits 'pragmatic' Abbas heir, but may be disappointed

Israel has pitched the controversial US Middle East peace plan as an offer for a future, "pragmatic" Palestinian leader, saying it was always going to be rejected by president Mahmud Abbas.

'New phase' in talks on Ukraine as Russia changes negotiator: France

Russia's appointment of a new pointman for Ukraine will likely push back a second summit on ending the nearly six-year conflict but could herald a new phase in the talks, a French presidential official said Wednesday.

Britain's COP26 climate talks 'can't fail': minister

The world can't afford for crunch climate talks this year to fail, Britain's energy minister said Wednesday, despite the government not having named a leader for the summit starting in November.

Destructive far right out to shatter German politics

The city of Erfurt, a quiet, chocolate-box town of around 200,000 inhabitants, is an unlikely epicentre for an earthquake that is shaking German politics to its post-war foundations.

US-Taliban breakthrough appears closer as Ghani reports progress

The US and the Taliban appeared closer Wednesday to a breakthrough in talks over an American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said there had been "notable progress" in negotiations.

Venezuela opposition leader Guaido returns home, fighting erupts

Opposition leader Juan Guaido returned to Venezuela on Tuesday after an international support-building tour and called on the people in the crisis-wracked nation to keep pushing back against President Nicolas Maduro.
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