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The latest opinion poll byForum Research taken on Sunday after Stephen Harper the prime minister announced an election to be held October 19, show the NDP surging ahead of the Conservatives.

Puerto Rico defaults, bankruptcy not an option

Puerto Rico, an American territory, has now claimed that it will not be able to make a $58 million dollar bond payment due today, shedding further doubts on the territory's financial situation.

Harper appoints a pipeline consultant to National Energy Board

Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural resources announced that Steven Kelly, a petroleum executive based in Calgary would become a full-time board member of the National Energy Board(NEB) an agency that helps decide if oil and gas pipelines should be built.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump's companies seek to import and hire 1,100 employees

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has based his political platform on keeping jobs in America, but his companies have turned around and sought to import at least 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas since 2000. Hypocrisy much?

NDP and Conservatives tied as Canadian election campaign starts

As expected, Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with the Governor General today. The parliament was dissolved and writs were issued for a federal election on October 19.

Op-Ed: Kansas limits ATM withdrawals to $25 for welfare recipients

In a controversial move, Kansas will continue to implement a $25 limit on ATM withdrawals by welfare recipients, even though this restriction may violate federal law.

Op-Ed: UN discussed peace deal with Tripoli representatives in Algiers

Special envoy to Libya of the UN, Bernardino Leon, is meeting with representatives of the General National Congress(GNC) parliament. The GNC government is based in Tripoli. The talks are in Algiers, Algeria.

Debate and dialogue mark final arguments in NC voting law trial Special

Judge Thomas D. Schroeder was an active participant in closing arguments Friday as the lawsuit seeking to overturn North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) reached its final day.

Op-Ed: TTP could jeopardize Canada Post and CBC

A new document leaked on Wikileaks indicates that State-owned enterprises (SOEs) would be severely restricted under the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) regulations.

Wise-cracking U.S. celebrities endorse Iran deal

Morgan Freeman, Jack Black and a host of other celebrities star in a video backing Americas' nuclear deal with Iran, wise-cracking their way through an often surreal mixture of Hollywood, politics and diplomacy.

Closing arguments bumped to Friday in NC voting law trial Special

Spectators hoping to hear final arguments in the lawsuit seeking to overturn North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) were disappointed Thursday when conflicts over witness testimony upended the court's schedule.

Artist Ai Weiwei arrives in Germany as Britain slammed over visa

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei arrived in Germany Thursday on his first overseas trip since he was arrested nearly four years ago, after Britain denied him a six-month visa because he did not declare a supposed "criminal conviction" on his applicat...

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland wants vote in his own country

Actor Donald Sutherland, the father of Kiefer Sutherland — has written an opinion piece in a national Canadian newspaper about his lack of voting rights in his own country. As he lives abroad, and has for over five years, he can't vote in Canada.

NC voters 'very, very concerned' about fraud, official says Special

Kim Strach, Executive Director of North Carolina's State Board of Elections, says she frequently gets phone call from voters who are "very, very concerned" about voter fraud.

Canadians living abroad 5 years or more ineligible to vote

The ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal will mean that more than a million expats who have been non-residents for five years or more will lose the right to vote in federal elections, including the upcoming election this fall.

Expert says VIVA made North Carolina's voting laws 'mainstream' Special

North Carolina's Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) has brought the state's voting laws into line with the national mainstream, an expert witness testified Tuesday.

NSA stops using phone data, but White House says 'No' to Snowden

The Obama administration has decided that the National Security Agency will soon stop using millions of American calling records it collected under a controversial program leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Donald Trump aide apologizes for 'can't rape your spouse' remark

A top aide to real-estate magnate and presidential candidate Donald Trump apologized Tuesday after making controversial comments about marital rape in an article published the night before.

Britain's Lord Sewel resigns after cocaine and prostitutes scandal

A British peer who was in charge of lawmakers' ethics quit the House of Lords on Tuesday after allegedly snorting cocaine off a prostitute's breasts, fuelling calls for reform of the unelected upper chamber.

Defense introduces controversial expert witness in NC VIVA trial Special

Courtroom tensions rose Monday as Defense attorneys called a controversial expert witness to the stand on Day 11 of the lawsuit seeking to overturn North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA).

Mike Huckabee: Obama 'marching Israel to door of the oven'

Trailing far behind leading GOP rivals in every national poll, former Arkansas governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has invoked genocidal Holocaust imagery to criticize President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.

Op-Ed: The hidden risks behind China’s stock market crash

Remember Japan? In the 1980s, thanks to its spectacular economic growth, Japanophobia and Japan bashing were the most popular pastimes in the U.S.

New Hampshire, Iowa voters unimpressed with all but one candidate

Iowa and New Hampshire voters apparently aren't impressed with the current crop of candidates running in the primary-election races for president in 2016, and only one candidate gained a positive favorability rating.

UK government drafting plans to defeat Islamic State in Libya

British Prime Minister David Cameron claims the UK should be ready to fight terrorist groups anywhere in the world. He is drawing up plans for defeating Islamic State forces inside Libya..

Judge orders U.S. to free detained immigrant children and mothers

A federal judge in California has ruled that the Obama administration is in serious violation of a court agreement by detaining women and children who cross the border illegally from Mexico.

California judge orders release of illegal immigrants

A federal judge in California has ruled the Obama Administration's detention of mothers and their children who were caught crossing the border illegally should be released, in another apparent setback to the president's immigration policy.

Op-Ed: Turkish bombings complicate Middle East conflict

Washington has long urged Turkey to intervene against the Islamic State in Syria. After a suicide bombing that killed 32 people in Turkey, Turkish planes have targeted IS locations in Syria for two consecutive days now.

Op-Ed: UN should sanction IMF head and Libyan Prime Minister

The UN has the power to sanction any group that interferes with or obstructs the peace process in Libya. The EU has already listed five individuals it intends to sanction.

Voting Law part of 'long history' of struggle in NC, expert says Special

North Carolina's Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) is just the latest episode in a "long and cyclic history" of struggle over minority voting rights, an expert witness testified Friday.

Suspected meth lab explodes in federal building near D.C.

An explosion occurred in a laboratory inside a federal building outside Washington, D.C. Police suspect the blast is related to the making of illicit drugs.

Op-Ed: UK, UAE, and U.S. diplomats in talks with ex-president of Yemen

Representatives of Al Abdullah Saleh, the former president of Yemen are talking with diplomats from the United States, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates in negotiations that may help end the war in Yemen, according to a member of Saleh's party.

Op-Ed: Conservative hate campaign against the poor screws up, yet again

The ongoing hate campaign among conservative politicians against the poor has always been cowardly, petty, and almost psychotic. Now it seems that one of the many added burdens for welfare recipients, drug testing, is a farce, as well.

Iran executes hundreds, country 'out of step' with world

Amnesty International is monitoring Iran and keeping track of executions and say the data so far this year is startling. The human rights group says Iran has executed an incredible 694 people already in 2015. And the killing continues.

Op-Ed: Khalifa Haftar claims EU threat of sanctions meaningless

The EU has drawn up a list of five Libyans it says will be sanctioned. The sanctions will include an asset freeze in all EU countries and a travel ban as well.

Voter fraud 'rare' in North Carolina, expert testifies Special

Voter fraud in North Carolina elections is "exceedingly rare" according to a Rutgers researcher who testified in the federal lawsuit seeking to overturn North Carolina's Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) on Thursday.

NC State Senator calls VIVA a "dramatic rewrite" of NC voting law Special

"Abusive" is the word North Carolina State Senator Josh Stein chose to describe the legislative process used to pass H.B. 589, which became North Carolina's Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA).

Dozens killed in tribal clashes in Sabha southern Libya

While much of Libya is divided up into areas controlled by the rival governments in Tripoli and Tobruk, some parts of the south are still controlled by tribal groups who often clash with each other.

Blair warns UK's Labour not to lurch left in leadership race

Former prime minister Tony Blair weighed in on the leadership contest in Britain's opposition Labour party Wednesday as a new poll electrified the race by putting leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn ahead.

Alexis Tsipras: Selfless statesman or sellout?

The jury is still out on whether Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is the man who capitulated to "blackmail" from Greece's international creditors, or pulled his country back from the abyss.

Op-Ed: Greece signs status of forces agreement with Israel

Greece and Israel signed a status of forces agreement in Tel Aviv that offers legal defense to the forces of each country while training in the other's country.

Op-Ed: Dismissing #AllLivesMatter completely misses the point

One Democratic presidential hopeful made a grave mistake. He dared to question a progressive lie, and he now faces the wrath of the very people he needs to vote for him.