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Britain's Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday faced intense pressure over alleged anti-Semitism in his party less than a week before his leadership is tested by local elections.

Finnish parliament debates petition on leaving eurozone

The Finnish parliament is debating whether Finland should leave the Eurozone after 53,000 people signed a petition asking that the parliament debate the issue.

Protesting Venezuela opposition leader attacked

Supporters of Venezuela's socialist government attacked a senior opposition leader with fists and stones Friday when he was demonstrating against the country's emergency power cuts.

Serbian opposition cries foul after ballot

Serbian opposition groups on Friday alleged electoral "fraud" at weekend polls after the latest results showed a far-right coalition has been excluded from parliament.

Hounded by protests, Trump surges as Cruz scrambles

Hundreds of protesters faced off with police on Friday at a California hotel where Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was giving a speech, as tensions intensified ahead of the next key primaries.

Finland risks 'serious crisis' with Russia if it joins NATO: Study

If Finland joined NATO it would provoke a "serious crisis" with neighbouring Russia, an expert report commissioned by the government warned on Friday.

Op-Ed: Libyan PM of unity government Serraj gives keynote speech on TV

In a pre-recorded TV address, Faiez Serraj, PM-designate of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA), gave a mainly upbeat talk about the progress of the GNA in Tripoli.

Deal reached in Ireland to form minority government

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny's Fine Gael party was on Friday poised to form a minority government after striking a deal with its longtime rival Fianna Fail, following inconclusive elections in February.

Satanists not pleased after Boehner compared Cruz to Lucifer

While people who dislike Ted Cruz found John Boehner's comments, comparing the presidential candidate to Lucifer entertaining, members of the Satanic Temple were not amused. They were upset.

Xi move on faction suggests China elite struggle: Experts

Allies of Chinese President Xi Jinping are moving against a Communist organisation that is the power base of Premier Li Keqiang, in what analysts say may be a sign of faction-fighting at the top of the ruling party.

South Sudan forms unity government: Presidential decree

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has named his transitional unity government, sharing power with ex-rebels in a key step in a long-delayed peace process, a decree read out Friday said.

London mayor rivals tackle housing in 'Box that Rocks'

The two men battling to become London's new mayor confronted the city's housing crisis in the campaign's biggest event, as they faced 6,000 citizens in a thunderous Olympic arena.

Iran votes as Rouhani reformist allies seek control of parliament

Iranians voted Friday in second round elections for almost a quarter of seats in parliament, the latest political showdown between reformists and conservatives seeking to influence the country's future.

North Korea gives Korean-American 10 years' hard labour: Xinhua

North Korea on Friday sentenced a detained Korean-American, Kim Dong-Chul, to 10 years' hard labour on charges of subversion and espionage, China's official Xinhua news agency said.

British foreign secretary in Cuba, a first since 1959

Britain's foreign secretary met Cuban officials on the first such visit to the island since 1959, for talks on boosting trade and tourism ties with the communist state.

Op-Ed: Who controls Libyan military more important than attacking ISIS

The Presidential Council of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Prime Minister Faiez Serraj has asked both the forces of General Khalifa Haftar and those from Misrata to stop their advance towards Sirte to fight the Islamic State.

Indian PM invited to address joint meeting of US Congress

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a joint meeting of the US Congress on June 8 during the leader's visit to Washington, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Thursday.

Turkey journalists jailed for publishing Mohammed cartoon

An Istanbul court on Thursday sentenced two prominent Turkish journalists to two years behind bars for illustrating their columns with a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed originally published by French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Tripoli-based GNC Salvation government claims it still exists

The former rival of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) and the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA), the General National Congress (GNC), claims it is still alive and functioning.

Ireland edges closer to forming new government with deal on water charges

A deal between two rival parties to suspend controversial water charges nudged Ireland closer to the formation of a minority government on Wednesday after more than two months of tortuous negotiations.

Op-Ed: Eastern Libya authorities plan to export more oil illegally

The head of the breakaway National Oil Company (NOC) based in eastern Libya and recognized by the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Nagi Elmagrabi, said more exports were expected in the future.

White House hopeful Cruz taps Carly Fiorina as running mate

White House hopeful Ted Cruz went all-in Wednesday as he sought to bar Donald Trump's triumphant march to the Republican nomination, naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate as the primary race hits its final stretch.

Trump vows 'America first' foreign policy

Republican White House frontrunner Donald Trump promised a top-to-bottom overhaul of US foreign policy Wednesday to put "America first" and make its allies pay up.

World Bank keeps its distance from Iran, despite lifted sanctions

The World Bank aims to eradicate global poverty, but its push stops at the Iranian border despite the easing of sanctions against Tehran and the country's pressing economic needs.

Venezuela imposes two-day workweek as president faces recall bid

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro faced rising pressure Wednesday over his latest measures to deal with severe electricity shortages, including a two-day public sector workweek, as opponents pushed for a referendum to remove him.

Trump, Hillary clash in shifting White House race

Republican Donald Trump trained his fire on Hillary Clinton Wednesday, accusing his Democratic rival of playing "the woman card" in her White House bid, after both took a giant step towards clinching their parties' nominations.

Greek PM seeks EU help to break creditor deadlock

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday sought help from the European Union to break a deadlock in critical debt talks as his spokeswoman accused the IMF of "undermining" the process.

Austria adopts tough new asylum laws amid far-right surge

The Austrian parliament on Wednesday adopted one of Europe's toughest asylum laws, as the country's political leaders struggle to halt the surging far-right which is leading in presidential polls.

Iran's Khamenei says U.S. lifted sanctions only on paper

Iran's supreme leader and president accused the United States of hostility and bad faith Wednesday, saying the implementation of its nuclear deal with world powers was not being honoured.

Exiled Tibetans reelect Lobsang Sangay as leader

Exiled Tibetans have reelected Lobsang Sangay as their leader, the election commission said Wednesday, five years after the Dalai Lama ceded political power in a bid to foster democracy and secure his succession.

Outspoken Philippine presidential frontrunner jokes about penis

Philippine presidential favourite Rodrigo Duterte joked Wednesday about his penis and vowed to pardon himself for mass murder, as he took his profanity-laced campaign to the nation's business elite.

Iran parliament in the balance in election run-offs

Nearly a quarter of Iran's parliamentary seats are at stake Friday in an election in which reformists want to consolidate their recent comeback and minimise the clout of hardline lawmakers.

Surge in EU immigrants fuels Brexit campaign

In cities like Peterborough, a recent surge in immigration by mainly East European workers is giving momentum to "Brexiters" in the campaign ahead of Britain's referendum on EU membership in June.

North Korea sets party congress date amid nuclear test fears

North Korea on Wednesday formally set May 6 for the opening of a landmark ruling party congress -- the first in nearly four decades and an event many fear will be preceded by a fifth nuclear test.

Venezuela enforces public sector leave on three weekdays

Venezuela's government Tuesday announced enforced leave for public sector workers three days a week, meaning they will only work just two days, in a bid to tackle an electricity shortage.

Decision upholding NC voter ID law to be appealed in higher court Special

The legal battle over North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act will continue in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, a team of lawyers representing the NAACP and the Advancement Project announced today.

Cuba cardinal, key to better U.S. ties, steps down

Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the Catholic church's top official in Havana and a promoter of closer ties with the United States, will be leaving the post, the Vatican announced Tuesday.

Venezuela opposition authorized to seek referendum against president

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's opponents advanced in their mission to drive him from office when electoral authorities gave them authorization to take initial steps seeking a recall referendum.

U.S. to send 250 more troops to Syria but no mission creep

Although the Pentagon admits it is sending 250 more troops to Syria, it denies that this represents any mission creep in the war against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The deployment is said to be needed simply to meet current requirements.

Ukraine strips top political talk show host of work permit

Ukraine's most prominent political talk show host was stripped of his work permit on Tuesday in what he described as a politically-charged case.

Libyan State Council president asks for attacks on Islamic State

Abdulrahman Sewehli, president of the State Council, has asked the Presidency Council of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA) to send forces to liberate Sirte and other places controlled by the Islamic State.