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Thursday marked the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the costliest disaster in U.S. History. A new report shows how Koch Industries, headed by Charles and David Koch, profited by worsening the damage caused by the devastating storm.

Op-Ed: Harper government sends scientist home for writing protest song

Apparently, working for the Harper government means that you must not write protest songs that are not politically correct according to the Public Service Ethics Code.

Op-Ed: UN Libyan envoy claims dialogue talks end again on positive note

The special envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, who is chief facilitator of the dialogue between representatives of the 2 rival governments said recent 2-day talks were held in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

UN brands Dutch 'Black Pete' a 'vestige of slavery'

The United Nations has called a Dutch character with a black face who appears every Christmas a "vestige of slavery" and said The Netherlands should begin overturning the popular tradition.

The British government to use Twitter to combat the threat from ISIS

The popular social media site has become the latest tool in the British government's continuing struggle against the threat of Islamic extremism.

Two new polls show NDP leading in Canadian election race

Not long ago a Nanos poll showed the three main parties, the Conservatives under leader Stephen Harper, the New Democratic Party (NDP) with Tom Mulcair, and the Liberals with Justin Trudeau in a virtual tie. Two more recent polls show the NDP leading.

China, U.S. officials hint at underlying tensions in talks

US President Barack Obama's key national security aide and China's top foreign policy official hinted at tensions that divide them on Friday ahead of a state visit to Washington by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Op-Ed: Debunking the Republican War on Women

There is no Republican “war on women.” There are many in America's GOP that clearly have some very serious, troubling issues with women, but that is a far cry from a party-wide war on women.

Op-Ed: Libyan dialogue talks resume without one of two rival governments

Bernardino Leon, the UN Special Envoy to Libya resumed talks on forming a Government of National Accord in Skhirat Morocco even though one of two rival governments did not show up.

Greece's top judge takes over as caretaker PM ahead of snap vote

Greece's top judge on Thursday became the country's first female prime minister, taking over a caretaker administration to organise early elections next month, the fifth in the crisis-hit country in six years.

Trash talk trumps civility on 2016 campaign trail

Five months before early primary voting, America's presidential race has devolved into mudslinging, with Republican Donald Trump leading the charge to the bottom by lambasting his many rivals, some of whom are taking the bait and responding in kind.

Op-Ed: Government might sue student loan collector Navient

Student loan giant Navient Corp. told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sent it a letter claiming it has the legal grounds for a lawsuit.

Trump's war of words with Fox News' Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump picked up right where he left off with his ongoing attacks against Fox News host Megyn Kelly Monday -- her first day back following a two-week vacation.

Mega-donors extend 'shelf life' of struggling 2016 hopefuls

Chris Christie and Rick Perry may have stalled in the US presidential race but they could struggle on to the first primary votes, thanks to the mega-donors keeping their campaigns afloat.

Latest poll shows NDP Tories and Liberals virtually tied

A recent poll by Nanos, Globe and Mail, CTV shows the three main parties in a virtual tie although other recent polls still show the NDP ahead by several points. Nevertheless the NDP vote percentage has gone down since the last CBC poll-tracker averages.

Op-Ed: Close to 800 candidates (not people) are running for president

If you don't think too much of the presidential candidates being pushed into our living-rooms by the news media, don't worry. You've got close to 800 candidates to choose from.

Op-Ed: UN-brokered Libyan peace agreement dialogue to resume on Thursday

Bernardino Leon, UN special envoy for Libya, who directs the peace dialogue, has said, after two days of talks earlier in Geneva, that he wants to reach agreement on the fifth draft of a peace agreement by the end of August.

Jon Stewart presidential debate petition attracts 277,000

A New Jersey teacher created an online petition asking that political satirist Jon Stewart moderate one of the 2016 presidential debates, which has generated more than 277,000 signatures.

Op-Ed: Time for Liberals to vote NDP to oust Harper

In the past when the New Democratic Party had no chance of forming the government, the Liberals have often called for NDP supporters to vote Liberal in order defeat the Conservatives.

Trump sees Clinton, Biden as 'pretty equal' 2016 challengers

Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton would make equally formidable opponents in the race for the White House, Donald Trump said Sunday as he and other Republican candidates aimed their darts at the Democratic frontrunner.

Op-Ed: Mulcair the logical choice for Conservative supporters

Except for dedicated loyalists who will hear no evil, see no evil, nor speak no evil of Stephen Harper most supporters of the Conservative Party must realize that the Harper brand is irredeemably damaged.

Mulcair: NDP government would decriminalize marijuana in a flash

The leader of the federal NDP Party in Canada, Thomas Mulcair, did not mince words on Thursday in Vancouver when it came to the subject of marijuana. He made it clear what his party would do should they win the October 19 election.

Republican barbs raise nuclear deal doubts in Iran

Fierce criticism of the Iran nuclear agreement by Republicans seeking the US presidency has raised a big question in Tehran -- will future American leaders keep their side of the bargain?

Canada: NDP ahead in polls while Liberals closer to Conservatives

The recent CBC poll tracker results show that the NDP continues to lead both in popular vote and in seats it is projected to win.

Op-Ed: Turkish president risks civil war in bid to win majority

While Turkey is facing huge economic problems and increasing civil strife, President Recep Erdogan seems intent on creating more conflict in order to boost his chance of forming a majority in an election that is expected to be called soon.

UK spooks kept files on Nobel author Lessing: Archives

Britain's intelligence services kept tabs on Nobel winning author Doris Lessing during the 1950s, fearing that her communist sympathies had been "fanned almost to the point of fanaticism", according to archived documents released Friday.

Op-Ed: Why Harper is just not ready to be trustworthy

Harper has claimed that Canadian voters have a clear choice between a proven leader that they can trust, namely him, or two risky and unproven leaders, Justin Trudeau of the Liberals, or Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic Party.

Negotiations could end legal challenge to NC's voter ID law

The conflict over North Carolina's controversial voter ID law could be settled out of court, according to court papers filed Monday.

Op-Ed: Regional Greek airports privatized to be run by German firm

The Greek government gazette reveals that a German company Fraport AG has been given the rights to operate 14 regional airports. Fraport AG also runs the Frankfurt airport in Germany among others.

Op-Ed: Fierce battle to retake city of Taiz from Houthi Yemen rebels

Although early reports claimed forces loyal to the Yemen government-in-exile had retaken Taiz, it appears only parts of the city are under their control.

Ex KGB agent leaves Canada after 6 years inside Vancouver church

A former agent for the now-defunct Soviet Union has surrendered his fight for asylum and has left Canada following several years inside a Vancouver church.

Iraqi Kurds again feuding with Baghdad government over oil

In spite of a deal with the Iraqi government last December, the Kurdish autonomous government in Iraq is selling oil independently of the Baghdad government.

More Snowden revelations on AT&T and NSA collusion

Edward Snowden, the IT worker who fled to Russia over two years ago, has released another bombshell about how AT&T reportedly partnered with the National Security Agency to spy on the Internet for at least a decade.

Op-Ed: NDP cracks down on critics of Israel

The NDP is cracking down on candidates who go beyond the mildest criticism of Israel. Prospective candidates have also been rejected because of their support of the Palestinian cause and criticism of Israel.

Former pro-Putin Internet troll wins lawsuit against ex-employer

A Russian court on Monday ordered a secretive pro-Putin "propaganda factory" to pay symbolic damages to an employee who sued them in a bid to expose the workings of the Kremlin's online army.

Bernie Sanders berates reporter over questions about his hair

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) doesn't want to be asked about his hair. For his part, Sanders has shown little patience for what he perceives as superficial questions from journalists.

Donald Trump vows to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants

In keeping with his previously carved out hard-line immigration stance, front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pledged to deport all undocumented immigrants if elected president.

The Hillary Clinton emails: What's known, what's not

Questions keep swirling about the electronic correspondence of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, whose use of a private email account while secretary of state has dogged her on the campaign trail.

Op-Ed: Canadian NDP learns to live with Oil Sands development

When left-leaning parties appear close to obtaining power, it seems inevitable that they should move to the centre of the political spectrum or even adopt right-wing policies. This is happening in Canada with the federal New Democratic Party.

Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders' brother stood in recent UK election

There's a buzz in the U.S. around the campaign by Bernie Sanders to snatch the Democratic Party nomination from Hilary Clinton. But how many people knew his brother also runs for public office?

Op-Ed: Why does Obama like Australia's Gun Laws?

Every day licensed law-abiding sport shooters in Australia are vilified and discriminated against. Has Australia implemented something more sinister than laws to protect its citizens? Does Obama have bigger plans?
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