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Trump welcomed Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to the White House on Wednesday, Trump's warm welcome included the president saying he was a "big fan" of Erdogan.

Bolivia interim president rules out Morales election bid

Bolivia's interim president Jeanine Anez on Thursday ruled out exiled leader Evo Morales from standing in new elections as thousands of demonstrators marched through La Paz in support of the socialist icon and against the new, acting leader.

After meeting Erdogan, US senator blocks genocide measure

A US Republican lawmaker who met with visiting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blocked a Senate resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide, after a similar measure overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives.

When Hamas is not in Israel's sights

For the first time in more than a decade, Israeli forces have bombed Gaza without targeting Hamas.But this spells a tough choice for the Islamist movement, between heeding calls to join the fighting, and its desire to maintain its truce with Israel.

Drone footage shows Turkey-backed rebels in possible war crimes

US military officials claim that during the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria, US drone feeds show that Turkish-backed rebels were attacking civilians in Kurdish-controlled area.

Bolsonaro says China part of Brazil's future

China is increasingly part of Brazil's future, President Jair Bolsonaro said Wednesday, signaling a more pragmatic approach to the Latin American country's biggest trade partner.

EU changes title for migration commissioner after outcry

The incoming European Commission chief has changed the title of her migration commissioner from "Protecting our European Way of Life" following criticism it had far-right connotations, an EU official said Wednesday.

Trump dodges US-Turkey rows to focus on Erdogan friendship

President Donald Trump on Wednesday sidestepped disputes snaring US relations with fellow NATO member Turkey, instead telling visiting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he is a "fan.

Pressure builds as Trump impeachment probe hears new claims

Two top US diplomats delivered gripping testimony Wednesday about Donald Trump's efforts to get Ukraine to investigate his potential 2020 rival Joe Biden, as the impeachment inquiry into the president shifted into a new phase of high-stakes televised h...

Native Americans - From voting rights to Congress

Native American tribes and nations occupied this land for thousands of years before Europeans reached these shores, however, the U.S. government did not grant them citizenship or Native American women the right to vote until 1924.

Macron rues 'unprecedented' global crisis, says new alliances needed

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday lamented an "unprecedented crisis" in the global political system and urged new alliances to solve the world's problems, in a call backed by Chinese and EU leaders.

'Shameful' for UK not to publish Russia meddling probe: Clinton

Hillary Clinton said Tuesday it was "shameful" that the British government had not published a delayed parliamentary report into possible Russian interference in British politics ahead of December elections.

Op-Ed: US general predicts US to stay in Afghanistan several more years

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Mark Milley predicted that US troops would stay in Afghanistan for several more years. This is the first such estimate since President Trump refused to accept a peace plan in principle negotiated with the Taliban.

Trump: Bolivia leader's resignation sign to 'illegitimate regimes'

US President Donald Trump on Monday hailed the resignation of Bolivia's leftist leader Evo Morales as a sign to "illegitimate" regimes and praised the role of the country's military.

Does Brexit mean a U.S. healthcare model for the U.K.?

One of the hotly discussed topics in relation to Britain’s exit from the European Union is whether the planned trade deal with the U.S. will lead to the precious National Health Service being partly subsumed by U.S. private healthcare.

Austria conservatives, Greens to enter coalition negotiations

Austria's Sebastian Kurz announced Monday his conservatives would enter exclusive coalition talks with the Green party, taking a step closer to forming a government following a September election.

Beijing slams Pompeo for 'Cold War thinking' in Berlin speech

China on Monday accused Mike Pompeo of "outdated Cold War thinking" after the US Secretary of State warned against a Chinese threat to Western freedoms.

US approves $830 million sale of 10 Chinook helicopters to UAE

The US Dept. of State has approved a possible sale of 10 Chinook heavy lift helicopters to the United Arab Emirates for more than $830 million, according to a release from the Defense Security Cooperation (DSCA).

Former US envoy to UN says top Trump aides tried to subvert him

Two top advisers to President Donald Trump ignored or undermined him because "they were trying to save the country," former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley writes in a new book.

Balkans leaders discuss common market after EU snub

Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia discussed setting up a common market at a summit Sunday, weeks after the European Union snubbed bids by Skopje and Tirana to open membership talks.

November is the time we celebrate our Native American Heritage

What started at the turn of the century as an effort to gain a day of recognition for the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the U.S., has resulted in a whole month being designated for that purpose.

Trump condemns two Congress motions on Turkey

As Turkish president Recep Erdogan is expected to visit the White House next week, US president Donald Trump has expressed his opposition to two recent resolutions of the US Congress.

BDS campaigns grew by a third on US campuses the last three years

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns have increased by almost one third during the last three years on US college campuses according to the Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC)

Alberta scraps production limits to encourage more oil drilling

The Government of Alberta, Canada, is now allowing curtailed operators to drill new conventional oil wells without being restricted by production limits. Existing producing wells will remain under curtailment.

Brazil's freed leftist leader Lula rallies supporters

Brazil's left-wing leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva returned to his trade union stronghold on Saturday, delivering a fiery speech to throngs of celebrating supporters a day after walking free from jail.

Some former Twitter employees spied for Saudi Arabia

The US Justice Department claims that three people including two former employees of Twitter and a third person who was working for the Saudi Royal Family face charges associated with spying for Saudi Arabia without registering as foreign agents.

Mob seizes mayor in Bolivia drag her in the mud cut her hair

Patricia Arce the mayor of Vinto a city in central Bolivia of about 60,000 was hauled out of the local government building dragged in the streets, splashed with red paint, and had her hair cut by an angry mob last Wednesday.

Bloomberg files papers paving way for US presidential bid

New York business tycoon Michael Bloomberg has paved the way for a shot at the US presidency, registering as a candidate in the Alabama Democratic primary race before Friday's filing deadline.

Jackie Chan's trip to Vietnam cancelled over China sea row

Martial-arts film star Jackie Chan's planned visit to Vietnam for a charity has been cancelled following an online backlash related to Beijing's expansive claims in the disputed South China Sea.

US reported to be building two bases near Syrian oil fields

Local sources in eastern Syria report that the US appears to be preparing to build two substantial military bases in the Soor area which is close to major oilfields that the Trump administration claims it will retain.

Morales leads outrage over humiliating attack on Bolivian mayor

Bolivia's President Evo Morales condemned Thursday an attack on a female mayor in which an opposition mob forcibly cut her hair, covered her in paint and marched her barefoot through the streets.

Erdogan threatens to open Europe gates for refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on a visit to EU member Hungary repeated his threat Thursday to "open the gates" for millions of refugees eager to flee to Europe unless more international support was provided.

Malaysia says US offer to host APEC 'not a good idea'

An offer by the United States to host a Pacific rim summit in America in 2020 after Chile abruptly cancelled this year's event was "not a good idea", Malaysia's foreign minister said Thursday.

Britain's Labour hit by internal strife at campaign start

A resignation and a defection are forcing Jeremy Corbyn to confront two scourges hounding his Labour Party as it tries to unseat UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: anti-Semitism and Brexit.

Malaysia detains Cambodian opposition figure

A senior Cambodian opposition figure was detained in Malaysia as she tried to fly home for the planned return of her exiled party leader, authorities said Thursday, in another win for strongman Hun Sen.

Women’s and children’s hospital hit by airstrikes in Syria

Two hospitals located in Idlib, Syria were targeted by airstrikes. This brings the total of medical facilities hit within 48 hours to four. The direction of the civil war appears to have taken a new turn, with no target off limits.

Woman who 'flipped off Trump' in 2017 wins election in Virginia

The cyclist who flipped off President Donald Trump’s motorcade in 2017, and lost her job because of it, has won her bid for local office in Virginia.

Britain's Johnson launches election campaign on opposition turf

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday launched the Conservatives' election campaign in a traditional stronghold of the Labour opposition he hopes to win over by vowing to "get Brexit done".

Riyadh in talks with Yemen rebels, Saudi official says

Riyadh is in talks with Yemen's Iran-backed Huthi rebels in a bid to end the country's civil war, a Saudi official said Wednesday in the first official confirmation of dialogue between the two sides.

Xi, Macron unite on climate after US withdraws from Paris pact

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron declared on Wednesday that the Paris climate pact was "irreversible", showing a united front after Washington formally withdrew from the accord this week.

US vows pressure on Venezuela, punishes five officials

The United States on Tuesday vowed to maintain maximum pressure to topple Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro as it slapped sanctions on five more officials.
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