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odd news Articles
A teenage boy has married his 73-year-old lover in a remote village on Indonesia's Sumatra, officials said, after the unconventional couple threatened a double suicide if their match was thwarted.

NASA denies running child slave colony on Mars

A guest on Alex Jones' Infowars channel said NASA has a child slave colony on Mars. NASA responded and denied such as thing.

Woman's body found in Walmart, three days after entering store

A woman was found dead at a Walmart in Oklahoma. Her body was found in the bathroom, and police have now launched an investigation.

Yukon bar's stolen cocktail toe returned, and with an apology

A mummified toe that's the key ingredient in a strange cocktail served at a hotel bar in Dawson City, Yukon was taken by a thief last weekend, creating such a stir that the contrite thief who made off with it mailed the toe back, along with an apology.

Police called after Queen Elizabeth spotted not wearing seat belt

Someone spotted Queen Elizabeth II being driven to the state opening of parliament, but they called police. The reason is because she wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Exploding whipped cream dispenser kills popular fitness blogger

In what can be described as a horrible accident, a fitness and lifestyle blogger from France died after a can of whipped cream exploded.

Yukon bar's signature ingredient for 'Sourtoe Cocktail' stolen

A bar in Canada is up-in-arms after a customer made off with the secret recipe for the establishment's signature drink. The Downtown Hotel located in Dawson City, Yukon, is known for its “Sourtoe Cocktail” but the toe used in the drink is gone.

Chilling video shows man being eaten by stray dogs in Russia

An intoxicated man was walking back to his home when he was attacked and killed by a pack of stray dogs. The horrible incident was captured on video.

Instead of trees, this startup is making paper out of stone

Nobuyoshi Yamasaki's TMB Co. doesn't use trees to make paper. Instead, it uses limestone, which he says is almost inexhaustible.

Back to the Future Nike Air Mags Sell for World-Record $52,500

A pair of Nike Air Mag self-lacing sneakers (or 'trainers') have sold for $52,000 at auction, smashing the record for any other pair of sports shoes.

Man hit by lightning while sitting at his desk

A man in New York said he was sitting in his office last Monday when he was struck by lightning. He said he was happy to be alive.

Doctors find huge spider in woman's ear after she napped outside

A 49-year-old woman took a nap on her veranda and she woke up with a headache. It turned out to be a large spider inside her ear.

A handbag? For $380k, it's yours

A diamond-encrusted crocodile-skin Hermes handbag with white gold details has broken the record for the world's most expensive ever sold at auction, fetching nearly US$380,000 at a Hong Kong sale.

Police brings drunk man home, snaps selfie with him

Police officers gave a lift to a drunk man in Tasmania. After they tucked him into bed, the officers posed for selfie before leaving.