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odd news Articles
A teenage girl in California allegedly baked her grandfather's ashes into cookies and handed them out to her school friends, local media reported on Wednesday.

Woman's body found after Australian crocodile attack

The body of an indigenous women was recovered by Australian police Friday following a reported crocodile attack in a remote part of the country's north.

Ouch! Thailand's cheek-piercing vegetarian festival

As burning incense fills the air, devotees in trances force skewers and swords through their cheeks in ritualistic acts underpinning southern Thailand's colourful -- and seemingly painful -- vegetarian festival.

Shredded Banksy painting worth more than original, experts say

When street artist Banksy destroyed one of his works of art last week seconds after it was sold at auction, he probably added to its value, with some experts suggesting it could now be worth double its original price.