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article imageYemeni intelligence officer gunned down in port city of Aden

By Ken Hanly     Jan 3, 2014 in World
Aden - Suspected Al-Qaeda operatives gunned down Colonel Marwan al-Maqbali in Aden as he was leaving his house. The shots were fired from a car a security official claimed.
Two bullets hit the colonel who died before he reached the hospital. Many of the recent hit and run assaults on military personnel and Yemeni officials are blamed on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. (AQAP) although often the group does not claim responsibility.
An exception was the December 5th attack on the defense ministry in the capital Sanaa that killed 56 people. However, this admission was accompanied by an apology. Military commander of AQAP, Qassem al-Rimi, also offered to compensate families of victims of the attack. The attack killed hospital patients and foreign medics in a defense industry hospital. AQAP thought that there was a drone operation room in the ministry. The commander said: “We do not fight in this way, and this not what we call on people to do, and this is not our approach”. He also claimed that he had warned fighters not to attack the hospital or a nearby prayer hall.
During protests against former president Saleh and the decline of the power of the central government during 2011, AQAP along with other radical groups took control of a considerable swathe of territory in Yemen. A military offensive in June of 2012 supported by the US drove them out of most of the territories they held. Since that time the group has resorted to guerrilla tactics. The group constantly launches surprise attacks on the military and assassinates military and political officials. The US has launched many drone strikes on suspected militants, however the strikes often cause civilian casualties. Yemenis were particularly outraged by a recent strike on a wedding convoy.
The US considers AQAP to be one of most dangerous of all the Al-Qaeda network. Yemeni president Mansour Hadi has been a staunch ally of the US and has supported drone strikes in spite of their unpopularity with many Yemenis. The southern part of Yemen also has a powerful separatist movement who want an independent South Yemen as existed in the past before unification.
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