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article imageVideo: World Cup leads to forced eviction and demolition of homes

By Walter McDaniel     Jun 20, 2014 in World
News alleging that Brazil displaced thousands from their homes has come to light. Around 250,000 people may have forcibly evicted from their homes if this is true.
The information comes from Architect Anthony Ling in an article on the Daily Caller. Ling asserts that he is working in São Paulo and is seeing first-hand what is happening due to the World Cup development. He says that buildings are being torn down and residents displaced creating what he calls an "invaluable social cost."
The article also mentions that some are paid reparations for the eviction. But these amount to around 10,000 BRL (around $4,470.60) at most, which is not nearly enough to pay for the house and moving expenses. Many get less than this or sometimes get no money at all.
According to his report public land that was being fairly used is now being taken by the government. It was used and is being used to build projects like cable cars for tourists. As a result many were evicted from their homes. Many have nowhere to go and will not be celebrating as Al Jazeera puts it.
There is actually a scientific basis for these claims. The social costs when an urban renewal project goes wrong can be significant. Many studies and documentaries on topics such as Pruitt-Igoe show what can happen in the worst case scenario.
According to multiple reports and the attached video troops in riot gear are being used to move some people out. Despite the joy and furor of the Brazilian World Cup a tension is brewing. With nowhere to go a new underclass is forming and they are not happy with the situation.
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