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article imageVessel buried under New Jersey beach could be historical find

By Owen Weldon     Nov 3, 2014 in World
Brick - Debris from a shipwreck have been unearthed at a beach in Brick, New Jersey, and town officials and historians are eager to excavate the remnants of the vessel.
According to ABC, the vessel, thought to be more than 100 years old, was discovered by drillers preparing a protective sea wall in the wake of superstorm Sandy.
Some officials believe the ship could be from as far back as the 1850s. The mayor of Brick, John Ducey, said he suspected construction workers would find something while digging. He said there was a possibility they could have come across some lumber or even an old car.
Ducey said he was shocked and he thought it was cool that a ship from the 1850s was buried 20 feet under the sand.
According to CBS, Dan Lieb, a shipwreck expert, said the pieces of debris could be from the Ayrshire, a shipe that ran aground at a beach in New Jersey. The ship went down in front of a live-saving station.
One of the pieces that was found by the workers was a windlass, which was used 300 years ago. The object was used to raise the anchor or to pull in heavy lines.
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection said the wreck could be from any bard or ship. Lieb added that since the windlass sits on top, then there is more beneath the sand, such as gold or cargo.
The wreckage will be examined by an archaeologist and they will determine if there is more under the sand. Until it can determined if the wreck has any historic value or if it should be uprooted, the department will just work around the site and continue on with the steel wall project.
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