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Twin brothers father twins at the same time

By Simon Crompton     Dec 2, 2014 in World
Proving that truth is stranger than fiction, twin brothers have become fathers on the same day. They each had a son that was born in the same hospital and delivered by the same midwife.
Both of the babies were born two days early, used the same birthing pool and were born within hours of each other.
“I have never ever heard of this happening before. It is amazing,” said Barbara Kapoor, the officiating midwife for both children to the BBC.
The 21-year old twin brothers, Jeromme and Jarrell Spence, beat 150,000 to 1 odds to have all of these occurrences happen to them, according to Ladbrokes bookmakers. They said, “It is absolutely amazing that we became fathers of sons on the same day. It is great for everyone and everyone at the hospital was great.”
Jarrell and his partner, Francesca Ashe, give birth first and then Jeromme and his partner, Tegan Compton, gave birth to their son. Although the brothers knew the due dates were the same, they did not believe that their sons would be born on the same day.
Once the children were born they were innundated with offers of free gifts for the children. This included nappies, milk powder, pacifiers and strollers.
Of course two twins will need two double stories so that the two dads can look great showing off their new babies together. They can find so many options for strollers these days just by checking the selestion at the best double strollers.
“Tegan and me came in first and little Cameron was born just a few hours later. Then the pool was washed and cleaned, and we handed over to Jarrell and Francesca,” said Jeromme to the Telegraph.
Jarrell said, “We got here at about two in the morning and we could hear someone's voice and I said: 'That's Tegan.' Mum was with me so when Tegan gave birth she went over to see her grandson and then a couple of hours later she had another one.”
The Wolverhampton brothers currently live in Fordhouses and their sons were born at the New Cross Hospital. Jarrell works for a catering company while Jeromme works in a sports shop. The twins, named Cameron and Cassen were born two and a half hours apart according to ITV.
Jerome said, “We knew that our partners were both given the same due date but we just never expected the births to be really on the same day.”
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