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Short film: 'No Job Land' documents life in Madrid

By Anne Sewell     Dec 25, 2013 in World
Madrid - Until the crisis started, Spain was rich, everyone had a job and life was good. That was around five years ago. Things have changed drastically since. This short film documents life in Madrid as it is today.
Now there are millions of unemployed Spaniards trying their best to hang on to their homes and despairing for a future with no job, no cash and no food. The people are demanding that the Spanish government do something about this.
A freelance photojournalist, Olmo Calvo is a member and co-founder of the SUB photography cooperative in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He now lives in Madrid.
Together with Eva Filgueira, a freelance journalist and multimedia editor based in Madrid and Gabriel Pecot, a freelance photojournalist and multimedia producer, he has put together the above short film, documenting life in Madrid for the many unemployed residents, explaining how Rajoy says that "everything is OK now" when it clearly is not.
The video, recently released on Vimeo and YouTube by Narratively, tells the story of unemployed Madrid residents and how their families rely on handouts to survive now that their benefits have run out and no jobs are available.
The families are all scared of being evicted, losing their homes. They worry about feeding their children and paying for medicine and basics like clothing.
Instead of feeling helpless, they band together and create a protest group, setting up tents in a local park. Briefly their demands “social justice and a decent job with decent rights” are heard, but then police arrive and evict the protesters from the park after only four days.
In the video we hear Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who is currently involved in corruption scandals and talk of kick-backs and illegal payments, claiming that the crisis is almost over, everything is going to be OK.
As he says: “Dear friends, this year will be better than last but worse than the following, and pessimism is in retreat in our nation,” the video pans to show us the many homeless people sleeping in the streets of Madrid and digging in the garbage bins for food.
"No Job Land" is an apt title to describe a country where more than 25 percent of the people have no jobs, and over half the youngsters between 16 and 25 years are unable to find work, or even to dream of ever leaving their parents' homes.
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