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article imageSatan statue planned for Oklahoma State Capitol (video)

By Anne Sewell     Jan 7, 2014 in World
Oklahoma City - A Satanist group has submitted plans for a seven-foot statue of a Baphomet demon to be erected at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Designs have been revealed and the group are crowdfunding the money for its creation on Indiegogo.
The New York-based Satanists group are planning on erecting the statue in the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds, right next to the Ten Commandments monument.
Apparently the news was released a little earlier than planned, as the spokesman for the Temple, Lucien Greaves said that he accidentally sent the plans to the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission via email. This then led to the disclosure of the plans on the social networking sites and in the media via a press release on Monday.
Greaves said, “I didn’t mean to reach out to the media until the commission had the formal submission.”
The Ten Commandments statue was erected on state grounds in 2012 and reportedly the fact that legislators pushed through a bill in 2009 giving permission for that monument, has now opened the door to the possibility of the Satanist monument being erected.
The plans for the seven foot statue show Satan seated and flanked by two children. In the design, two important Satanist symbols include the pentacle, which is located above Satan's head, as well as Satan being depicted as Baphomet.
According to Greaves, the goat-headed Baphomet is a symbol of idolatry which the Knights Templar were reportedly accused of worshiping. The figure has now become part of disparate occult and mystical traditions.
Greaves told the media, “The symbol is now a constitutionally protected one that stands for the rights of heretics, for tolerance and free inquiry, and for the unjustly outcast.”
While plans have not yet been finalized, Greaves said that the back slab of the statue would “almost certainly be granite,” while the actual sculpture would be created from an as-yet-undetermined metal.
There is apparently no set deadline for the commission to either approve or reject the application. In fact, apparently the reviewing panel imposed a moratorium on new displays last month after receiving a Hindu group’s application for a monument.
This does not worry Greaves, however, saying, "as long as the Ten Commandments monument remains on the Capitol grounds, we believe we have legal standing, and there is no reason for the commission not to consider our application.”
The Satanic group is reportedly seeking $20,000 in donations to fund the project and while the media is reporting that they have received $16,000 in donations so far, the temple's Indiegogo page shows that they have already received $20,209.
On the website of the Satanic Temple it states:
"We are keenly attuned to the need for a public-friendly design and plan is to make our monument an object of play for young children."
"The Satanic Temple is accepting donations toward the production and placement of this historic and important monument to religious diversity."
Greaves added, “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where all people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”
We want your feedback. What are your thoughts on this reader? Do you think it right for a statue of Satan to be erected at the Oklahoma State Capitol?
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