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article imageRussian intervention likely to split Ukraine, says dissident Special

By Justin King     Mar 1, 2014 in World
Moscow - Troops, widely speculated to belong to Russia, have seized critical transportation infrastructure in the Ukrainian region of Crimea, and today the Russian Duma called for Vladimir Putin to stabilize the situation in Ukraine, with force if necessary.
Overnight, pro-Russian demonstrators in the region replaced Ukrainian flags flying over government buildings with Russia’s flag. The region in which most of the troop movements have been confined holds a majority of ethnic Russians.
In the Duma’s call for President Putin to stabilize the region, members pointed to the prospect of the violence seen in Kiev reaching the population that many Russians feel is part of their nationality.
The Duma Council adopted an appeal to the president of Russia, in which parliamentarians are calling on the president to take measures to stabilise the situation in Crimea and use all available means to protect the people of Crimea from tyranny and violence.
Pro-Russian activists clash with Maidan supporters as they storm the regional government building in...
Pro-Russian activists clash with Maidan supporters as they storm the regional government building in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on March 1, 2014
Sergey Bobok, AFP
Members of the Russian Federation Council stated that troops may be required in order to protect ethnic Russians until “constitutional order is restored in Ukraine.” The statement openly implies that the deposed President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, will be returned to power under the force of the Russian military.
Putin issued a formal request for authorization for the forces that are most likely already deployed in a statement worded:
Due to the extraordinary situation that has taken shape in Ukraine and the threat to the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation, our compatriots, and the personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation who are deployed on the territory of Ukraine (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) under an international treaty, I hereby introduce, under Clause (g) of Part 1 of Article 2012 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, an appeal for the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine pending the normalization of the social and political situation in that country.
Men who call themselves members of Ukraine's disbanded elite Berkut riot police force stand at ...
Men who call themselves members of Ukraine's disbanded elite Berkut riot police force stand at their checkpoint under a Russian flag on a highway that connects Black Sea Crimea peninsula to mainland Ukraine on February 28, 2014
Viktor Drachev, AFP
Estimates of Russian troops already deployed in the region range from 6,000 to 28,000. Russia has justified the deployments further by citing a call for help from the Crimea’s Prime Minister.
Sergei Aksenov, the leader of the region of Crimea, has called for a referendum to be held at the end of this month to determine if Crimea should remain with Ukraine, join Russia, or form an independent nation. Incensed Ukrainian officials called the referendum “illegal.” The Ukrainian government is unable to stop the incursion and troops have already seized airports, ports, and government buildings under the Russian flag.
Vika Andreiko, who has in the past accurately predicted how events will unfold in the region, told Digital Journal
The dissection of the country may be the best route for peace, and for the people’s wishes. Those in the eastern part of the country want to be with Russia, let them. Let those of us in the western part be free of Yanukovych. We do not want them to force us to live under his rule. We would not want to force them to live under a government they despise.
If the governments care about their people, they will let the division of the country take place peacefully.
Andreiko, a dissident who fled Ukraine in 2006, has accurately predicted the widening of violence and the overthrow of Yanukovych’s government.
The Russian Duma has requested a recall of their Ambassador to the United States.
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