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article imageRussia's 'Ring of Steel' breached by suicide bomber?

By Karen Graham     Jan 20, 2014 in World
Sochi - Black widows, female suicide bombers, are just as lethal as their arachnid counterparts, and perhaps more so because they can kill more than one victim at a time. Black widows are terrorists, but don't fit the typical stereotype of a militant terrorist.
Russian police are looking for a potential suicide bomber in Sochi, who may have already made it through the "ring of steel" surrounding the Olympic Games site. ABC News and NBC News are reporting hotel employees are saying posters with a picture of a 22-year old woman from Dagestan, identified as Ruzanna Ibragimova, were distributed over the weekend and posted at the airport.
The woman on the poster is the widow of a militant reportedly shot in a school shoot-out last year in Dagestan. She goes by the nickname, Salima. She is allegedly affiliated with the Caucasus Emirate, a terror group led by Doku Umarov. This group is the same one that has made previous threats against the Sochi Games.
Ibragimova is only one of four black widows being sought by the Russian police. Because these suicide bombers don't fit what we assume a typical terrorist looks like, the Caucasus Emirate uses them quite frequently to create terror, confusion and panic. Security officials are very concerned that someone was able to breach the security ring after it was up and running, or was able to stay hidden before it was in place.
Either way, it has raised questions about the "strength of the Russian security apparatus," said Christopher Swift of Georgetown University , who has made a study of terrorist groups in the Northern Caucasus. Swift followed up by saying, "The specific worry is that she's a woman and because of that it's easier for women to infiltrate indoor or outdoor venues, that she could be a bomb carrier." Swift also mentioned that women suicide bombers will work as a team, and rarely alone.
This latest terrorist issue comes just a day after the release of a video from two separate terrorist groups, saying they will target the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. The two terrorists in the video were identified as Suleiman and Abdurakhman. They claimed responsibility for the two suicide bombings in Volgograd that killed 34 people. They threatened the Olympic Games, saying, , “As for your Olympics, something that you want so much, we also have a present for you."
Russia's "ring of steel" is an area about 60 miles long and 25 miles deep surrounding Sochi. Residents and visitors are kept under constant surveillance by a security force that includes 25,000 special police, over 8,000 interior troops, an unknown number of plainclothes agents, including a special forces anti-terrorist squad of the FSB (formally the KBG) and up to 30,000 regular troops patrolling the nearby borders with Georgia and the Georgian republic of Abkhazia.
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