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article imageRussia releases video of new nuclear-powered underwater drone

By Karen Graham     Feb 20, 2019 in World
Moscow - The Russian Defense Ministry released a video on Wednesday, showing a test of a new nuclear-powered underwater drone, which Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his state-of-the-nation speech has completed successful tests
The brief video shows the Poseidon missile's test launch as it took place but did not provide information about when or where it took place. During his speech, Putin did mention the successful tests of the nuclear-powered underwater drone, adding that the submarine equipped to carry it will be commissioned later this year.
The Poseidon was mentioned a year ago when Putin said the drone is immune to interception and can carry a heavy nuclear weapon to target aircraft carrier groups or coastal areas, reports the Associated Press, adding that it can operate at "impressive depths," and is faster underwater than any torpedoes we have today, reports the Associated Press.
The Poseidon is likened to a "giant nuclear-capable torpedo," according to many Russian military officials. There aren't too many details available on the high-speed 125mph underwater propulsion system. That is considered to be top secret. Poseidon / Kanyon isna nuclear torpedo/drone submarine built around a miniature nuclear propulsion unit, as is the Burevestnik cruise missile.
'The UK's Daily Mail reports the Burevestnik is seen by the Kremlin as a low-flying 'stealth' cruise missile, incapable of detection. A Russian missile-producing source told TASS: "A major stage of trials of the cruise missile of the Burevestnik complex - tests of the nuclear power unit - have been successfully completed at one of the facilities in January."
In his speech touting Russia's military might, Putin said: 'Tests are being carried out successfully with the Burevestnik cruise missile, which has unlimited range and a nuclear engine, and with the unmanned underwater vehicle Poseidon, which has unlimited range. In this regard, I would like to make one important remark. Nothing was said about this earlier, but today it can be said that as early as this spring the launch will be made of the first atomic submarine as a carrier for this unmanned system."
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