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article imageReview: Brown lab loves water but hates swimming

By Nicole Froio     Dec 16, 2013 in Internet
Big dogs love swimming. Labradors in particular love to get fresh in the water and play with each other in the pool. It is, after all, in their nature.
But this particular brown Labrador seems confused as to why she is in the water and refuses to move her paws around to swim. She just stands on her hind legs, bewildered as why the other dogs are making such a huge fuss and barking at her. Despite the chaos caused by the other dogs, she's just floating there, relaxing.
This video is adorable in so many ways! First, there is the fact that it is a video of a doggy swimming class. As in, people actually take their dogs to swimming classes so they can play in the water and learn how to swim. Then there's this adorable brown Labrador who lives in her own little world, refusing to learn how to swim. She even does that adorable thing dogs do: tilts her head to the side in confusion.
Big dogs are the best and it's videos like this that show these animals are full of personality, likes and dislikes. Too cute!
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