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Report: Disfigured girl asked to leave KFC restaurant was a hoax

By Arthur Weinreb     Jun 24, 2014 in World
Jackson - A newspaper undertook an investigation into allegations a KFC restaurant asked Victoria Wilcher, 3, to leave because her facial scars were disturbing other patrons. The paper concluded the incident never took place.
As Digital Journal reported, Victoria was at a Jackson, Mississippi KFC restaurant and was asked to leave because her appearance was making other diners uncomfortable. Victoria was at the restaurant with her grandmother, Kelly Mullins. According to Mullins, an employee went over to her and said, "We want you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers."
Mullins later posted what happened on Facebook. The post went viral and was then picked up by media around the world.
Victoria was at her grandfather's home in April when three of his pit bulls attacked the little girl and dragged her out of the house. The grandfather managed to drag the dogs off of her but the three-year-old was badly injured. She suffered a broken jaw, her nose and cheekbones were smashed, and she lost her right eye. The right side of her face was paralyzed and she received significant scarring.
Kelly Mullins said she took her granddaughter to KFC on May 15 after a doctor's appointment to get some mashed potatoes, one of the few things the little girl was able to eat.
The Laurel Leader-Call began an investigation into girl being asked to leave that made news around the world. Yesterday, the newspaper published its results in an article entitled, "Kentucky Fried Hoax."
The Leader-Call cites unnamed sources for the facts obtained. It is claimed Mullins first described the incident as having happened at a store that has been closed for years. The family later corrected the location of the store, putting it near the hospital where the little girl was going to for treatment.
A source said that surveillance tapes from the store were examined and Victoria did not enter the restaurant that day. Receipts were examined that showed no one ordered mashed potatoes and sweet tea on May 15, either alone or as part of a bigger order.
As this location is close to the hospital it was discovered many customers who visit the restaurant are also being treated at the hospital. People have come into that location with tubes and wires sticking out of them and people who had been shot in the face have eaten there. No one had ever been asked to leave.
After the three-year-old was injured, a Facebook Page, Victoria's Victories was started. Prior to June 13 when Victoria's story went viral, $595 was raised on the page. Since that date, the family has received $135,000 in donations including $30,000 from KFC.
A Las Vegas doctor, Dr. Frank Stile, was so moved by Victoria's plight, he went to Jackson to meet with her. Stile, who specializes in scars, offered to perform surgeries on Victoria and fund it through his foundation.
Management and employees of KFC have had death threats made against them, drinks thrown at them, and received scorn in the media. But allegedly nothing happened.
KFC has hired a third-party to investigate the incident and until then are not commenting on whether Victoria was asked to leave the restaurant.
Yesterday, the family wrote a Facebook post saying it was not a hoax, what is being said in the media is untrue, and that the family had never asked for money. The funds are being handled by an attorney who is also not commenting until the investigation is complete.
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